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Chapter 39

Where are heaven and hell located!

1. You say: It really goes down steeply and the road passes over so many cliffs and steep slopes! Yes, yes, my friends, it only seems like this to you; but to those whose being corresponds to this place, it seems like a broad and easily passable path. Let us proceed with courage; it won't be long before we will reach the sea of flames.

2. Look down there, how the flames begin to vanish gradually, and you can see many spots filled with embers, but with no flames above them. But you ask: Do we have to cross over those embers? I tell you: Do not worry about it, for all of this is just an apparition conveying the state of mind of those living down there. The 'flame' signifies the activity of evil, the 'fume' rising from the flames connotes the fundamentally wrong, and the 'embers' denote the utter self-love and the resulting arrant zeal, as well as the depraved will of those living in such a self-love. But how it will all work out here, you will see soon with your own eyes.

3. Now look down once more; what do you see now? You say: The flames have all but vanished and the embers have gathered in heaps; but between the heaps we can see the densest night. You ask again... Where is the river that we saw ever so brightly thundering down? This river was also nothing but an apparition and denotes the inclination of the false and how it leads into evil. So this abyss also connotes the depth of evil and how it concocts cunning and well-considered plans to execute its evil scheme.

4. Now that you know this we shall approach it courageously, to reach our goal as soon as possible and get to our company as well. Only a few steps remain, und look, we are already there, and therefore in the utter depths. You see nothing here, for the darkness is so immense that you would never be able to behold anything with the light of your eyes. For this reason it will be necessary here to create as much light as possible, enough for us to see something, but none of those around us must become aware of our light, you must cling tightly to me and not approach the sphere of any spirit, unless I specifically allow you to do so.

5. And now look, we already have enough light to actually take a look at this place. What do you notice? - You say in a febrile state: For the sake of the almighty and all merciful God, what a ghastly place this is! We see nothing but black sand and black debris that makes up the floor of this place; and from between the sand and debris it occasionally steams forth, in a way we have often witnessed on earth when the coal was burning. You ask further: Where are the creatures? This region looks utterly barren. Yes, my dear friends, even this is nothing but an apparition and indicates "death"! - But do not trouble yourselves with the emptiness of this place; for you will soon see more than enough of it.

6. Look, there is something to behold not far from us, something like a large pyre as you've known them upon earth. We will approach it and you can soon convince yourselves of what it is made of. Now look, we are close enough; observe it more closely. What do you see? You say again: But for the sake of the almighty and just God! What is this? These are a bunch of people stacked on top of each other, and on top of that they are chained to the floor with incredibly strong shackles, so much so that no one would be able to move even an inch. If that is indeed the case here, then it doesn't look all too good for the expected, eternally persistent freedom of the spirit.

7. Yes, yes, my dear friends, right now it does indeed look like that, when we observe it with our heavenly light. But for that reason it is also just an "apparition" that corresponds to the truth of the situation. Basically this apparition denotes how a company is held captive by its own fundamentally wrong basis and the resulting evil. But let us move along and leave this pyre! Look up, ahead is an even bigger heap. - You say: Dear friend, this is the same thing as before; the only difference is, that the heap is now in a cone shape, and a lot of chains have been thrown onto it, with which these creatures seem to have been pressed together, so much so that their bodies have been flattened. But we cannot make out any faces, and how they look like, because all these beings are oriented towards the ground. You ask: Dear friend, does our group from earlier now also reside within this heap? No, my dear friends; we will get to them too. - And now that we have seen everything here we will again move forward.

8. Look, far away from us we can see a literal mountain; now that we are once more close enough you may observe it a bit. What do you see? - You say again: For the sake of the almighty and just God, what is that?! Once again there are a lot of human creatures stacked on top of each other, below chains and bars; and between them are a multitude of snakes staring out in every direction with their hideous eyes, hissing an awful lot. What does this mean? - It symbolizes a company that has more and more converted from its false into evil. - But let us move along from here. Look, not far from us is an entire mountain range that would be difficult to behold in its entirety with just one glance, but that will not be necessary; for one spot more or less speaks for all of it. Here is a foothill of this mountain range; look at it more closely and tell me what you see: We see nothing but gagged monstrosities of all kinds; only here and there does a crushed ribcage of a human corpse poke out. What does all of this mean? - Such a thing denotes the purest self-love and is the apparition of worldly might, greatness and wealth, when such attributes are used for selfish and evil purposes upon earth.

9. But you ask again: But dear friend, knowing full well that we currently reside within your sphere and basically upon the spiritual sun, where we imagined to be nothing but heavenly things; how come now that we encounter all of hell itself as well? - Yes, my dear friends, weren't you told by the Lord himself after crossing over into the spiritual sun, that the spiritual is a most internal, an all permeating and an all encompassing thing? So if that is the nature of the spiritual, as such it penetrates all the planets and the entire sphere, as far as the light of the natural sun itself reaches; and purely spiritually speaking eternally farther. Therefore you currently don't reside in the sphere of the spiritual sun, but actually in the peculiar sphere of your own planet, and however all the planets receive the light and warmth of the actual sun and how its effect penetrates them, it is the same case for the spiritual sun, since we see through the spiritual of its planets from atop the wings of its spiritual rays. Now that we know this it will hopefully be clear to you that one can vividly see the spiritual being of hell, regarding your planet, upon this spiritual path.

10. You must not picture heaven and hell being spatially distant from one another, only distant in condition. Spatially speaking heaven and hell can be found right next to each other, for a heavenly good person can walk right next to a hellishly bad one and even sit next to him on the same bench. One has a perfect heaven within himself, and the other a perfect hell. To prove this I could immediately let you see this here in my own sphere, how heaven can be located within, just as well as hell could; for you see all of this only within my sphere anyway, and you only have to take a single step out of my sphere to find yourselves at the exact same spot, where you originally entered my sphere. Since you now know this we can move on from this mountain again and observe everything from another light.

11. Now pay attention, the light has changed. How do you perceive this mountain now? You are astonished that instead of seeing the mountain you see freely moving groups, as well as various dwellings, some of them similar to filthy pubs or old and black knightly castles; and look, everything is engulfed in a reddish twilight.

12. But look, not far from us stands an old knightly castle, seemingly built against the rocky mountain: and there we will go. Look, we are already there; the gate is open. We are invisible here, and thus we will enter this castle, then we shall see what is going on within. Now, here is already the first hall. On the walls hang all kinds of murder and torture instruments, and over there in the background, on a throne, sits the so-called lord of the castle, and he confers with his henchmen, to decide on their strategy for robbing the goods and treasures of the owner from the similar, neighboring castle. Listen how he instructs them to raid the targeted castle in complete silence, to kill everyone living there mercilessly and take hold of the treasures. Those who should stubbornly resist would be taken captive, and as was often the case before already, they would be subjected to the most painful of tortures. Well, the decision has been made and the meeting concluded. Everyone grabs their weapons and runs outside, and because we have nothing more to do here, we shall run after them.

13. Look, there not far from here is the previously discussed castle. It is being surrounded, and now look, the terrible slaughter begins. These evil beings are fighting fervently against each other, resulting in the inhabitants of the second castle being cut to pieces. Keep on watching; the henchmen of the previous lord are bringing forth our established quartet, having been gagged. Let us join them and listen to the dialogue. Hear this, the husband says to the wife: Oh you miserable snake, now I see through you! My bitter suspicion has always whispered to me what a wretched spiritual child you are! This is the exalted school and your pathetic light which you have cunningly feigned to me and lied to me about as some kind of highly experienced spiritual being. This villainous professor of this exalted school is now chained and gagged together with us in this abhorring captivity, from which we can be sure to expect the most horrible fate.

14. The wife says: How can you think of me like that? Who can do anything about unforeseen bad luck? I only meant well for you. The husband says: Be silent, you miserable snake! I have to thank only you for the fact that I am obviously finding myself in hell. Every bond between me and you shall now be severed forever. And You, My Jesus, whom I have always called upon, help me out of this terrible captivity. I would rather want to, if it is your most holy will, wander around in that dark place for thousands of years to make penance for my sins than to stay in this place of horrors for one more moment, this place, which seems to be eternally cut off from Your compassion and mercy! Oh Jesus, help me! Oh Jesus, save me!

15. Now look, two disguised individuals are quickly approaching this caravan, and look, they are there already. They remove their disguise, and as you can see, they are two judging angels of the Lord. Each of them has a flaming sword in his hand. One of them swings his sword over the conquered castle, through which the torn apart and cut up beings have been put together again, and they begin to moan about the injustice they were subjected to. The other angel swings his sword over the first notorious castle, and as you can see, it bursts into flames. Burning and howling figures throw themselves out of the openings, windows and doors and curse these two angels of revenge.

16. Keep on looking: an angel strikes at the middle of our quartet with his flaming sword. The chains are broken. The husband sinks down before the two angels and pleads them for his merciful salvation. One of the angels grabs him and takes him with him, but the wife also takes hold of her husband and screams at him for compassion and mercy and begs not to leave her behind. Look for how long she lets herself be dragged along by the angelic spirit! And now look, both angels lift off; one carrying the husband, and all the while the wife lets herself be carried along and does not let go of her husband. Only now, already at a great height, does the other angel strike a glancing blow with his sword at the wife, loosening her from her husband with much effort. She plunges back down into her element, weeping; and the husband is brought to the border of the children's kingdom, where the environment still looks rather meager and dark.

17. Now you have witnessed one of the best kinds of solutions to such a situation, but there are indeed countless more horrible and stubborn cases, of which you would barely be able to bear the sight, even if only expressed through words. We shall therefore now go back to our previous location and from there pass over into the region of the midday. - And with this, enough for today!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-39 Chapter