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Chapter 48

Procession of the so-called ascension.

48,1. Look, we are already outside and the multitude, which is provided with palm branches, are awaiting the pre-empted ascension. The priest is following them in full priestly garment with the silver or gold casks in the hand. You can see four white-clad male spirits holding a so-called “heaven” above the priest’s head, while all spirits arrange themselves before him in rows, following the well-known procession banner. The procession commences with the customary procession ceremonies. Not even the bells are missing; a crucifix is carried in front of the heaven and the well-known “Holy, holy, holy is our Master God Zebaoth”, is sung and prayed by the whole procession.

48,2. Look, the procession is now advancing towards a small hill. We shall follow it there. This hill is rather deceptive, for he cannot be scaled as easily as one would think at first glance.

48,3. The road to the top is the actual “Catholic way to heaven”. When one would arrive along that way on the first height that is visible to us, you would see another, standing even higher. Would you reach the second height, you discover a third and so it goes, depending on the state of mind of the “ascensioners”. They sometimes must ascend more than a thousand such heights before they would reach the so-called “heavenly clouds region”.

48,4. It also often happens at such ascensions to heaven that many become tired and fed up with the long wait. Then he would turn to a bishop and ask him how long this journey is going to last. The bishop then always answers with a text from scripture, which goes as follows: “Who persevere until the end, shall be blessed”. At such an answer, the procession resumes.

48,5. After they have conquered about fifty such heights, the bishop is asked whether one is not allowed to rest a bit after such a long journey. The bishop then answers as follows: “Pray without ceasing”. In the spiritual world, this means, that one may never rest once you are on your way to heaven. For one must surely know that the tardy and the lukewarm shall be spewed from God’s mouth and not be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. They therefore just have to muster up all their strength and proceed, until they would reach the blessed gate of heaven. After such admonishing words, the procession would proceed on their journey.

48,6. If the bishop himself would grow tired after another fifty scaling’s and his company is barely able to climb anymore, the spiritual leader would say: Listen, sheep of my flock, we are halfway here. We shall now give God the honour and thank Him that He has helped us to reach this point.

48,7. They would then stop there, kneel and thank God as the bishop has told them; firstly, God the Father, then the Son and finally also God the Holy Spirit.

48,8. After the whole company has been revived a little by this, the procession is off again. If the bishop would notice that his own feet would not allow him to climb the following hills as easily without resting anymore, he would immediately proclaim that a “Calvary station” shall be the order at every forthcoming height. He would then have a rest himself, at every such occasion. When the twelve, or in a worse case, fourteen stations have been reached and the successive, increasingly steeper heights have no end in sight, the order is issued that a rosary must be prayed at every successive, forthcoming height. When the rosary is also exhausted this way and no end is to be seen yet of the increasingly steeper heights, everybody turns to the priest, asking him what it might mean that no end has been reached despite his commands.

48,9. Then the bishop would say: Yes, dear sheep of my flock, only here the moment have arrived, where violence is needed for the kingdom of heaven; who would pull it to himself with violence, shall possess it. The priest then also ordains that a psalm of David should be prayed at every newly scaled height. As such, the procession would then tediously press on.

48,10. Since we are experiencing all these fateful things together with the procession, we shall follow it from this last rosary until the end, by foot.

48,11. Look, the following height is already steep and it takes enormous effort to climb her. Our company have reached it after a long and exhausting climb. Just look how everyone immediately lies down on the small plateau; the bishop takes out a small psalm book, lays down the silver and gold cask at his side and begins to read the first psalm as drawn out as possible, for him and his company to get as much rest as possible.

48,12. The first psalm has been read and our bishop again picks up his silver and golden cask but tells the four carriers of heaven that they can let the little honorary heaven stay where it is since they are already rather close to the real heaven.

48,13. Everybody gets up after this instruction and immediately begin to climb the next height. You can see that they climb the height this time on all fours and our bishop, the carrier of the banner and the carrier of the cross, has it increasingly difficult. The bishop allows himself to be pulled up by some more experienced mountaineers; the carriers of the banner and the cross uses their heavenly banner sticks for climbing support.

48,14. The next height has been climbed with much effort and exertion. The next plateau is so small that our company can barely find a place to rest properly. After everyone found a place to liedown, the priest began to read the second psalm. Yet, as you can see, also he is beginning to feel rather frightened, for he sees in front of him yet another, even steeper height and when he looks down, he becomes really dizzy.

48,15. What should he do now! He gets battered with questions by his fellow mountain climbers; they also ask him where the staircase to heaven would be. The priest says: I think that this immense mountain terraces are the steps, showing all of you by experience exactly how purified one needs to be if one do not want to be burdened by this enormous heavenly steps. We will have to divide ourselves since it seems as if the room is getting less, and we would not be able to find enough resting room for all when we should have a time of praise unto the Master and the Godly trinity. Therefore, should the most fearless ones of you first. Have a rest up there until you see that we start to move here and begin to climb the next step immediately if there should be another one.

48,16. As you can see with your inner eye, about half of the company is getting up and climb the very steep height with hands and feet. Some reaches the top, but the weaker ones slide back. The priest asks those who reached the top, whether there is another height. They call back: Victory!! There is not another height; we stand on the edge of a vast plain. In the distance, we see the heavenly cloud covering and in the middle of it, a strong light. We cannot yet tell what it is.

48,17. Look, everybody is getting up and exerts all his powers to get to the top. The priest binds his silver and gold cask to his back and climbs upward on hands and feet as best he could.

48,18. Finally, and after much effort and exertion, everybody, fortunately, scaled the last height, praises the priest, saying: This is a clear proof that no one can gain heaven without such a spiritual leader. But the priest says: Yes, beloved children, this is true, because God has ordained it thus, but the honor is not mine, but God’s alone! For if I look at myself, I have brought you here in a certain sense through pious deceit, rather than with my insight. Since the Master have even admonished His apostles to be cunning, I am justified by it and the success of my leadership shows you that I indeed have led you reasonably and faithfully according to the teaching of our only saving church. Let us regain our known order and proceed to our eternal goal.

48,19. They begin their journey with revived strength over this vast plateau; see how quickly our procession is moving forward here. The heavenly clouds are coming closer fast, and we are already beneath this heavenly cover of clouds. There you see a high wall with a golden gate, which is indeed locked. The priest comes to the fore and say: Dear children, we have asked, and we receive; we have searched and have found; now it is time to knock. The carrier of the cross may knock first, three times. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, then the gate shall certainly be opened.

48,20. It happens exactly as the priest has predicted. Truly, at the third knock, the gate is opened and there appears Peter with the archangel Michael, they investigate our company and allow them without exception into heaven. Only the specific attributes of Peter and the archangel Michael is being omitted, to quench the too materialistic spark in them who are admitted to heaven.

48,21. You want to know whether this truly is Peter and the archangel Michael? I tell you: this is completely only an apparition brought about by angelic spirits in the Name of the Master. As such have this whole heaven originated and this is how it should be, for if it should be different, there would be no way to find an entrance with these spirits who have based themselves on things that are untrue.

48,22. Everyone shall, therefore, find the spiritual world and heaven the way he has portrayed it to himself according to his faith; the only exception is purgatory. This is not allowed by the Master, for too great damage would be incurred to these spirits if they should turn in such a miserable condition, instead of to the Master, with even more zeal to the saints, or would expect help from the Mass offerings upon earth. All these would completely kill the spirit in due time because the spirit would completely cease from all diligence, and he would only want to gain his salvation in the direct or indirect mercy of God; which would mean, in other words, nothing other than spiritual suicide!

48,23. You now ask: How so? This is, in fact, easy to understand! The life of the spirit consists solely of the grace of the love present in it and specifically with the corresponding activity.

48,24. What happens to someone who retreats from all activity? He finally becomes completely powerless and so weak that he can barely defend himself against a fly. If he then would fall into the greatest, inescapable misery because of his complete inactivity, experience on earth teaches that such a condition on earth mostly results in suicide. Also in the spiritual world, would spiritual suicide be the result, for if such suffering spirits would find no salvation despite their pleas to the saints, they would become faithless and despondent, resulting in the true spiritual death!

48,25. Why! Because spiritual despondency means a complete, violent separation from the Master. For this reason, would such a condition not be allowed, even in hell. When evil would become too active there, the Master would chastise the evil in a very sensitive way. Would the evil cease because of it, the chastisement and pain would also cease.

48,26. Regarding this (Catholic) heaven: it is no detriment to the spirit, but can be regarded to be a good, living school where the spirits for the first time would begin to recognize the true heaven. We shall see at the next occasion how this heaven and its activity functions, as thoroughly as possible. With this, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-48 Chapter