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Chapter 51

The true trinity. The sin against the Holy Spirit.

51,1. The table servant says: Dear friend, I understand only too well what you want to tell me, but I do not understand why you have, during your earthly life, have made for yourself any other image of heaven, while you have indeed often read the letters of Paul. “Tell me, what would you think about it when you read: “As the tree falls, so it lays!” You are pulling up your shoulders and do not know what to answer me. But I tell you, that the tree represents exactly your faith and means nothing more than: as you believed, so it shall be for you! As is the faith, such is the insight; from the insight comes the motivation to action; as the motivation to action is, such is the love, which is the actual life.

51,2. Look, as such have all of you believed in a heaven, as it is laid out before you and you have acted quite well to obtain this heaven. As the tree in the earthly life fell, so it lays according to your inner experience in the spirit. It is impossible for me to give you another heaven than what you have given unto yourselves, for it is written in Scripture: “The kingdom of God does not come with outer show, but it is inside of you”. This present heaven is, therefore, a product of the inner conviction of your faith. What do you want to do now? Can you do away with your faith? Can you become Lutheran or perhaps purely Evangelical?

51,3. The guest says: Best friend, may the holy trinity save us from that, for that would finally take us to hell.

51,4. The table servant says: then what do you want? Then nothing remains for you but to stay here in the most perfect rest forever.

51,5. The guest says: Best friend, what do you think? Would we be able to return to the place where we suddenly came to after our death? I would much rather be there and do whatever would be prescribed to me. Short and sweet, I would do anything which is helpful to others to earn meager food. I feel that this would be much better for me than to sit here forever!

51,6. The servant says: Yes, yes, dear friend, I do understand it all just as well as you do; I do not only understand, as I have said before, why did you never want to come to a better concept of heaven, while you often sat through a lengthy mass, being utterly bored, intensely waiting on the ending of the Mass.

51,7. The guest says: Best friend, I do admit that you have guessed correctly; thus, it has been with me often. I have often and faithfully confessed that transgression, but could never completely get rid of it! The priest has explained to me that it was the malignant work of the devil, which I had to work on, exerting much self-denial to try to convince myself of the pleasantness of the Holy Mass, but all my efforts were sadly ineffective. I did pray all the communal prayers in a good Mass hall and kept myself focused as much as possible, but I just could not bring myself to at the end bedisappointed for the Mass service to be over. In fact, I was always very relieved inside when I could get out of church. In summer, if it was not too hot and the Mass service was accompanied by good choir music, things were better; but in the winter, best friend, I must honestly admit it, I often imagined it as a kind of purgatory cleansing us from our sins, therefore, all but an apparition of heaven. The heavenly monotony which I assumed while living on earth and the idea that it seemed acceptable as it is taught to us now, was because my life was full of many eventualities and various activities, still full of diversity.

51,8. But here, where all diversity has been destroyed at once, where there is no more night, nothing to do, eternal loafing, the same unchanging prospect, look, only here we see how terribly boring it is. Therefore, I ask you, speak on our behalf to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and ask them if they would want to give us something to do, or, as previously said, allow us to descend again into the lower region where we at least can find something to do, for here we cannot stand it any longer!

51,9. The table servant says: but what do you want then? And what below? Have you not believed on earth and said: The Lord God Zebaoth is an almighty God and do not need the help of men? He only let them work upon earth out of His mercy, to have heaven as reward. But here, in His kingdom, all work would cease! Look, this was what you believed, so what do you want to do here in the face of the Godly omnipotence? Would He need your service?

51,10. The guest says: Oh, best friend, believe me, I now see my enormous error and openly admit that we are literally finding ourselves here in a heaven of punishment, for I have come to this conclusion by your question. If the Lord has given us work to do out of pure mercy, to obtain heaven, then I do not see how His mercy, His infinite love, and goodness would cease in heaven.

51,11. Best friend, I can see on your face that you have something else on your mind. We therefore urgently implore you to not leave us in uncertainty anymore and tell us what the true will of God is. We want to do everything and subject us in everything, but do not bring us back to this literally speaking, long and exceptionally boring table; for truly, I would like to die and cease to exist if possible, than to feign myself to be a gluttonous polyp on the bottom of this immeasurable sea of light!

51,12. The table servant says: dear friend and brother, look, only now you are ripe and I can share the truth with all of you. Therefore, listen:

51,13. The heaven you are seeing here is nothing other but an apparition of your wrongful faith; the trinity you see depicts the pinnacle of your misconception.

51,14. How could you ever think that three gods could, in fact, be a God!! That each of these three gods would function in a different way and still be completely one in being and nature? Furthermore, how can you imagine yourselves an idle God, while He is in all eternity, the most active Being? Look, because of this have you imagined yourselves an eternally idle life, without considering that life is an energy, which God had breathed into His living creations out of His eternal energy.

51,15. Have the Lord not taught that He and the Father is completely one? Has He not said: “Who have seen Me, have seen the Father”! Have He also not said: “Do you believe that I and the Father is one and that the Father is in Me?” Look, you could have thought about that before, that the Master is only One and therefore also a person, but no “tri-god” as you have pictured Him for yourselves.

51,16. You indeed say: Best friend, you would know how our faith has been bound. We could not have known about anything other than what the church has taught us, on the one hand under much threatening of eternal damnation in hell and on the other hand with the still vague praises of heaven and to which they always added: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.

51,17. Oh, friend and brothers, I know it too well that you have been cheated and utterly deceived. Therefore, have the moment of salvation arrived, upon which you will get to know the real God and the real heaven.

51,18. You have read in the word of the Master with which external form He has compared the heavenly kingdom. If you would properly consider any of those forms, it should very quickly become clear to you that the Master never taught an idle, but a very active heaven in many ways.

51,19. Therefore, turn yourselves now therefore to the only Lord Jesus Christ, for He alone is God of heaven and earth. Turn to Him in your love, though; then you shall immediately find Him and out of Him very clearly see your true destination of eternal life.

51,20. This untrue tri-unity should perish inside of you, for you to know the true tri-unity, which is the LOVE, the WISDOM and the forthcoming POWER in the only Lord Jesus.

51,21. Do not think that a Godly triple personality is depicted with baptism, for what has happened there, was only an apparition, allowed by the Lord, to help the people recognize the full omnipotence and fullness of godliness in the one Lord. The wisdom of God, which comes forth as His eternal Word out of Love, has taken up flesh and is called the Son of God, saying as much as: the wisdom is the fruit of the love and comes forth out of it, as does light from the heat. The visible form of God’s spirit above the Son only says that the eternal, infinite power of God indeed does come just like the Wisdom out of the Love, but works through Wisdom, as does the heat of the sun in the radiated light, brings forth effects.

51,22. When you would understand all this, you would easily understand that, because the complete, infinite light of Wisdom was evident in the Master, He also had to possess the fullness of infinite Love, and likewise the infinite, Godly Power, flowing from them both.

51,23. John has indeed said: “In Christ lives the fullness of God” and: “In the beginning was God, and God was the Word and the Word was with God; the Word became flesh and have dwelled among us”. You indeed say that it is written: In the beginning was the Word, God was the Word, for the Word was with God and God was in the Word”. This has the same meaning, for God and Word is one and the same as Son and Father. Or when you say: Word and God, what again is the same as Son and Father, the one is not before the other, for Father and Son, or God and the Word, or Love and Wisdom are since eternity, fully one. Therefore, can you turn this text in John any way you like, it’s witness stays the same, namely that the Lord is One, as well as the Father, as Son, as Spirit, as Love, as Wisdom, as everything!

51,24. You ask how one should understand it when the Master says that sin against the Father and Son is forgivable, but “the sin against the Holy Spirit” is not. This is quite simple; whoever would wrestle against the Godly Love, would be taken by the Godly Love and be healed; who would wrestle against the Godly wisdom, would receive the same treatment. But tell me, if there would be a fool who would truly set himself against the infinite Godly Power and might, what could he expect other than that the Power of God would also take hold of him, but then would blow him away into infinity, from where he would have a hopelessly long return journey to possibly return and come closer again to God’s Love and Mercy.

51,25. Look, all this is done by one and the same Lord, who reveals Himself to every person, in accordance with the will of the person. Who wants to take it up against His power, he shall have a taste of His omnipotence in comparison to the weakness of a creature! But do not think that the Lord would condemn or destroy such a foolish contestant, for the Lord does everything out of His endless love, that no man should perish. Consider this in your hearts; then I shall come back and guide you to what you have found and recognized in yourselves.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-51 Chapter