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Chapter 45

The corresponding meaning of eating and drinking of the heavenly spirits. The heavenly marriage

45,1. Look, the rather big company is already with us. Just look at the dear children, how one is of greater heavenly beauty than the other! Each one shows another beauty. The manly angels have youthful power and their facial expression is exceptionally soft and solemn. Their eyes are big, showing that they are full of light; their noses are well-formed and very tender, telling that they are sensitive and have a keen discerning ability. Their mouths are soft and mostly closed, showing upon their modesty in wisdom. Their chins are equally soft and beardless. Which is to say that the actual wisdom is open and not surrounded by the wild growth of mysticism. Their necks are smooth and round, meaning that the truth is in principle regarded to be self-evident and being a complete whole. Notice also the softness of their hands; this means that wisdom is taking on everything with good deliberation and do not want to touch anything that is imperfect.

45,2. You now say: It is peculiar that the manly being is showing himself here in almost the same rounded form of the female, in such a manner that one would finally struggle to know in which we being manly spirits would take more pleasure in, the exceptionally beautiful manly form, or the female. This, my dear friends, has its reason in the true heavenly marriage, for it is written in Scripture that man and wife shall become one flesh. Therefore, they do not differ much here and is, as the Master had said, all equal to the angels of God!

45,3. You ask whether there are gender differences here with the spirits. I tell you: here it is just the same as upon the celestial bodies and the spirits eat and drink here also as well as provide for the necessary needs. The married couples here also enjoy the ‘married privileges’ like on earth, but everything here has quite another meaning than upon the celestial bodies.

45,4. Eating and drinking says: Taking up of the Godly good and the Godly true; what you understand to be the sensual act of intercourse, is here understood to be the unification of the good of the love and the truth of the faith, unto it’s loving unfolding. All this are holding itself here in its function and purpose. Who wants to work, first must take up the active principle which forms its foundation and this is what is understood here to be the taking in of food.

45,5. The digestion of this food brings about and supports the continuous life of the spirits. The life can and do not want to be isolated and self-supporting, though, but it takes hold of the object which corresponds with him and pulls him; it then gives its trust to it, causing so to say two lives to become one complete unit. This can be understood to be the purpose. The purpose becomes sensible because a combined life has in all respects a more powerful influence than a life standing on its own, which cannot be regarded to be a perfect life because no purpose or growth can be expressed. Do you understand it?

45,6. You say: Best friend, only partly, but it is not yet completely clear to us. Well, I will illuminate it a bit more. On earth, you already have a corresponding deed that depicts the intercourse of the spirits.

45,7. What happens when a virile man treats some woman with magnetism? Nothing but that the man with his powerful spirit is penetrating the weaker spirit of the woman, thereby arouses it and supports it with his power by magnetically connecting with her by adhering her to him for a specified time through magnetism and unites her with him partly etherically, or in other words, entering with her into a ‘spiritual marriage’.

45,8. What is the result of such a connection? If you would only take a slight look at multifarious apparitions on this terrain, you can say nothing other but: the power of the weaker female spirit is very much strengthened by the unification with the manly spirit and are in such a state capable of much more than would be possible in an isolated state, being otherwise possible only seldom or with great effort. Clairvoyance, being the ability to gain insight in self and others; shortly said, the powerful, clear penetration in otherwise impenetrable depths of creation, is the result of such a unification.

45,9. Well, this is the nature of the so-called spiritual intercourse. It comprises of the mutual taking hold of two intimately related spiritual potencies and the result corresponds with the known act which we have just discussed. You now say that everything is clear, but you still want to know what the result of such an act here produce. I tell you: such an act is done the very same way as with truly connected love, but there is no form of sensuality of any kind to be found.

45,10. In the first congregation, that of Adam when the people still had much more contact with heaven, the deed of intercourse was conducted in a much more spiritual than sensual manner. At the time of such a deed would both spouses be permeated by the Spirit of God, would fall asleep physically, would soon wake from this natural sleep again and then would become one in spirit and thereby enter a state of heavenly enchantment. Only in this condition would intercourse be performed, they would soon be separated again and would be put back physically into the natural sphere.

45,11. For this reason, was this deed in that time called “one-sleep”, “co-sleep” or “sleeping together”. Because the people have become more and more sensual through various worldly pleasures, they began to sleep with women in their earthly sphere purely physically, do not experience the spiritual sleep, or rather the physical sleep anymore for the spirit to be free. The resulting fruit, therefore, became equal to the deed. You indeed say yourselves: Ex trunco non fit Mercurius [saying: a tree stump is immobile]. How then is it possible to beget fruit of the spirit along with a purely physical way? I believe if you would consider this important, old historical, completely true description, you would portray yourself this purely heavenly act of intercourse much more correctly and honorable than would be the case otherwise, while you should necessarily regard this act to be unholy in its current, purely sensual form, for which sake the laws of Moses have been given about unchastity.

45,12. Now you know this. But what does “action for the sake of necessary needs” mean, which corresponds with the natural? What does the natural mean? Nothing other than the getting rid of the outer form, after it, being the carrier of life-giving substances, have delivered it. Look, life can impossibly manifest itself differently than with her corresponding form. This form corresponds with all outer, membranous stripping of these things. All these fruits you see here, are also nothing other than pure, living correspondences, coming forth from the love and wisdom of the Master, but the way it appears here, being outer forms of true faith and active love, cannot be portrayed without an outer form, just as little as a thought can be manifested without words.

45,13. Therefore, if you hear words, you are eating spiritual fruits. These words as a form are quickly spiritually digested by you, but the meaning of the words stays in you. This corresponds exactly with the spiritual deeds for the sake of the necessary needs.

45,14. Forms are the carriers of the living. Since the living is purely godly and therefore also the innermost and most purely spiritual, it cannot be taken up completely by any outer spirit. The Master, therefore, creates corresponding outer forms, which are then the carriers of His life. Would we like to take the life into ourselves, we should take it in together with the form. Only inside of us will the form acting as the life carrier, be destroyed; the life then is freed and soon unites itself with the resembling Godly life in us, strengthens it and keeps it alive. The form itself, as a destroyed house, are then eliminated from our life according to order of the omnipotence.

45,15. This is called ‘excrement’ on earth, but here it is called the division. With you it is coarse matter, here it is also spiritual, therefore it would immediately dissolve and would completely disappear. Since you now know all this, we shall return to our big, wondrously beautiful company.

45,16. Look, our former first parents are already standing here with us. He comes to me, saying: Mighty resident of the eternal morning and certainly very much beloved friend of the Master, see, we have now left everything and have given away all our possessions and our treasures according to your advice. You can see we are many and yet there is not one among us who is of different mind than me. We now stand here, humbly before you; You can tell us, you who are here in the Name of the Master, what you want and what is the will of the Master, then we will do it!

45,17. Now I tell them: Beloved brothers and sisters, do not regret that you have chosen the love for the Master, but follow us in His Name! Look, over there, to the other side of the river where you see the seemingly more uninhabitable hills, with on them evenly distributed small and unattractivehouses, there is where I shall take you and give unto each of you his own dwelling. You will surely not live as pleasantly and glamorously as here in the beautiful palace, but you shall only gain from it, for in the eternal morning, in continuous presence of the Master, one do not live in such palaces, but in very simple, small huts. One is also not as splendidly dressed as here, but the true children of the Master walks about almost completely naked. No one should be unemployed there, for the Master knows how to keep his children diligently busy.

45,18. Here, you have “blessed rest” and pleasantly and peacefully enjoy of everything you possessed in rich abundance; there is no such provision. You must work there diligently to deserve your daily bread.

45,19. Here, you do not need to ask or thank for anything, for the Master gives you everything freely from Himself in the greatest abundance, but there, you always shall have to ask and thank the Master and the Father.

45,20. Here, everyone could eat and drink at his own table as an independent lord according to his liking. There, no one has his own table, but everyone must go and sit at the Father’s table.

45,21. Here, you can eat what you like, but there is the rule: eat what is put before you on the table.

45,22. If you are content with this transaction, then follow me! Yet, your will shall thereby not be violated in the least.

45,23. Listen, now the whole company says: Oh, great and beloved friend of the Master, even if we would possess a thousand of these palaces, we would still leave them if only we could be close to the dwelling of our great, Holy Father, being only the lowest and most insignificant servants! All the prerequisites you have explained to us, are too great and too exalted for us. If only we would be found worthy to receive breadcrumbs from the table of the Master, we would be unspeakably happier than here, for we must, amidst all this magnificent splendor, do without exactly that which causes the angels the highest bliss, namely to see the Master, which is most of all an excellent, holy Father unto all of those who lives with Him in the morning.

45,24. We are aware of the Master also here in the holy sun of mercy above us, but we cannot see the Father among His children!

45,25. Take us wherever you want to and give us a place according to your heavenly insight. We will follow you!

45,26. Now, I say: Then follow me across this river to the hill country. Do not be deterred by the waves which were not able to carry you before, because your foundational principle was not the actual “foundation of life”, namely the love unto the Master. But now have this love become your foundation and the water of this river shall carry you, for it indeed represents your foundation. Look how they all now follow us and how the water is carrying them like a sturdy surface!

45,27. Thus, we shall go together to the hill country over there and settle our company there. Then we shall see what else will happen there and how happy the company shall be there.

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