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Chapter 100

The heavenly destination

100,1. Now the Prior turns to the Lord, and says, "Hearken to me, O Almighty, Most Gracious, Holy Father! Although You see everything and know what it looks like in me, I will still speak before you, because You want it so. As to Your former, most amiable proposal, I am in no doubt anymore that You would not grant this to me or to my brethren if we had accepted Your request, for You are everywhere eternal love, fidelity, truth, and wisdom! It is true, when I look at these purely heavenly angelic beings, for one is more glorious and beautiful than the other, and none can surpass the other in any way, and ask my heart whether it would be pleased with such an infinite grace from You I must, indeed strike my breast and say, O Lord! I am not in the least worthy of such an infinite grace, for a heavenly kingdom would be such a reward for a wretched, unworthy, celibate earthly idler. For indeed, in having such a heavenly spouse or life-companion, blessed by You, theearthy years, if they were valid here, would have to pass just as quickly as grasshoppers on a hot summer's day. And there would be no prospect of boredom for all eternities of eternities in such exalted heavenly circumstances.

100,2. But, O Lord and Father, I say a great 'but'! Look, it is difficult to speak before you, especially in such a case, where one feels that you are in a double pinch. For if one would be dissatisfied with such a reward, if you would reject it for the sake of a higher bliss, appears to me to at the very least, cruelly sin against Your infinite goodness. To eagerly and most willingly accept the same would be to assume ourselves to be worthy of this, which can never be the case with us. But then, too, a hidden inner question arises, which, at least with me, is this:

100,3. See, there are two good things here before you, a heavenly glory, namely this heaven, and an infinite one, namely O Lord, Yourself! If you, poor sinner (so it sounded in me), would be free to choose between these two goods, I must acknowledge to myself, whether it be self-interest or whatever it may be, then I must say: Lord, I stay with You and for Your love, I will leave this overly glorious heaven and these even more glorious virgins standing here, with the premise, that such choice of me, poor sinner, is acceptable to You O Lord, For I do not want You to think that I am dissatisfied with such a heaven. Oh, certainly not, but I would praise You with all my strength forever, love and praise as the most unworthy of such an infinite grace!

100,4. But, O Lord, it is again the 'but' here. I only want to say so much: If, dear Father, You do not want to remain here forever, as You are here now; if perhaps we were to see You here on a very rare occasion, I would endlessly much rather like to spend eternity with You in the most remote corner of the whole infinite heaven, than here an hour without you, O Holy, most loving Father!

100,5. Now the Lord says: Well, I have heard from the depth of your being, and see that your love is directed to Me, and you, like your brethren, have sacrificed to Me this great heavenly glory as a pleasant sacrifice, and I tell you that by this sacrifice you have made yourselves worthy of this glorious heaven. This is the destiny determined by Me for you and your brethren, and therefore you can now without a care make choices after your heart's desire. Each one of you has to take ownership of such a splendid palace, and is to take a heavenly woman who is perfectly pleasing to him; and as master of such a possession, you have no other obligation than to acknowledge and love Me forever, as the Lord and Father, and then to receive, entertain and clothe the poor new arrivals who come here not seldom, and to bring them closer to Me, the Father, through loving instruction.

100,6. Do not ask whether I will remain here permanently visible, as now, or not visible; for whether I am visible or not visible, I am still fully present always. And when thou shalt see this sun here, think: therein dwell thy Father. And this sun, which gently warms this region, and so magnificently illumines it, never goes down here, and you will always see it, and never turn away the face of your love from her.

100,7. However, whenever you will take hold of Me in the highest love for Me, I will be present in My Personal Being as now with you and with your brothers.

100,8. In your new house in this heaven, however, you will find a whiteboard. Look at this from time to time to according to your charity, you will then look upon My will.

100,9. But the woman whom I will give to you here, do love as yourself. Be one with her, that thou mayest present yourself together with her as a perfect human, which is in the perfect heavenly truth and good works of love. In this woman, you will feel the power of your love for Me and the woman the power of My wisdom in you; and so shall ye be as one in My eternal love and wisdom. The highest degree of your bliss will be when you are fully in love with Me.

100,10. Thou shalt not take care here for food nor for any other need, for all this is here provided by Me for all eternities. For it is a kingdom which I have set up from the beginning for those who love Me; it is the great, holy heritage to all My children, which I have prepared for them on the cross! Therefore, accept this from Me as the sole giver of all good gifts, and enjoy His exceeding glories and treasures forever and ever.

100,11. You shall not grow old in this kingdom, but you shall become more blessed and blessed, and ever stronger and youthful, and glorious. Such is your well-measured blessing. So go, choose your eternal life companions, so that I can bless you to eternal, endless bliss! -

100,12. Behold, our Prior is almost dizzy because of this most delightful bliss. With all his shyness, he and his brothers scarcely dare to put his foot from the place over against the waiting heavenly virgins. But the Lord gives a hint to the virgins, and they hurry, and each one extends their intended [man] a radiant palm branch. With the adoption of the palm branch, however, the monks' previous ordinarily ordained dresses are transformed into corresponding celestials, and the Lord blesses them, and they all fall upon their faces, and praise and glorify Him for such immeasurable grace.

100,13. But see, there at the back of the monks and lay brothers, who are now quite the same as the monks, there is still a lay brother without a woman and a palm-branch, watching somewhat sadly, as his brethren have all been provided with all and everything. Only for him, there was no virgin, even his clothes have not changed yet, so he still appears in his monk's garment. What will happen to him? We will wait for the matter, for the Lord will certainly not forget it.

100,14. And now look, the Lord is speaking to the heavenly married [men]: So, my brothers, let yourselves be led by your heavenly spouses and let every man take full possession of the everlasting goodness which God has prepared for him.

100,15. Our priests, who are now heavenly espoused, rises and the Prior pitifully notices our poor lay brother, who, on this occasion, has been left out, turns immediately to the Lord, and says, O Lord, Most loving, best Father! I cannot praise and glorify You enough for the grace You have shown us all. But see, there is a poor brother there in the back, still without a woman and robe, but he came with me all the way. O Lord, if it would please you, I would rather give up my garment and my wife, than to see him here so abandoned. I understand Your Infinite Fatherly goodness has already provided for him; but since I also have received a loving and compassionate heart from You, I must confess to You that if I could not see this poor brother to be just as blessed as I, I would rather, in Your most holy name, renounce all this salvation for myself for several thousand years, than to see him be only a few days less blessed than myself.

100,16. The Lord says, "Do you really want to give up your wife and your garment and your heavenly property to this brother?"

100,17. The Prior says, "Yes, O Lord, on the spot, and even if I would have to go back to my former dormitory.

100,18. The Lord calls the poor lay brother to Him and says to him: look, you're the only brother of this company who has missed out on blessing on this occasion. Your brother here has seen your misery and taken such pity on you, that he wants to give his portion to you out of love for Me; would you be satisfied with that?

100,19. The poor lay brother said: O Lord! As far as I am concerned, I am quite satisfied if I can only sit here on this point forever, and, praise and glorify You, looking at these heavenly glories. I am in this case exceedingly content if you, O Lord, would allow me, in all my lack, to be one of the least of my servants in the house of one of the least of my brethren whom You, O Lord and Father, have blessed to be heavenly citizens for eternity. For on the earth I was the very least in the monastery and had little use in the monastery, but all my activity was nothing but alms from your higher servants of this monastery, so that it would not entirely seem as if they fed and clothed me as a most ardent idler in their monastery. So I had never really done anything meritorious even for the smallest wage. How, then, could I have expected to be rewarded equally to one of these much better brothers?

100,20. The Lord says to the Prior: Well, my dear friend and brother! What is there to do? Behold, this thy brother does not accept your request in any case; what do you want to do now?

100,21. The priest said: O Lord and Father! Let me exert my first brotherhood plight in heaven. I will take him into the house which You have given me, and treat him as my equal and appoint him as a lord over all the possession which You have now given me in Your love, grace, and mercy.

100,22. The Lord says, "I have a very different plan. Because you and your brother have let yourselves be totally and completely captured by love for Me, I also take you completely captive in My love. The brethren here, who have already begun to move with their heavenly wives into their homes, we shall bless. Thou, thy wife, and this brother go with Me to where I will dwell forever in the highest heaven among My children.

100,23. Behold, the prior, his wife and his brother, fall before the Lord, in infinitely great ecstasy. But the Lord strengthens them, lifts them, and says, "My little children, follow Me to My house. - Behold, they are taken, unobserved by the other brethren, to the eternal, holy morning. Endlessly extended rows of blessed brethren welcome this little group from all sides and praise the Lord for His infinite goodness, love, and mercy. But let us also follow them, so that we may also see the settling in of these three new heavenly citizens!

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