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Chapter 41

Visit to the Midday. The working of true faith and active love.

41,1. Look, now even before you realize it, are we already where we wanted to be. That is, we are already in the midday. Tell me how you like it here and what do you see.

41,2. You say: It suits us fine; yet, we must acknowledge that we have expected some more than what we see here before us. This region looks like a charmingly beautiful landscape, as there sure are many upon earth; but we cannot see here anything exaltedly beautiful.

41,3. Yes, dear friends you are right; here is also shining a sun and it is located exactly at the highest point. The heaven also is a lovely blue, just like with you on earth. You see a rich variety of fruitful fields and hills, overgrown with fruit trees; not even vines of your varieties are missing. Here and there you also see many attractive mountains rising above the smaller hills; you also see here and there some neatly built houses where people go in and out from; on the fields, you see some people busy gathering and processing the fruit.

41,4. This is true; seen superficially it all has a striking resemblance to the beautiful landscapes upon earth. But I tell you, if we would go closer to one of these dwellings, you would see something different in their organization. Look, at this street among the double row of fruit trees, there is located a very nicely built little house. We will go there and see what it looks like on the inside.

41,5. Well, we are already at our goal. Look, the owner of the house is standing at the entrance, but he cannot see us, for we are still invisible to the inhabitants of the midday. He does feel the presence of more inner beings in his vicinity. He, therefore, listens within himself and as you can see, he looks like someone who is suddenly deeply sunken in his thoughts. We shall go into his house at once.

41,6. Look, we are already inside; how do you like it? You clasp your hands together in amazement, saying: But for heaven’s sake, how is this possible!! We see that the house is beautifully decorated inside and the inside of the house seems to be much bigger than the outside. If we look outside through some or the other frame, we do not see a trace of the previous environment anymore, but everything looks much different and incomparably greater. We see wonderful, impressive palaces and temples everywhere; the distant mountains shimmer as if they are coated with the light material of the sun itself and the vast plain stretches itself before us. On this plain stands countless palaces of unfathomable wondrous and impressive beauty. In the middle flows a river; her waves glisten as if the most beautiful, cut diamonds are rolled over and among each other, while the banks are overgrown with gigantic trees. We indeed have seen such trees upon the natural sun, but these are a thousand times more beautiful, for they all look translucent, and their leaves sparkle to all sides like a living part of a rainbow. How beautiful is the interior of this building! We have seen such as this only in the middle band of the natural sun, but in comparison with this was everything but coarse and imperfect, for here, everything is depicted with such an infinite degree of excessive purity and accuracy, that one can stand for years in awe at the minutest detail. The endless magnificence of colors, fitly and gloriously distributed everywhere, already looks so heavenly attractive, that we cannot rightly decide to leave the house.

41,7. Yes, yes, dear friends, so it is; here already is worth assigned to the inner. The worth is measurable, but it is already so great that it would exceed your understanding, for she is the action of the light coming forth from the wisdom out of the true faith in the Master; then through true faith, also to the balanced relationship out of active love, which is a lower rank of order of the actual love for the Master.

41,8. You ask: Is such a house then inhabited by only one blessed human spirit? Oh no, let us go from the first room over to the opposite room, then you will soon see many happy human spirits of both genders. Look, there in the background are about thirty beings. They are all inhabitants of this house and the man we saw at the entrance, is the servant of all who lives there. He does his utmost best to provide all and everyone with everything possible. For that reason, is he the greatest among them and as such also the full owner of the house.

41,9. Do you not see how exceptionally beautiful these thirty inhabitants are dressed? Some even wears shining crowns upon their heads, are overly happy, and they praise the Master in their blessedness.

41,10. But now, again look at our man still standing at the door, how simple he looks. A white robe bound together around his waist with a simple belt is all he took of this heavenly glory upon himself. He could indeed have donned himself very magnificently, but he has no desire for it. His only happiness is only in making his brothers and sisters as happy as he can. Whatever he getsthrough the love and mercy of the Master, he will immediately talk to his friends and if this causes them great joy, he is moved to tears himself. He is most happy if he could give away everything!

41,11. But you ask: Why then does he not join the company? You can easily deduct that from his facial expression. He is filled with great thoughts and is pondering what he can do next for his company to prepare even more blessing for them. Look, he has found something. I have already told you that he does not see us, but he has a suspicion about us. Therefore, he is turning ever more inward to try and see us and try to get something from us for the benefit of his company. He is also looking out whether he can see an already new arrival who still have no lodging, to promptly go to meet him and take him into his house.

41,12. As long as we stay in the house, he will not see us, but when we would go outside, then he shall see us. Then you will also witness his unmentionable joy and find in him a particularly loving and hospitable man. Let us, therefore, go outside.

41,13. Look, he sees us, falls on his knees before us and say: Oh, my unknown high friends of the Master, I have felt your presence, but could not see you. Yet, since the mercy have now allowed me to see you, I ask you for the sake of the endless love of the almighty Master, to not leave me again so soon. Please come with me into my dwelling, let me give my small company much more joy through your presence, for you would certainly know something more about the Master, our loving Father. Tell us, for a word from Him is more worth to us than all glories we possess here in unmentionable abundance.

41,14. I tell him: Gemaniel, get up, we shall go with you into your home. Look, he stands up, stretches out his arms to us and humbly shows us, smiling friendly and lovingly, for us to go before him. Come with me then, for now, we will be able to meet the whole company.

41,15. Look how the whole company is standing up and joyfully coming to meet us. Listen how Gemaniel is going to introduce us to the company. He says: Do you see, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I have indeed told you that the good Master and Father certainly would soon send to us great fortune through one of His exalted friends, that we have a word from the Father! Look, the only good Father have granted us our dearest wish, for even before we were aware of it, have these exalted friends entered our house.

41,16. Our unblessed eyes could not see them initially because of the great glory, but the great mercy of the Master have blessed our eyes, by which we now see them in our midst, to our great blessing. We do not yet know who they are, but we do understand that they are great, intimate friends of the Master and this alone is already our greatest blessing!

41,17. Look, he turns to us and humbly asks for a word from the Father, while saying: Exalted friends of the Master, I very well know that a word from the Father, even spoken from your mouth, would be too holy for us to worthily receive; but our love for Him, the endlessly good Father, gives us no rest; therefore, we ask you humbly for it!

41,18. Now then I will give you a word from the Father. Listen: Listen, best Gemaliel and you, people of his household, brothers, and sisters, thus speaks the Master: “Let the little children come to me, for to them belongs the kingdom of heaven!” Look how all of them are radiantly sinking down and Gemaliel says, sighing with love: Yes, yes, this is truly the word and voice of the Father; who is not small and equal to little children, will not enter the kingdom of heaven! Oh, dear brothers and sisters, let this most holy words become the greatest decoration and greatest wealth of our home.

41,19. We, therefore, want to be small forever and always, to maybe once get to partake in the great mercy that the Master would visit our region, that we can go to Him; and should His exalted friends want to prevent us, that He would say in great mercy also to us: “Let the little children come to me, for to them belongs the kingdom of heaven!”

41,20. You have now seen how it is here. You secretly ask me: These spirits are obviously already in heaven; how can they speak as if they never have seen the Master! But I tell you: They do see the Master indeed continuously just like you see the sun from the earth; this means as much as: the light of God is above their heads, which denotes the sphere of the wisdom.

41,21. Since the humanity of the Master depicts the most pure love, a love that should be of much different character than theirs here, they are not yet capable to see the humanity of the Master, therefore they are here where they can be perfected even more. It does happen, even though not often, that the Master would visit this region sometimes in person, or by means of a higher angelic spirit. The smallest ones of this region are then accepted and taken to the morning.

41,22. We shall now leave this house with blessing and move on through the region; we are going over the high mountains which you see there in the distance. There we will get to know another region of the midday. Therefore, enough for today.

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