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Chapter 49

Seated at Abraham’s table in the view of the holy trinity

49,1. Because our whole company is admitted, we also try to enter through this holy gate. “Peter” and “Michael” have left the gate open for us, for they indeed know what we came to do here.

49,2. You know the various portrayals of heaven doing the rounds in especially the Catholic Church. If you are not initiated into these portrayals, you would be properly initiated here. Look ahead; we are approaching the first portrayal while we follow our company.

49,3. What do you see in front of us, not too far away? You say: we see in the broad background an exceptionally beautiful palace where words can be seen, formed with glowing words. If we see it correctly, there is written: “Abraham’s dwelling”.

49,4. I say: Good. What more do you see? You say: We see the building surrounded by a very big and roomy garden which seems to begin only a few steps from us.

49,5. This is truly wonderful; we see an almost endless table, laden with the most delicious food and if we see right, we discover many guests, seated on both sides of the table, already happily dining. We see a multitude of beings diligently serving them and the guests are interacting with great interest with these serving beings about some or the other subject.

49,6. I say: You see it very well. We shall therefore immediately join our company in the garden, who are already headed for the table and see what shall transpire at the table.

49,7. Look, Peter and Michael now assign a seat to everyone and tell them: Take a seat in the heavenly realm at the table of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and enjoy here the abundance of the fruit of your earthly works which you have done with perseverance, out of great love for heaven and in honor of God. The company gets seated at the table with radiating countenances and soon begin to lividly consume the food and drink. We shall now let our company satisfy their hunger undisturbed and in good cheer and move on a bit.

49,8. Look, there at the end of this almost infinitely long table sit Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in their full glory and very close to us is a guest, engaged in conversation with a table servant. What would they discuss? Let us go a bit closer, then we shall hear.

49,9. Listen what do our already overly satisfied guest, who, according to your reckoning of time, is saying to the table servant: Best friend, for how long, shall this banquet last? The servant answersthe guest: Most dear friend, why do you ask me? The guest answers, a bit embarrassed: Good friend, I would not have asked you, yes, if I were still on earth, I would certainly have thought that I would commit a sin by asking such a question, but because I am now in heaven where one cannot sin anymore, I do know that such a question is no sin anymore.

49,10. The actual reason for my question is this: Look, all honor and praise unto God! It is truly indescribably glorious to be here, the food and drink taste truly heavenly, but I must honestly admit to you that I am beginning to get bored because of this continuous monotony. That is why I asked you how long this banquet is going to last.

49,11. The table servant says: Well, best friend, have you not heard upon earth that this heavenly bliss would last unchangingly and forever? How can you then ask me for how long this banquet would still last? Look, such a banquet indeed lasts forever!

49,12. Our guest becomes fearful and says to the table servant: Yes, best friend, I do understand this, but I also have heard upon earth about eternally seeing God. I do indeed see there far in the background, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but nowhere anything of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

49,13. The servant says: My best friend, do you think that the Godly trinity would sit right before your nose? Look up, there above Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; you would immediately see God in His threefold being in the inaccessible light. You should often have heard upon earth that God lives in heaven, where all blessed ones see him face to face, that is, from the face of the Father to the face of the Holy Spirit, but the Godly trinity, in fact, lives in the inaccessible light! Well, best friend, could you want a more perfect heaven?

49,14. Our guest says: Oh, best friend, I tell you, not at all; I am completely content if only I could have been a servant like you, only to have a bit of movement. Or, if it would be allowed, to have a stroll around in this beautiful garden; this would enhance this heavenly bliss considerably, in my opinion!

49,15. The table servant says: Dear friend, what do I hear out of your mouth? It indeed seems as if you are discontent with what God has allocated to you in heaven. You talk about movement and wandering in this garden; Have you not always prayed: God, give them the eternal rest and the eternal life? Do you not have eternal rest and eternal peace here? What for do you want to move around here?

49,16. The guest becomes thoroughly embarrassed and finally says to the table servant. Dear friend, I do acknowledge that it is all correct and that the heavenly kingdom has come here to expression in true, literal sense and I also see that it cannot be different because of the eternally spoken truth. If I must think about having to sit here in this place forever, though - truly best friend, the cold chills run down my spine; then also do I have to honestly acknowledge, about the heavenly bliss, that I, having been a poor farmer, was considerably happier than I am here with the eternal prospect in heaven! Since I am now for once in heaven, everything is sacrificed to God! The best thing here is that one cannot sin.

49,17. The table servant says: I do indeed see that you are discontent with heaven. But what should I do? The heavenly order cannot be disturbed for your sake!

49,18. The guest says: Best friend, I have once heard upon earth and have seen in paintings that the blessed ones can see God uninterruptedly, kneeling upon clouds, but here is only a garden; where then are the clouds? The servant says: Dear friend, have a closer look at the ground, then you shall soon discover the loose underground. Do you think that this is an earthly kingdom? Just look, I shall loosen the ground a bit, then you can convince yourself immediately that we are all finding ourselves upon “heavenly clouds”.

49,19. Look, the servant moves the grass a little to one side and our guest sees to his great surprise that the ground does indeed consist of shining clouds. After he has properly convinced himself of it, he promptly asks the next question: Best friend, since the ground is so terribly loose here, is it possible for one to, in case of a slightly thoughtless, clumsy move, fall through? And if it is possible, whereto does he fall? There would be no purgatory beneath us?

49,20. The table servant says: Best friend, you do not need to fear such a thing, for you are in fact an exceptionally radiating spirit and this surface is just as sturdy for you as was the earthly kingdom for your body.

49,21. The guest continues: Best friend, allow me yet another question: Is this surface as solid everywhere as it is here at the table? The servant says: Friend, why do you ask questions about things that does not pertain to you? You can see that the surface is sturdy enough for eternities, here where you are enjoying your blessedness. You do not have to enter the vast garden; why would you worry yourself regarding its solidity? Yet, since you have asked me, I can tell you that the garden has the same solid ground, otherwise it would not be able to carry us when we constantly must collect of the abundant fruit for the eternal table to bring them here.

49,22. The guest is finally satisfied and the table servant wants to go, but just then, another thought comes to our guest. He, therefore, says also the following to our table servant: Best friend, since we have already exchanged so many thoughts, I would want to ask you one more thing, but only between me and you. What would happen to someone if he, because he had had enough of the extended sitting if he would get up and take a little stroll over the beautiful fields?

49,23. The table servant says: Nothing would happen, but you do indeed know that God do not like to see that a blessed spirit would be discontent with His ordinances. I cannot guarantee what could happen to you, but one thing is certain: if your place would be occupied by someone else, then you must sit down right at the end again. In fact, my friend, I see that you have not even once looked up to the trinity, while it was said that you would see God uninterruptedly.

49,24. The guest says: Best friend, it is all good and well, but look, my whole being yearns for more freedom and if possible, also some or the other kind of activity - for with God, I must tell you, I can bear it not one moment longer, let go of eternity!

49,25. Look, our guest now gets up and walks away as quickly as he can; and as you can see, many are following his lead. The table servants chase after them and when they would have caught up with them, we will also have caught up with them; then we shall see how this shall unfold. But now, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-49 Chapter