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Chapter 46

In the hill country of the eternal morning. A little love-test. How do you depict the Master for yourselves!

46,1. Look, with the familiar way of swift traveling, we are already here. In front of us is such a little house. Does it not look very much like a true, lovely little mountain hut as with you on earth in Switzerland? You say: Yes, indeed, this is truly what it looks like. There is a real difference between such a little house and a palace or even a great city like we have seen it before, more down in the low plain; yet, we would like to live in such a little house much rather than in such a palace.

46,2. Good, we shall now enter such a house, have a look at its interior and see the actual inhabitants. Look, we are inside. You now ask: But best friend, why does this house not change according to the usual spiritual manner, but is unchanged, the inner being in perfect accordance with the external?

46,3. Dear friends, this you shall gradually learn while interacting with the residents of this region and that during the gradual development of our viewpoint and how the inhabitants of this region will present themselves to us during contact with them.

46,4. Do you not see the various farming implements? There are sickles, spades, rakes, clamps, and weeding-hooks; even the plow and the harrow are not wanting and if you look around properly, you will see behind the house even a little shed and a stable for one or two pairs of oxen. There you see a kitchen, here a room for the personnel and there in front, a tastefully arranged room for the owners of the house. What do you say about this?

46,5. I can see that you are quite surprised, for you say to yourselves: Truly, it all looks cozy, and we would really want to live here, but this fully earthly arrangement leaves a rather peculiar impression in this seemingly true heaven.

46,6. My dear friends, I did think that you would find this a bit strange. But this would utterly surprise very dumbed down earthly priests, who imagine heaven for themselves to be an eternal idleness, even more. How people conduct themselves here, we will still sufficiently see the continuation of our walk through this environment of the midday.

46,7. To inform you as to why you find all the farming utensils here just like upon earth, I will for the present only that such implements would have never been discovered upon earth if it did not first have a fully corresponding way and form in all heavens before.

46,8. It should therefore not surprise you that you shall find here in the spiritual realm of heaven the most original, for all equipment depicts the work of love and are available here for the sake of bringing forth the good and the fertile. We do not need to know more for now.

46,9. Look, there the owner of the house is just returning from his acre. We shall go to him, greet him and present to him our question. He has seen us already and approaches us with open arms. How do you like his clothing? You say: Best friend, not bad indeed, for we are used to seeing such clothing. He looks like a true, godly, diligent farmer on our earth. We see that he is wearing normal, not too fine shirt and trousers made of the same linen. This is then what we discover on this good man. If he would not have worn a red girdle around his waist, he would barely be distinguishable from a farmhand.

46,10. Yes, my dear friends, it does not seem to be as splendid here as there in the palaces. You now ask, saying: Best friend, would it indeed be a higher degree of blessedness than in the endless plain down there, abounding in countless glories and unspeakable beauty? I tell you: The degree of bliss here is higher; the less outer glory and splendor can be seen. It shall soon become clear to you. Look, here is our man, and we shall receive him immediately.

46,11. Listen, he says: Be welcome a thousand times, beloved brothers. I can see that you have brought along a considerable company. I know what they want here. I do tell you right away that it will still cost these good people a fair amount of effort and self-denial before they shall be accustomed to the higher life and even then, shall it cost them, even more, effort and considerable effort before they would have made the higher life completely their own. But you, my best brother, indeed know that all obstacles can be overcome with love and patience.

46,12. I shall therefore not neglect to do the necessary for the true, eternal, living care of these dear brothers and sisters.

46,13. Dear friends, we shall now enter my dwelling and take with us the first parents of this company to organize the necessary preparations with them, to bring them into the eternal order of love soon. Let us therefore go!

46,14. Look, our host beckons the couple, and they find themselves with great joy with us in his home. We are already in the room; take good notice of what is going to happen here.

46,15. Our host says to the couple: Dear friends, I welcome you from the depth of my heart; tell me frankly and freely what has moved you to leave your great glory to come here to these hills where is no beauty, splendor, riches or abundance, in search of your progression.

46,16. The man answers: Heavenly friend, I do not know you yet, do not know who you are in being, but because you are asking me from the depth of your being after the motivation behind our endeavor, I can tell you that my - and therefore all of us - only motivation is the Master.

46,17. The host says: It is the greatest joy of my heart to hear this from you. Yet, the Master has already given you an immeasurable great reward; would you still want more? I believe it should be enough when the Master has given you everything you can imagine in the depth of your heart and therefore I think that your endeavor is founded upon ingratitude.

46,18. The man says: Dear friend, it might look like this if evaluated superficially, but not according to our inner being. Look, what would you have done in my place, if you would possess glories which are a thousand times more beautiful to see than mine, but despite all the unspeakable glories, would never get to see the holy Giver? You would certainly want to leave it all, because of your great love for the Master, to possibly get closer to the Master.

46,19. The host says: Dear friends, I can see that very clearly and I also know why you have said that to me. But do you know if you would see the Master here, and when? Do you know for certain that this one of the regions where the Master certainly do appear in person?

46,20. The man says: Dear friend, I do not know this for sure, but I do know that the Master love the small more than the great, for He Himself had said: “Let the little children come to Me!” Therefore, I do not believe that I am on a wrong track as I am standing here before you after I have left all my splendor out of love for the Master and have searched out the simplicity and humility of these hills.

46,21. Our host says: Dear friend, you have answered well, I only think that your answer is out of place here, for the Master says this only to the world, since He clearly declares that all worldly greatness is an abomination to Him, and He says further: “Who on earth is the smallest, is the greatest before Me and in heaven. You are indeed not on earth anymore but in heaven. You were small on earth, yes, you were an inconspicuous shepherd in the Alps and therefore the Master has made you great in heaven. Do therefore ask yourself what you want.

46,22. The man says: Best friend, I do realize that you by far surpasses me in wisdom from the Master, but I also know that I have never seen the Master any other way than in the holy sun of mercy during my great blessedness.

46,23. The host says: What do you want more! Have you not read: “The Master, God Jehovah, lives in the inaccessible light”! Do you then want to come closer than what is possible to you!

46,24. The man says: Best friend, it is true, but the Master God Jehovah was upon earth also a human being, having taken up our nature and being a man, have ensured those who were His, that they would eternally live with Him. He even told the crucified criminal: “Even today, you shall be with Me in paradise!” Also, the apostle Paul rejoices himself to come to the Master. Therefore, I do believe that it must be possible somewhere in God’s heavens to meet the Father in Christ personally and blissfully look at Him with a heart overflowing with love.

46,25. The host says: Good because you believe this, you may stay here, for what the Master have said upon earth, are truly equally spoken before all heavens and because all heavens have been created by the word of the Master which was spoken upon earth. But now, my dear friend, something else.

46,26. Look, down there you have been a lord in your glamorous, great possession and your company were the same. Here you should serve and deserve your bread and food with the works of your own hands. As you see, I myself must work and till the ground, to harvest and provide my needs.

46,27. The soil is indeed very much blessed by the Master and yield more than hundredfold of fruit, but still need to diligently work it, otherwise, the Master would not bless it. Therefore, you shall have to plow here and shall have to cultivate the fields with various farming implements, you shallhave to enter the fields with sickles to harvest the wheat, bind it in sheafs, bring it into the barns and winnow it. All this you must do being servants and not owners of some or the other piece of soil. Yes, you shall have to be very diligent, for one would not allow any of you to walk about idly!

46,28. Consider this well; if you would find it advisable, then stay here; for there is no shortage of work here, but mostly of workers. If these prerequisites do not suit you, you are welcome to return to your glories.

46,29. The man says: Oh, dear friend, do not worry about it. We’ve certainly gotten used to the lazy life but is not yet unaccustomed with the blessed work. For all we have done upon earth in self-interest, we would prefer a thousand times more to do here out of love for the Master as well as out of love for you, who certainly is an important friend of the Master!

46,30. The host says: Well, if that is so, then you may stay here. The man says: But dear friend, we are about a hundred men; how can all of us be taken into your modest little house? The host says: Dear friend, do not worry yourself about it! Have you never heard what the Master have said upon earth! Have He not said: “In the house of My Father are many dwellings! Look thereupon the hills, as far as your eye can see in the region of the morning; just see how many similar houses stand there. You shall all find a place there. You ask who’s houses all those are! I tell you: All these dwellings belong to only one owner; therefore, I shall settle you there and disperse the work among you. You ask whether I am a designated manager on behalf of the owner of these houses! Dear friends, if I would not have been such, how would I be able to speak to you like this! How would I have the right to bother you with other men if I would not be capable to justly and lovingly manage this according to my own pleasure?

46,31. You and your wife can live here in my house, but your beloved company shall I distribute in my closest vicinity. Go outside, therefore and tell them!

46,32. The couple goes outside and share the news with a friendly demeanor to the anxiously waiting company. Just look how the whole company is thankfully falling to their knees and thank the Master for being so merciful to them and have given accommodation to them all, where they would make themselves useful with joy.

46,33. Our host is going outside now, lay his hands upon them all and show their dwellings where they must settle in.

46,34. Look how the previous form of our company has changed at the laying on of hands. Their previous white color changes into a natural reddish color and their exceptionally subtle, tender beings have become sturdy. Look how they are looking happy, alive and content, while their countenances shows a secretive, wise earnestness.

46,35. They disperse and at every house which has been assigned to them, the owners are awaiting them with open arms.

46,36. The first parents and the host are entering again, presently asking Him: Dear friends, how do you imagine the Master; would you recognize Him if He would stand before you?

46,37. The man says: Oh, my friend, you who have received us so lovingly in the Name of the Master, this is a very difficult question to answer! For in our religion on earth we have never bothered with the human, visual external of the Master, but only with His word, thinking that the Master would show Himself immediately upon entering this world, and we would recognize Him by His voice and His words. Only now do I see that the true love unto the Master, besides His word, encompasses His being. This is not so easy since they never paid any attention to it and have not been taken up in Him. Would you, therefore, be so kind as to describe to us the stature of the Master.

46,38. The host says: Well since you lividly wish this from the bottom of your heart, I tell you: Look at Me, for the Master looks exactly like Me in His human stature.

46,39. The man says: Oh, dear friend, it is a great comfort and joy, and I am already exceedingly happy to see such a perfect image of the Master before me, but what bliss it would be to get to see the Master Himself!

46,40. The host says: Truly, your love for the Master waxed great; be then of great cheer, for see, I am the Master and you shall now live with Me forever!

46,41. Look how everything has suddenly changed. Nothing of the midday is to be seen anymore. The previous simplicity of the environment stayed and she is the only true, eternal, above all beautiful morning of the Master! It is for us not the time to stay here anymore, but according to the will of the Master, we should move on in the midday. Therefore, let us proceed!

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