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Chapter 20 - Hallway to hell

20,1. To get onto this conveniently situated hill, we will approach from the morning side of this completely northern situated district and ascent the height from there. The more northerly region is too detestable to travel through anymore, yet we will look down upon her from on high. Come with me then; we will in a spiritual manner be there as quickly as possible.

20,2. We are already at the first valley. Look at the river. There you will see the very first couple we have met before. Look how they wash themselves in the water of the river and look remarkably better in some ways. You ask what that means?

20,3. This depicts the condition of a person, where he had more than enough of the fleshly rogue, developing a contrite longing to become better, to completely do away with such-like sins and to cleanse himself as effectively as possible of all the evil of these sins. You see how difficult such a purification is. This river has very little bays reachable for such worn-out sinners. Besides, they cannot venture into it too far. The river's current is too strong and teems of things which threaten to devour such penitents.

20,4. If they would stoutly persist in their bay, though, they will become stronger and healthier by it and will gain more courage. When they would have gained their full strength, they can venture upstream in the direction between morning and midnight where the stream originates. When they would reach the place where you can see in the distance a hill on each side of the river, then they have reached the only bridge over the river by which the other bank can be reached, by which they can reach the region of the evening.

20,5. How the situation is with the evening side, we will see very well when we will travel to the northern side. Let us, since you now know it, go to the mentioned height to have a more proper look at the northern region

20,6. You are once again asking whether this hill can be seen from there? O yes, just look up to the rather distant, highest, whitish grey mountaintop, this is the mentioned location. You do shudder somewhat because of such a steep and dizzying high mountaintop. But do not worry about it, we will scale it just as easily as the place we are standing on now. If you want to, we will go. You want to and we are already here. Look, it is rather spacious on this mountaintop, but do not go close to any side, especially not the deeper one which is, as you can see, bordering on the perfectly dark north.

20,7. Come stand by me and look down. Do you see the three valleys there in the distance, in the direction of the evening! Those are the to us already known ones. But beyond those three you see yet another seven and if you look keenly, you will see that it has lots of holes from which rises dark grey smoke. You ask what it means?

20,8. This is the only condition of man in his earthly life when he knows the good but deliberately chooses the wrong, acting from his inner depravity against his better conscience. The holes, directed towards the incoming light from the midday, depicts the knowledge of the truth; the rising smoke from this holes, means the free and self-willed changing of the Godly truth in vain deceit. The hidden fire from which the smoke rises, is the hidden depravity, being the result of the highest degree of self-love and the from this emerging lust for power. From this depravity, all the good seed of the light is changed into the seed of weeds. The weed is then kindled by the fire, burnt and is dissolved into this visible smoke.

20,9. You see how these seven valleys are separated from one another through mountain ranges and every mountain range consists of ten hills. Every hill is adorned with a kind of chapel. What does this mean? These ten hills depict the ten exalted laws of Moses. The chapels on the hills shows the wisdom of these laws. The seven valleys separating these hill ranges from each other depicts again the seven laws of neighborly love.

20,10. You now see in each of these valleys, underneath every hill, a steaming hole. Their meaning is the undermining of the Godly commandments and the total eclipse and breaking down ofneighborly love, which is, all taken together, called the whoring of Babel. This smoke is worse than pestilence. Whoever has inhaled of it once, is soon intoxicated to such an extent and blinded, that he is not capable of finding any free spot, but he cannot, no matter where he would turn or direct himself, depart from the place where he is plagued by the smoke.

20,11. You ask: what then becomes of such a person? Look a bit keener down there and you will easily be able to see how, from the otherwise well-locked chapels, beings rushing downward to the intoxicated beings to drag them away from this place to freer places. As you see, there are few allowing themselves to be taken away. Most of them stubbornly keep standing at their standpoint, letting themselves rather be dragged into these holes by black messengers rising from the holes, than to be rescued by the watching inhabitants of these chapels.

20,12. Look, this is the actual image of your current world and it marks the nature of all depravity of humans during their lives upon earth.

20,13. You can see that this high mountain range is keeping this midnight pre-region infinitely far separated from the actual midnight region, whom you can observe behind our backs in its most horrible and terrible form.

20,14. Before we look at this background, we shall first turn our gazes to the side of the morning.

20,15. Look, there you see beyond our already familiar three middle valleys the three we visited in person, another seven valleys. As you can see lies these, in comparison with the previously viewed valleys, in the evening region, significantly higher and everywhere are numerous towns. With only a little effort, you will easily see that there is no order to be found. No life is to be seen. You see the fields lays mostly fallow and wherever is still a bit wheat or some cultivated crop, more than three-quarters weeds are growing over the noble wheat; yet even there is more disorder than order to be seen.

20,16. At the same time, you see the same kind of hills as is between the valleys in the evening chapels, but if you watch closely, you will see only very few people walking towards it. The benevolent chapel watchers have indeed laid out as much as possible, easily passable roads, but even this is for the inhabitants of these towns way too inconvenient and inaccessible. As you can see, the beautiful gardens around the little chapels, fully planted with good fruit trees and a beautiful view from these hills over the river to the happy regions of the eternal morning, is not capable to move these indolent sleepers to get up from their sleeping quarters and walk up to these little chapels.

20,17. You say: This is all good and well, and we see it with our own eyes; but what does it mean?

20,18. Best brothers and friends, I believe you would see it through at first glance. Therefore, I want to say nothing more about it than what the Master has told John regarding the congregation of Sardis when He said: “I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” I truly do not need to tell you anymore; only compare the so-called good or better world with this image and you will have it literally confirmed to be true.

20,19. Is it not said upon earth: I'm not doing anything wrong; what has the Godly commandments to do with me? If I keep myself in check and hurt no one, what do you want more of me? Look, with this principle have the whole population of this region lulled themselves to sleep and do not worry one about the other. If anyone would cry for help, no one rushes to help him, or someone would mumble from his sleeping quarters: help yourselves as well as you can, I will help myself when I'd be wanting something. I have nothing to do with you and neither do you with me; each one for himself!

20,20. Look, you will surely recognize your world very well in this; but where does she find herself? Firstly, you will see that she is, just like the other terribly bad regions, separated from the fateful river from all happy regions and secondly, that this region is, the same as what we see in the region of the evening, situated very close to the bordering mountain ridge between this side and the other. As you can see, these valleys proceed at this high mountain cliff into a dark so-called tunnel or subterranean hallway, leading straight to the other exceptionally dark world, now laying behind us.

20,21. You ask: what is this? But I tell you: After we investigated this preliminary area, shall we turn around again to that region lying over against here. Three cursory viewings will tell you more than you would want to know.

20,22. Well, you have turned yourselves around; what have you seen there? You say: up till now nothing other than denser and increasingly denser nightly darkness. Look some more; what do you see now?

20,23. Oh, now you call out: Terrible, terrible, misery and more misery! We see nothing but fire and more fire and glowing snakes slithering in the flames. Good, but look some more; what do you see now? I can see that you are dumbstruck by this spectacle and I tell you: What has shown itself in the third viewing, is the first grade of the actual hell! There still is a second and a third. But you cannot see it, for even a cursory glance will cost you your life, since it is there where the most intense death abides. I have let you see this to explain to you where these subterranean hallways from all these valleys irrevocably lead.

20,24. How difficult it is for the spirit, yes for the materialistic, maliciously heavy spirit to return, you can easily understand in the immeasurable depth which stretches itself into an eternally dark abyss, downwards and out from this mountain range. You do not need to know more of this for the time being.

20,25. This location where we are now is the free height of man, from where he can discern in himself in equal measure the true and the false, the good and the evil, during his earthly life.

20,26. Whoever stands on this height, have found the true meaning of life and can never be lost again, except if he would thrust himself down into the abyss like a lunatic. Yet he will not easily do that! Let us descend again from this height downwards to where the boat awaits us; you want it and look, we are again at our destination.

20,27. Do get in quickly; I will loosen him and take you back to the happy embankment on the other side. You are seated inside; the boat is loosened and the journey begins.

20,28. Look, this time even more monsters rise up, threatening to devour us, just like before. Yet, there is the safe riverside already; now they may put their teeth to the boat, we are on dry land! From here we will view the region of the evening. We will only direct ourselves to this better region next time, therefore enough for today!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-20 Chapter