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Chapter 52

The true poverty of the spirit. Danger of blind doubting.

52,1. Now, look! The table servant removes himself and our company put their heads together. This would mean in the spiritual realm: they become of one mind. Where are they at now? Have a bitmore patience, we shall soon see. The one who first have spoken to the table servant and who once was a farmer on earth, shall soon step forward and make a proposal to the whole company. You would like to hear it, but I tell you: things cannot happen so quickly in the spirit. The ability to absorb of a spirit in its most pure and perfect condition does indeed work blindingly fast for your perception, but that of a more imperfect spirit, in contrast much more tedious and slow. You ask: why so? This is indeed easy to grasp: because the spirit has nothing to back up against. It’s only possession is its inner world.

52,2. A perfect spirit has the perfect good and truth in him in endlessly great abundance, that is why he can absorb spiritual truth and goodness in himself at such astonishing speed. A less perfect spirit has nothing but misconceptions in him. If he would want to gain the good and fully truthful progress, he first must acknowledge his misconceptions, remove it from himself and therefore plunge into utter poverty, becoming a true poor of spirit. Only in this poverty, or complete spiritual emptiness, the Godly spark would become free in him - which is the Loving Kindness; It begins to spread Itself and fills up the previous spiritual void with new light. Only in this light does the spirit’s ability to absorb, increasingly become more perfect. Thus, you see our company having some trouble to get rid of the picturesquely portrayed image of heaven.

52,3. They still see everything they have seen from the beginning. This shows that their inner sensitivity towards the true and the good have not yet changed much. You would like to know the reason for it since the table servant indeed did rub the company the truth under their noses, as you are used to saying.

52,4. I tell you, there often is some reason to give for this; all these Catholic heavenly heroes are in being nothing other than blind skeptics. Skepticism is what a wood beetle is to the trees: if only one small little place would be less resistant, and it will be used to reproduce it’s damaging, reproducing insect of truth, which can finally annihilate great forests with trees full of life and knowledge.

52,5. You ask: Best friend, what then is the dangerous point with this company? I tell you: the fact is barely worth the attention, but the sceptic, gnawing at all the fibers of the tree of life and knowledge, brings an insignificant little fact under a microscope and then discovers in this insignificant little fact mountains of discrepancies, which do not want to be reconciled with the natural image of the surface of the living wood.

52,6. The cause is that these skeptics keep on focusing on this insignificant little point, where none of them gets the idea to lift their gaze from the microscope of their minds over the edges of this point, where they would be able to see how this uneven point does unite with the living wood.

52,7. For you to see what this point consists of, I want to draw your attention to what the table servant has, superficially seen, mangled the quoted texts somewhat. You have heard the correction thereof during the conversation. The table servant has seemingly taken a text of Paul and have put it in John’s mouth. Because the speaker and some others in the company are well versed in scriptures, it struck them and this is then the reason why they are putting their heads together.

52,8. Our speaker has immediately and secretly shown them this and said: My dear, blessed friends, if this table servant had been comfortable in Godly truth, then he would not have so easily swapped Paul for John. He has clearly put something in the mouth for John, which only Paul has said and this is enough for me to assume that this servant is not really versed in the actual Godly truth. We, therefore, do not have to pay earnest heed to everything which he said.

52,9. I believe this heaven is, in fact, the true and perfect heaven, but that the story and teaching of the imprisonment at the table are in my opinion only the guess of the table servant, which has led us completely around the bush. We are free and can go and sit at the table whenever we want, but we can also come to wander around in this big garden if we want to. I am also of the opinion that we are free to have a look at that beautiful palace there behind the big, long table and even live in it, for the Master indeed have said: “In My Father’s kingdom are many dwellings!” There could be a great number of dwellings in such an exceptionally big palace. It could also very well be possible that there would be an enormous amount of such palaces further on. I do think that we, therefore,do not need to wait upon this staunch bible servant, but that we could go immediately to that great palace as we see fit. We are here indeed not able to sin anymore; therefore, we can do whatever we want to!

52,10. It certainly is better to be in this heaven having a clear cognition, than to get into a true farmer’s heaven according to the somewhat far-fetched opinion of our table servant. If this would not be the real heaven, we would not be able to do anything about it, since we were never taught anything different on earth. If the conduct here would be completely just, as we were taught upon earth that it certainly would be, I would want to know why we have been conned with a false heaven for a time. We have always believed in a true and real heaven, but not in a fake or apparent heaven. It would be truly infamous of us if we would suspect God of teasing us with this heaven. Let us therefore courageously proceed.

52,11. Do you now see how this point has, like a wood beetle, the initial forest of good insights; our skeptics have fallen back into their old deceptions. You do ask: yes, why have the table servant done this? I tell you: the servant has spoken correctly in a spiritual sense, but because the deceived, prejudiced skeptics have not lifted their microscopic minds over the boundaries of the point of doubt, through which they could have discovered the good associated connections.

52,12. You would have noticed that the servant has not fully quoted the text of the apostle Paul and have omitted the concept of “being”, “bodily”, or “material”. Look, this is the crucial link. This link is exactly what the company is missing, for such a link means the active love out of the pure love of the Lord.

52,13. Keep on looking; the complete gospel of John, depicting the inner, living word of love unto the Master, is bound together in a heavenly sense in this text which the servant has quoted and which is, regarding the Lord, the one, and only correct light.

52,14. But Paul lividly takes up the light into himself, which is according to John the love of the Master. This is the reason why Paul says: “nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me”. The text quoted by the servant can therefore impossibly be that of John and not of Paul because the whole company is still lacking the love unto the Master. We shall soon see the continuation of this important progression near the company.

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