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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-40 Chapter

Chapter 40

Where do the heathen find themselves in the hereafter!

40,1. It barely needs to be mentioned that there are in this well-known region of the night, much more, yes, countless many situations like we have come to know now.

40,2. If someone would ask: Where then is the heathen who have recently arrived here? Then I tell you that also they mostly end up in this environment, but these places of arrival are strictly separated from each other, in order that a heathen under such circumstances would not come to the places where believing Christians would justly go.

40,3. That distinction is only made in hell and nowhere, as you would probably think, is anything thrown in together without any proper order. Such distinction is essential, for should such spirits be allowed together, they would drag each other down to perdition due to their inner depravity to such an extent that there would be no way to reach them anymore, except through the means of total destruction.

40,4. You must picture it to yourselves as follows: Just like there are different elements upon earth that always regard each other with animosity and want to destroy each other, there are also in the spiritual spheres such basic elements which should never get into contact with one another. If they should, there would be in the spiritual spheres effects likened to what one would see when fire and dry wood or fire and gunpowder would be brought together, or when one would let water flow over a building built with lime. Therefore, there are, where no holding back of spirits is possible in the spiritual realm, such division of critical essence.

40,5. When someone would ask. What does it look like at the place of arrival of the heathen spirits? Then he would get the answer that it is not safe for a Christian spirit, regardless of the spirit which would accompany him, to visit such a place.

40,6. Only the Master may bring or guide someone there, for it would otherwise more of a danger than of any use to visit such places.

40,7. But before we will go to the region of the midday, we shall first have a look at what our rescued husband are doing and in what circumstances he finds himself. Look, our stone wall is opened, therefore we will immediately make use of the opportunity and pass the cleft to the outermost border of the kingdom of the children. Look, we are already here. The wall has closed shut already again, and we shall now go to the very narrow valley which runs alongside the wall to the midday. Quickly follow me, therefore!

40,8. Look, there in the distant background is a marshy, damp corner to be seen and in the far corner way back, is a simple wooden hut, with rather dusky surrounds, because this corner is enclosed with high rocks. We will go there, for that is where our man has been placed.

40,9. You ask: Why then in such a lonely wilderness and on top of that, in such a marshy, damp secluded corner? Best friends, one can impossibly deal otherwise in the beginning with spirits who were rescued from hell with such effort, for such people have indeed still things in them which they absorbed from hell and which corresponds with the fire of hell. He still harbors to a certain degree a necessity-motivated selfishness, as is known, unique to every kind of emergency, and so they have to a certain degree, the selfishness as a permanent guide. Whoever finds himself in danger, usually forgets everything and is only concerned with his own salvation. The poor man only begs for himself and the sick wants a remedy only for himself. Whoever falls into the water, usually only thinks of himself and try to escape from the destructive element. Only when he is safe himself, he would think of others who share the same fate with him.

40,10. That is why this place is very suitable for our man. The boggy soil is necessary to quench his selfish fire and the rather thick darkness will be good for his eyes, which was used to the thick darkness. A sudden bright light would be just as fatal to him than the strong rays of the sun for the eyes of a newborn child. Above all is his attitude in complete correspondence with the calculation of interest on the capital, which he has given as a Christian to the poor out of faith and love. To this, you should not include the known bequeathing he made before his passing over from the earth into the spirit realm, but only the alms which he gave, being a believing Christian, in secret due to his own feeling of compassion to the poor. That capital cannot attain the total of more than two hundred guilders in silver coins. When you would compare the capital, which he has given to the poor out of love for the Master, to the great amount which he has bequeathed to his children, you will find the mathematical correct comparison between his self-love and his love for the Master.

40,11. Such an exaggerated care for the children are self-love, for who would love the Master more than himself or his children, would give unto the Master proportionally more than to himself or his children. You ask: Why then? Because the Master would have given him the insight by that, where he would understand as clear as the sun, that the Master can and shall take much better care for his children than he would be able to take care of himself and his children through self-love. The Master has not said: What you have done unto your own children, you have done unto Me, but He only thought about the poor, the naked, the hungry, the thirsty and the incarcerated, when He said: What you have done unto them, you have done unto Me.

40,12. He also did not say: If you take up your own children in My Name, then you have taken up Me, but He said at an occasion where many poor people have brought their even poorer children to Him, only this: Truly, who would take up such a poor child in My Name, have taken up Me.

40,13. The Master also said: Who loves his father, his mother, his wife, his brother and his children more than Me, is not worthy of Me.

40,14. Here, many would say: This surely must have only a deep spiritual meaning. Oh yes, I say, the deepest possible, because this is a completely pure, direct word of God. But I ask: Why do you notseek the gold on the surface of the earth, but you dig deep shafts and elaborate mining tunnels! You ask: How should we understand this! I tell you: Nothing easier than this: who want to reach gold, also need to pay attention to the surface of the earth, for he needs to break through it and ultimately also through the outer crust of the earth, to reach the deeply deposited layers of gold. As such one need to fully consider the literal meaning of God’s Word before you will be able to understand the spiritual, and that in its correct and purposed meaning.

40,15. If we now consider our man, you shall discover that he has brought over more than a million guilders of self-love and only just over two hundred guilders for the Master. This is a very pitiable situation. His housing is adapted, as you can see, exactly to the interest on the capital. Everything now depends on how he would use the capital. The visits of the many poor beings from the opposite side will not escape him, whom will plead with him for help. If he would exert all his efforts to take care of such poor brothers as much as possible with the bare necessities, then his small capital will very soon gain tenfold interest, yes hundredfold, by which he would be sent to better resorts. Yet, he will not come to the Master the usual way, unless his earned capital will grow to ten times that what he has bequeathed to his children, or then his self-love. Exceptions are possible, but then it should be of such nature as you have seen in the very beginning as an example; that is, if someone would give away everything he has and still support his brothers will all his power, then would a speedy and complete rescue from this place be possible. In such a case, would a human spirit look like the woman who have offered at the temple with the others. This woman indeed brought the smallest offer in comparison with the smallest of the others, but when the Master asked who have offered the most, man says: look, this one, or: that one! But He answers: This woman has, for she gave all she possessed.

40,16. As you can see, is this here a completely righteous purification school unto eternal life, based on the great love and mercy.

40,17. Since we have now come to know all these things that need to be well considered by all, we can leave this region and go to the midday. You indeed ask after the way, but I tell you: do not worry yourselves, we shall not need so much time with our passing over there than we needed coming here. We shall truly find ourselves upon the way and immediately be there where we want to be. On the way there we still need to give attention to various intermittent stages, but since it looks exactly like what we already have behind us, you only have to remember what we have seen up till now, then you will easily be able to understand all the stages of passing of this region leading to the midday.

40,18. The vast water body forms the main border, which cannot be passed along the usual way, for the great water depicts the high degree of wisdom needed to reach the midday. Therefore, they need to become strong in the fire of the love at the passing to the midday, for them to gain the corresponding degree of wisdom in the fire of love, as is indicated by the water. Since we now know it, we shall as said, next time immediately proceed to the radiating midday, without looking around here anymore. With that, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-40 Chapter