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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-43 Chapter

Chapter 43

Peculiar environment and dwelling of blessed spirits

43,1. If you would have a look around in this glorious place, what do you see and what is most peculiar to you? You say: Best friend, it would have been easy to say if we had the words to describe the countless things we see here! If one does not have the words for it, nothing remains, but to dumbfoundedly point the finger to things that strike us the most.

43,2. What we see there, can be called neither a building nor a tree and not a mountain. It is a well-combined unit in a certain sense, of the most varied, but combined, most perfect parts. Yes, yes, on the one hand, you could be right, but if you would look more keenly, you would be able to better discern the objects.

43,3. We can try this. What do you see right before us, to the right side of the river? You say: We see a coniform hill, surrounded at its base with a kind of ring wall. The ring wall has the appearance of a living thorn bush in a garden rather than an actual wall, but the leaves look like it’s growing from a kind of wall.

43,4. The wall itself is translucent here and there, almost like a rainbow; its height could barely reach a klafter (1,9 m). Above the wall are bows as if from glass. Above the bows runs a kind of gutter made of gold and in this gutter, shining balls of various colors, having the diameter of about two hand breadths, is constantly moving along, leaving half a klafter between the balls. The utmost top of this enigmatic, coniform hill is adorned with some sort of temple. The pillars look like the slender poplars with us on earth. The roof has the look as if of polished gold and seems almost as if it is hovering above the pillars than being attached in some way. Above the roof is a translucent, radiating sphere.

43,5. Look, best friend, this is what we now are seeing at first glance on the right-hand side bank of this magnificent river. It looks like everything is one great unit. Our eyes have never seen something like this and one can barely imagine something like this out of himself. Therefore, we also cannot know what it is, what is its use, or what it is called. It does serve unto an exceptionally peculiar and splendid show for the eye, but this is the only reality we can gather from this for now.

43,6. Well, beloved friends, you have had a good look at everything and I can tell you already that this is also a dwelling of blissful spirits. You indeed say: This could very well be, but up till now we could not see any of the inhabitants of this peculiar dwelling. But I tell you: Let us go a bit closer to this noteworthy building, then you will soon get to see the residents. Look, we are already close to the wall and here is the entrance door. Let us go through the door, then we will immediately get to the residents of this building.

43,7. We are inside the building; have a look around and tell me what you can find. You are stretching your eyes, saying: Yes, but what for a mockery is this again!? We hardly went through the strange ring wall we saw there, but now it is not there anymore, the hill is gone and thus also the notable temple and the whole environment, as far as the eye can see, look very much differentfrom before. We initially have seen upon the plains, on similar higher or lower hills, a great amount of such enigmatic dwelling places. Instead of that, we are now seeing a lot of impressive palaces built in extraordinary style and on the riverbank, which is the only thing that remained, even rather big cities. Dear friend, what does this metamorphosis again mean? Why could we not just as well see the peculiar dwelling which we saw from the outside, to be the same from the inside?

43,8. Yes, best friends, according to earthly measure it would indeed be correct, but according to spiritual measures, it does not add up. You say: don’t the spirit have its eyes to see things as they are? Why should he look at an object from the one side to know what it looks like, but when he wants to see it from the other side, it has vanished and is just as well non-existent for him anymore?

43,9. Yes, dear friends, when you look at an object upon earth with your material eyes, the object would stay the same and not change and you would recognize it because of its outer form. Suppose for once that someone is not satisfied to keep looking at the outside form anymore, but would like to know the inner parts of this object and to begin to inspect it mechanically. He has disbanded this object into a satisfactory amount of parts and has looked at them all separately. Then he would turn to chemistry and let the object be divided into its primordial substances, where he would, instead of the initial object, have only the building materials which the object consisted of.

43,10. Could I then not ask you: Why is the initial form not visible anymore, after such a chemical analysis! You say: best friend, this is indeed very natural, for because of the analysis of the object, it unavoidably had to lose its initial, crude outer form. I say: Good, but what was the cause or reason that this part, which have portrayed a specific form beforehand, had to be dissolved like this! You are pulling up your shoulders and is at a loss for a working answer. Well, then I will give you an answer on this. The reason was the spirit which wanted to penetrate deeper into the innermost of the matter. He has walked the ways and has penetrated to the inner parts of the matter, but in the process, he completely has let go of the outer form.

43,11. Now look, what is done upon earth more mechanically to satisfy the needs of the spirit, is manifested in the spirit in the most beautiful, harmonious reality. For if you would enter something you first have seen from the outside, it depicts your entrance into the inner meaning and thus also into the complete analysis and dissolving of it; in other words, you pierce through to the nature of what you view. Thus, we here do not have to see the outer form as seen from outside anymore, but instead, we see the deeper meaning which spiritually corresponds with the outer form.

43,12. To let you see it even clearer, I will declare to you the correspondence between what you have seen from the outside and what you are now seeing inside. The “stream” or river shows the continuous and always visible spiritual life on him, consisting of the love and the wisdom, or what is identical, from the truth of the faith and the good of the love. The “hill” which we initially saw on the right-hand bank of the river, means the upward striving of the wisdom; the soft glow of the hill shows that this wisdom has come forth from the love. The “ring wall” enclosing the river means that the wisdom is still moving itself within a determined form. That the wall is going all around the hill, means that the wisdom form is softened by love; with leaves growing from the wall is depicted that this circle of wisdom is full of life and this life is also love. The wall is translucent in places, showing the unification of love and wisdom. The “bows” above the ring wall shows the order of the wisdom when united with love. The “gutter” running on top of the bows depicts an open receptacle vessel, which is a way of the light. The moving, glowing “balls” in this gutter, means the true-life coming forth from the wisdom when united with love.

43,13. The “temple” upon the hill, with pillars resembling poplars and having a hovering, golden roof on top, adorned with a shining ball, says that such wisdom is made alive by the love towards the Master; that is the why of the living pillars. The “golden, hovering roof” is the wealth of the Godly mercy coming forth from such a love; the “shining ball” on top of the roof, means the living, high wisdom in Godly affairs. Look, this is the enigmatic form.

43,14. When we enter there, it disappears, but instead, you see the demonstrated, exalted reality which are expressed in such a sphere, in which the wisdom is united with the love for the Master.All this palaces, buildings and cities are in their purpose, correspondences of the love and altogether splendid form of the radiating wisdom.

43,15. So, we have made these important things our own again, and we can proceed through this region and observe the glories thereof. We will not again enter such a building, for we would see many other things; there would again be much to declare and discuss and there shall never come an end to it. When you shall once be pure spirits yourselves and find yourselves in a complete spiritual condition, you will forever get to see the endless variety and wondrous multiplicity. We are now merely investigating the principles of how the spiritual develops. You can now feast your eyes and have a good look at the great, wondrous glories to your heart’s content, then next time, we shall summarize everything you have seen and then proceed. With this then, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-43 Chapter