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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-47 Chapter

Chapter 47

The “Roman Catholic” heaven. In the most distant midday.

47,1. As you can see, the environment we have seen have again vanished already. Nothing is to be seen of the hills or the buildings upon the hills; we find ourselves in the middle of the midday. You can gather this from the sun up in the middle of the sky and the great beauty of this region, as well as the already familiar river flowing from here to the morning. You ask: But best friend, how is it possible that this endlessly, most blissful morning region have now completely vanished from before our eyes?

47,2. Dear friends, do you not yet understand that the “morning” means the “active love” and the “midday”, the “investigating wisdom”? We are now again “investigating” and therefore on the way of the wisdom and thus in the midday and that lies outside of love.

47,3. You say: We were in the midday before and could see the region of the morning from there. Why can we not see it now? Were we not then outside of the region of love?

47,4. Dear friends, we truly were in the region of the midday, but we were at the bank of the river and this depicts how love and wisdom take hold of each other and passes over into eternal life. We were then in the center between love and wisdom and therefore we could see both regions well. Because we then truly passed over into the morning, we also could see from their endlessly deep into the region of the midday; why? Because wisdom comes forth from love! This is exactly the case when someone would come to understand the foundational principle of something and can see and grasp the realization of it. But he who only sees the action, cannot easily see the foundational principle thereof, except if he would go to where cause and consequence merges. Now that you certainly can see that, we shall move unhindered to the morning region in the deepest midday, where you shall see things that intimately pertains to you.

47,5. Look, we are already at our destination. But now you say: Best friend, we see in front of us again an endlessly vast sea and at the distant horizon, we see for the first time in this spiritual world, clouds as we have seen it on earth building up in heaven on beautiful, clear days. It also seems as if the sun is also not shining from right above, but more from behind us, causing shadows before us. Are we going to have to walk upon the surface of the sea again?

47,6. My dear friends, this sea is connected with the sea that we saw before in the evening region. She lays stretched out infinitely far and wide in the direction of the evening, between midday and morning. But over against, where you see clouds, she is bordered by a shore, behind which is stretched out a vast landscape. This region is called the “deepest midday” and we shall betake ourselves there.

47,7. You again ask how we shall get over the sea? We shall again travel by our usual swift way and say: Here and there, and we shall be where we want to be! Look backwards, we already are where we want to be! The complete surface of the sea lies behind us and if we look up, we see that we are already underneath the white clouds. You now say: Best friend, the clouds here indeed shines with beauty, but the sun is not seen anymore; where has it gone to?

47,8. Friend, the sun indeed shines here as well, but her being is obscured by the clouds to such an extent that one can see her light only intermittently, and is only seldom able to see the sun from between the clouds. You ask: What kind of region is this then and what does it mean?

47,9. Look, this is the so-called Roman Catholic heaven where the most pious Catholics come to if they have lived conscientiously according to their faith. This heaven is therefore rather a test heaven’ rather than a permanent one. How it all comes together, we shall see during our closer investigation of this heaven.

47,10. Direct your gazes a bit more to the mainland, then you shall soon see a great number of the well-known Roman Catholic churches and monasteries. There, not far from here on the plain, is a very stately church; we shall see what will happen inside of it. Do you hear the chiming of the bells? You say: Truly, best friend, it sounds exactly like we have often heard it upon earth. Now listen a bit more keenly; You shall even hear organs. You ask what in fact is to be done inside the church.

47,11. I tell you: We will be just in time for the first blessing. We are already at the entrance of the church and see the high altar where a great number of candles are burning. Look how the bishop takes hold of the silver monstrance casks and gives the blessing to the many attendants, just like on earth. Since we have received the blessing, we shall stay for the mass.

47,12. Look, the full ceremony proceeds exactly as upon earth and you see that the whole ceremony of the mass is ending with the usual performance of the organ and the second blessing just began. You ask: Best friend, which holy one is honored on this high altar? We cannot see what the statue depicts.

47,13. Let us go a bit closer; Look, it is very distinct and beautifully painted, ‘the holy trinity’. The only difference is that here in this testing heaven, no other image is allowed. Both the side altars depict on the right-hand side, the crucified Savior and on the left-hand side, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Nothing other may be on there. This is to not entice the arrival to some or the other idolatry, where they would pay homage to some other so-called ‘saint’, which should, according to their insights, belong only to God.

47,14. For this reason, are all the so-called ‘saints’, including the popes, kept far away from this region; if any popes would come here at some point, they are not allowed to be recognized as popes, but only as very modest priests. But you say: Best friend, how does it then go with the ‘three Godly persons’ sitting together on a glowing cloud, surrounded by all the saints and the angels, also on shining clouds, kneeling before them, seeing and worshipping God face to face?

47,15. Just wait until this ‘religion’ has played out, then we shall witness the so-called ascension to heaven of the spirits who attended this service. As you can hear, the priest is presently busy to proclaim the imminent ‘ascension’. Therefore, shall we leave the church to await these events.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-47 Chapter