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Chapter 44

Beauty and splendor of the midday. Teaching about the nature of love and wisdom

44,1. Well, you have looked around to all sides and have seen innumerable and comprehensive glories of all kinds. Now tell me about the many things you have seen and have given most attention to. You say: Best friend, it is also given unto you to see the inner; be therefore so kind to summarize for us the best and most beautiful of what we have seen. Good, I do want to do it, for I can read in your eyes and faces what you have liked the most of all the things you have seen.

44,2. It was not the endless, extraordinary, shining palaces which you liked the most. Nor did the cities on the river banks stimulated your interest. But there, more to the background, on the other side of the river, to the morning side, you have seen lovely hills upon which stood small, almost poorhouses. You have looked at them the most.

44,3. I tell you if one would judge outer beauty here like one would on earth, one could say: Dear friends, you have poor taste. But when we would judge spiritually, then I must tell you: Dear friends, you have sensitive noses and therefore your suspicion is correct in thinking that there should be much hidden behind these small looking homesteads than would appear at first glance.

44,4. Therefore, you are secretly telling yourself: Best friend and brother, if we would have a choice, we would want to exchange a hundred of these beautiful palaces for one such a little house.

44,5. You are certainly not wrong, yet such a magnificent palace does deserve our attention. Take a good look at one and see how it is built of a shining white kind of rock and has exactly seven storeys, of which each storey is thirty storeys high. Each palace has four complete frontal gables; in each one is set seventy great frames, each seven ells from the other. From every frame is radiating light as if of the sun, while every gable roundabout, in front of the radiating frames - and that at all storeys - are adorned with a hallway of pillars which radiates as if it is of pure polished, translucent gold. The roof of the palace looks as if it is covered with great plates of diamonds. The palace is surrounded by a proportionately big, magnificent garden in which you can see thousands of beautiful, wondrous flowers and thousands more of all possible kinds of delicious fruit trees. In between the flowers and fruit trees, you see pyramids shining in all colors. You see the tops of the pyramids decorated with big, strongly radiated balls. On top of these balls, you see something resembling a crown, from where fountains spring up, shooting the water as high as your eyes can see. The drops of these spouts increase in size, from where they fall in multiple colors and again fall down in the most beautiful style, gradually and majestically into the garden, to dissolve there into multiple heavenly aromas.

44,6. If you would focus your eyes a bit more, you would see that there are in such a garden an exceptionally beautiful, lovely, blessed people of both genders, wandering around. Look, close to the entrance of this beautiful garden stands a man. He is clothed with white byssus (kind of cotton) and wears a shining crown on his head. His face is white as snow and his hair is as if of gold. Just look how beautiful it all is!

44,7. His skin color shows off very nicely with the shining red garnishing of his garment and the girth around his loins, does it not glisten as if it consists of many little stars? Now look, presently is coming a female spirit to the entrance of the garden; how do you like this?

44,8. You say: Friend, at the sight of this being, one completely loses one’s senses; truly, something that perfect, a mortal man cannot look at without acute danger to his life, let alone pondering it! The more than heavenly beauty of this female being is beyond all human consideration! What endlessly, sweet friendliness upon her face; what unfathomable, soft form and what beautiful color of her countenance! The radiating, lush, light blonde hair, a shining crown as of diamonds upon her naturally beautiful head, the heavenly blue garment with soft red decoration; Oh, how harmonious and beautiful it all is! We see the one arm on top of which the garment is gathered in pleats by means of the most splendid decorative pin. What a rounding and harmony in this arm! It looks as soft as the soft sigh of the most magnificent morning red in spring! And oh, best friend, besides her arm we see of this angelic woman also her foot and leg up to the knee. Truly, such a scene is even for the spiritual eye too much, for the harmonious softness and perfection is not describable with the pen. Truly, only God is capable to create such unmentionable harmony! Above all, best friend, we see in the background a whole lot of such heavenly delights. Truly, to be a happy fellow brother in such company, would be a little too much bliss!

44,9. Yes, dear friends, there are endlessly many of such delights here; therefore, I again ask you: How do you like such a palace? You are scratching a bit behind your ears, which tells me: Best friend, after a closer inspection, we, in fact, have nothing against such a palace anymore if we would compare it with the houses on the hill on the opposite side of the river! We would obviously be eternally content with such bliss in the pure spiritual condition necessary for it for all eternity, especially if we would be granted the mercy to see the Master now and then. If this would not be the case, we will go back on our words.

44,10. Yes, beloved friends, just as it is with you now, seeing all these glories, it has been with many. The only difference is that you come along here freely. But spirits coming here still have many trials laying in wait for them where they must deny and prove themselves if they would want to cross this river to go to the hill country with the plain houses.

44,11. You ask: who in fact are these blessed spirits inhabiting this palace and where do they come from! They are spirits of partly poor and partly rich families on earth, whom have come here in course of time from the already familiar evening. A part of them are here due to their faith in the Master, having lived strictly ordered and righteous lives upon earth. Deeper into the midday you shall also encounter heathen spirits, who faithfully lived their lives upon earth according to their faith and have willingly accepted the faith unto the Master.

44,12. In the palace, here before us are living those spirits who have been faithful Christians from their beginning, out of the sect of the Calvinists. Three of them was wealthy while on earth; they are here not the richest, but they belong to the serving classes. Both those you have seen at the gate and still see there were extremely poor upon earth. He was a mountain herder in Switzerland and she also was a very unattractive cow minder. The pious herder has in course of time came to know the good, Christian characteristics of the girl and he has taken her according to his knowledge as wife. The couple have lived their whole life with utmost chastity. They do have a few children, which were strictly educated according to their Christian conviction and these principles have been faithfully maintained in the following five generations. You are therefore witnessing here, something that happens very seldom, namely a blessed family of blood relations consisting of parents, children, and grandchildren. Both of those you saw, are the first parents of this whole family. The three subjects in this company, are indeed also relations of this family, but they were people who have, in their fortunate earthly conditions, worked themselves up and by that, became prominent and rich. Because of such earthly riches and honor, they have had many privileges and luxury upon earth, which remained foreign to the other, poor family members. Therefore, they now must experience lack of many things here, of which the other family members can enjoy to the full. Despite that are they here, you could say, still unspeakably happy, because they have used their worldly prominence and riches mostly for good causes.

44,13. We want, however, since we are here, to pay a short visit to those standing before the gate of the garden, for you to see what spiritual attitude they are. Let us go to them at once. Look, they have already seen us and are rushing towards us; but as you can see, they suddenly stopped. What could be the reason! They do suspect something sensual in you, therefore they want to wait till we come to them. Look, we are with them and the truly beautiful man receives us with the following words: Be greeted with the purity of the word of the Master! May I, the most insignificant servant of this house, ask you which pure and good intentions have brought you hence!

44,14. Because you are not able to speak here, I need to speak on your behalf. Dear friend, your question is justified and from the tone of your voice sound the pure wisdom of heaven, but look, one thing is lacking and that is the love! You have ordered your household very well and your whole, beautiful possession comes forth from your pure wisdom; but look, a grain of sand in the kingdom of the love of the Master surpasses all these glories multiple times! Look, those who are with me are disciples in the love and I am from the highest love for them, a leader in the Name of the Master. Recognize and understand us from this viewpoint. See, purity of morals is a beautiful attribute and the righteous is a friend of the Master, but when a sinner does repentance out of love for the Master, it is to Him better than ninety-nine people like you, who never had the need for repentance due to perfect purity of morals.

44,15. And you, pure wife of this pure man, your life conduct truly was as that of the purest star and a never profaned chastity was your way to this glorious kingdom! But in the eternal morning are living many women who have often sinned against their flesh. But these sinners have recognized their guilt, have humbled themselves in repentance before the Master and then ignited into great love for Him, being moved by it to want nothing but receive so much mercy from Him that He would take pity on them and would take them to Him after their death on the only grounds that they may eternally indulge themselves in His infinite mercy! Now look, they now live blissfully in the eternal morning in the constant company of the Master! Truly, everything here is glorious and exceptionally radiant, but the smallest hut of straw in the Master’s kingdom has infinitely more worth than all this splendor!

44,16. Look now, how this couple says in unity with their hands on their hearts: Oh, mighty friends of the Master, you have told us much with few words. We have had the suspicion now for a very long time that there should be something more than here, but we did not know the way, for our wisdom could accomplish the most exalted here. Now we know that this was only allowed for us to recognize the love from it. Tell us what to do to become worthy of only a drop of the true, real love.

44,17. Now I tell them: Dear friend and lady friend, have you never heard what the Master have told the rich youth: Give everything away and follow Me! And, have you not read in the Book in which the Master have made an eternally valid comparison when a righteous Pharisee have related his deeds before the Master, completely according to the law of Moses, while at the same time, at the back of the temple, have stood a poor sinner, beating himself on the breast in repentance, saying: Oh Master, I am not worthy to lift up my eyes to Your Holy Place! Who of these two has been justified by the Master? You say: the humble sinner. Look, here you can easily find the actual way to the Master. Do so yourselves too, for the Word of the Master is completely valid in the heavens and that for all eternities!

44,18. Look, the couple is getting up and walks back, weeping. We see how all are assembling before the palace, listen attentively to the first parents. Look how they are all taking off their adornments and replace their beautiful clothes for very poor garments and how the first parents are handing over all these glories to the three most poor ones. You can see how the great company of hundreds of people are rushing outside, over to us.

44,19. You ask: But best Friend, what shall we do with them! But I tell you: Do not worry about it; you shall have a truly heavenly scene to witness, at which, as you are wont to say, hear and see shall almost perish! But we will only see this next time. With this, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-44 Chapter