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Chapter 42

The difference between journeys in the hereafter

42,1. You ask: But best friend, should we not first bid farewell to these friendly inhabitants of the house and thank them for their loving reception? Dear friends, I am sorry that I did not think of it beforehand, for now, we already find ourselves on top of one of the mountains which we saw before in the distance, while our little house is already way behind us! You are astonished and therefore say: But best friend, how can it be that we can travel here as fast as our thoughts, while we have, in the northern and evening regions have traveled step by step with only a few exceptions? Out of previous experiences, we sure do know that man can proceed in the spirit as quickly as a thought. This is then not so strange. But that we would progress only step by step in that region which was very poor in apparitions that could be reckoned as beautiful and glorious, yet in this heavenly region are all these glories shooting past us basically unnoticed, seems strange to us.

42,2. Dear Friends, you are judging correctly according to your wisdom, but not according to the spiritual wisdom. When we would move ourselves in the great kingdom of the spirits in the regions where the circumstances are more natural of character, then everything is tardier and our sluggish progress in such regions very truthfully and visually depicts the tedious progression of the spirit. The deeper we penetrated such regions, the more difficult and slower our gait became. But here, where the spirit already enjoys its full freedom, he is released from such chains, his progressed is much less hindered and can speed up.

42,3. Now you say: Best friend, this is all true, good and true, but we do remember that we did make a quick journey in the mountains in the northern regions, when we came back from the hell and returned exceptionally fast to the kingdom of the children and our journey from the kingdom of the children to here have also lasted only a moment. How should we understand this? Best friends, it sure surprises me that you do not yet understand this, while you have experienced something like this already many times upon earth in the development of your spirit. I will explain it to you by means of an example, then you will immediately grasp and completely understand these three, to you inexplicable apparitions of speedy journeys.

42,4. When you would be taught for instance in mathematics or in one or the other science and you had to, as part of the teaching, make some or the other difficult concept as a main theory your own because almost the full complexity of the science is linked to the full comprehension of this concept, then it probably cost you much effort to take complete hold of such a concept. Yes, you had to progress step by step, from point to point. What would then happen when you would fully grasp such a concept? Has not your spirit taken swift flight and gained insight at great speed, by which he would see with one glance that which first have researched and investigated with much effort? But this is not all; he makes deductions from this concept which he now understands and becomes because of such a flight a seer, researcher and discoverer himself, and even a creator of future truths! Do you now understand such a swift flight?

42,5. Look, this is exactly how it is with the spirit; for what you call upon earth the work of the spirit or the thoughts, is here in the kingdom of the spirit, pure reality. We again go with tardy steps to the evening, come to know various conditions along this way and even reach via our very instructive way even into the deepest depth, which can be reached with your spirit. You need everything to be investigated to the limit. What has your spirit done with it? He has learned a second, very important concept. Through this teaching of the second important concept, another swift upward flight was made possible.

42,6. We then reached the kingdom of the children, at the outermost border. There we had to investigate another, third and important concept which forms a very important connection with the preceding one and served as a very appropriate precursor for what would follow in the midday. Since you took hold of that important connecting concept so quickly, we could make a quick upward flight of the spirit in this region of light, just as matter of factly that all others.

42,7. We are now in the region of the higher light. How can it surprise you that we are moving here faster with our much riper and more experienced spirit than what was the case in the previous two regions? But I tell you: Here, we make only small, yet quick steps, but move along in this region no farther than the eye of our spirit reaches.

42,8. When we shall approach the morning from this region, we shall move with even greater speed and quicker movements. So see, this is again spiritually very much natural. Something like this is already clearly to be seen with the more awakened spirits on a celestial body, where an experienced thinker can evaluate an object which is laid before him very quickly and can analyze it fully and thoroughly in all its parts. He still need to have an object before him, though, for without an object, the activity of his spirit would cease.

42,9. We can in a similar way move swiftly across the spaces we see here. But when the spirit would justly enter an even freer and more unlimited condition, he does not occupy himself with the evaluation of given objects anymore, but because he has found in all matter the potential of the infinite, his gaze becomes infinitely deeper and his speed or progression, much more perfect. Do you understand this well! You do confirm it and say: This is good and therefore we can immediately turn our gaze from these beautiful heights to the much more beautiful region laying before us.

42,10. You are surprised that we are not seeing a valley from the beautiful high mountain, from where we previously have seen the familiar little house. Instead, we see the most splendid, vast and outstretched fertile fields, on an even height from where we stand, as a plain before us. But you are even more surprised because of the river, which you have seen before, flowing with exceptional beauty and width, freely and openly, uphill against the mountain.

42,11. You say: But best friend, this is obviously very unnatural! I say: As long as you see such a phenomenon with worldly eyes, you are right, but if you see it spiritually, it is very much different and just as natural as it is natural on any celestial body for the water to flow downwards from above.

42,12. You ask: How so, then! We cannot really understand it. I do know that, but by this time you should have been already so far that you should have been able to understand this phenomenon yourselves. Tell me: Why do water flow downwards on celestial bodies! You say: by its own weight. What determines the water’s weight! You say: The power of attraction of the center of gravity of the earth or another celestial body. Well said! If the central point of gravity of the earth initiates the mass and thus the downward flow of water, what in this spiritual realm do you know which could be such a central point of gravity which would pull everything to him! Is it not the Master, who lives in the highest of heights! Look, this is the reason why the upward flow of the water against the mountains, are here just as natural as it is natural for water to flow downwards on celestial bodies. Now you understand this; hopefully, you will also understand now what this mountain, as well as this vast stretch of platonic height behind it, means.

42,13. You indeed say: We do have a vague suspicion, but we cannot say anything about it yet. But I do tell you that such words sound truly very peculiar, coming from you, for what do you have staircases in a multi-storey house for? You smile, saying: This is obvious, indeed. How would yoube able to get from a lower to a higher storey? One would have to tediously pull yourself up with a rope. Good, because you are arranging a house on earth so comfortably, do you not think that the great Builder Master would perhaps have any lesser insights than you?

42,14. Have you never heard how old Jacob have once dreamt about a ladder, along which angelic spirits ascended and descended, while the Master would be at the top of the ladder! Look, here we have a step of exactly this heavenly ladder. Because every step of this ladder means significantly more than a step of a staircase in your homes, we see the first step countless, wondrous and glorious things, which we shall have a closer look at with the next opportunity; therefore, again enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-42 Chapter