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Chapter 101

Meaning of lead, pull and carry in the spiritual kingdom.

101,1. I perceive a secret question in you, which is thus: Concerning the highly pleasing turnout for the prior, you still have some confusion, about how the situation of the prior is to be grasped and correctly understood by the actual, more illuminated principal center. The Lord has formed the prior a wife and heavenly possession and has blessed him as well as the others for this purpose, and without presupposed reservation have determined his destiny and his heavenly office as He did for all the rest. Like the others, he gave him heavenly divine guidance on how to live with their heavenly angelic wives and showed him as well as the others, that He would always appear to him, as soon as he would take hold of Him with all the might and strength of his love. In all these heavenly decrees, the Lord does not give the Prior the slightest hint that He had any higher intention with him.

101,2. How then does it happen that the already set and clearly stated destiny of the prior has suddenly come to an end, and he and his wife will not even be able to see the possessions given by the Lord in this heaven but will be taken straightaway with the Lord to the highest heaven?

101,3. This is somewhat difficult to comprehend because the Lord has previously blessed the willing acceptance of wages, all of them together with the prior, and thus, through this blessing, has utterly unanimously expressed His divine firm will with the blessed, that is, with the free will consent of the blessed.

101,4. When people change a plan so quickly, this is easily explained by the imperfection of their knowledge. But, as we have said, this is somewhat difficult to comprehend from the side of Divine omniscience, since the Lord certainly knows what it is, about which He most clearly expresses His will.

101,5. Dear friends and brothers, see, your secret question is based on two important principles, but matters can nevertheless be arbitrated; for this event, has been directed like this because you would take a little fruitful offense at it.

101,6. When you remember the event in the monastery, when after the salvation of the souls who were soul-sleeping, our prior, like no other man besides him, would embrace this still unknown man out of love and gratitude and would bring him to the table. If you would recall how the simple man refused this, and during the refusal speech uttered a certain mysterious "perhaps", by which He gave the prior a certain indication, that He had once carried Him in His hands, you will not find it too difficult to grasp this current event, after a somewhat closer examination of this scene.

101,7. The matter may look somewhat lopsided at first, but with us here in the heavenly kingdom of spirits, it is not always one, two, three as in it is upon the earth. But you can now and then count on the earth: seventy, three hundred, fifteen, and that will be with us: one, two, three.

101,8. Even more illuminated: A person lives on the earth in a South American country, another in a corner of Siberia. These two are far apart in a natural sense, but not so in a spiritual sense. For they can be as one and two, that is one side by side.

101,9. But if we now consider what the Lord has fundamentally indicated by mentioning to the prior the ominous "perhaps" regarding to him being carried, our subject will at once appear to us more coherent and clear. What then would the Lord have said to the Prior? Hear! The Lord wanted to tell the Prior:

101,10. You thought on earth to have borne Me in the form of bread in your hands. But you have not borne Me. Yet, you have kept Me secretly in your heart oftentimes, and have not fully believed to carry Me there. But I will tell you that you have carried Me right there. Now, regarding this matter, the Lord continued the unexplained 'perhaps,' because there was not yet any perfect determination in the prior, concerning the infinite love, mercy, and meekness of the Lord. For this reason, He also told him that, if it comes to be carried, He would easier and rather be able to carry the Prior, than it would be for the Prior to carry Him.

101,11. But be careful! There is a great difference between the three expressions, "lead," "pull," and "carry" in the spiritual kingdom which consists in saying: "When men are led by the Lord, they thereby pass over into the light of faith, and thereby enter into the lowest heaven.

101,12. When men are drawn by the Lord, it is as follows: The love of the Father is poured out upon these men, and they are received into the love of the Father, or they come into the second heaven, which consists of faith the light of the active love of the Lord and of the neighbor.

101,13. But if it is said that men are carried by the Lord, it expresses a perfect, childlike condition of men, who have passed so completely into the love of the Lord, that they have brought before Him the greatest sacrifice of self-denial, even to the very last drop of self-love. Because of this, they are also truly God's actual, most authentic children, and are accepted by Him as their eternal and only true Father in the highest, purest, heaven of love.

101,14. If you pay a little attention to these differences, the apparently objectionable aspect of the altered definition of the prior will no longer appear to you as unprepared as it appeared to you at first. In addition, however, the Lord has already incorporated this phenomenon into the manifold and comprehensive 'perhaps'.

101,15. He thus wanted to say nothing more than this: I will give you a destiny entirely according to your free choice, but I will also consider that you have once carried Me in your heart. I will, in the most complete measure of your eternal destiny, give you a little opportunity to show you how far you have carried Me and still carry Me in your heart, and to what extent I will carry you for that. But in that situation, I will close My eyes for a while before you, so that you should be completely free in yourself. Only after that instance I shall look at you again and bless you in your heavenly destiny, or I, as your most holy, loving Father, will take you upon My hand and carry you as a perfect child into My City.

101,16. Look, now we have almost everything together, and therefore need only to adapt the whole explanation to this event only lightly, and your whole question has been answered.

101,17. Our prior have reached, like all his brothers, their perfect destiny, as was also clearly expressed by the Lord. Why then? In order for the Prior to gain in his sphere of activity and given a greater freedom of movement, while he still had no idea at all of what the Lord still had in store for him.

101,18. For this reason there had to be, as of by chance, but prepared long ago by the Lord, a poor lay brother who was unfairly treated, in the background, who was himself destined for the highest heaven; he would knowingly serve as a very efficient test-ground of true love unto the Lord, and from it unto the neighbor, for the prior. In this scene, the Lord turned away his omniscient and all-seeing eye, leaving the prior up to completely and freely act out of his own love. The prior, who once carried the Lord in his heart, was now fully strengthened in him, found himself in the perfect love of the Lord, and in the most complete denial of himself.

101,19. Then the Lord looked at him, changed His secret eternal plan for the free action of the human spirit, and the success lies before our eyes. We will soon experience together with them the most high and holy place.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-101 Chapter