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Chapter 53

Surprises in the apparent heaven

53,1. Look, the whole company is acting on his resolve and go to the walled-in palace. But take notice, a very important scene is going to unfold suddenly, for the company is soon going to face a crevice which would lead to the table. No one will be able to put a foot over the crevice and if one would look down, an immensely deep crevice will gape at him.

53,2. Look, the company arrives at the destined place; the eloquent leader is first. A few steps and he shrinks back, screaming: In God’s Name, what is this!! Have a look here, it is an abyss that seems as if it is leading directly into hell! No, when I would meet our table servant again, I will certainly make him understand just how familiar he is with this heavenly geography. Has he not said before, when he loosened the cloud surface behind me a bit, that the ground of this great garden is everywhere evenly solid? And now we see here to our great astonishment this terrible abyss!

53,3. Someone of the company goes to the speaker, saying with emphasis: Brother, not so loud, for then the table servant could tell you that you are not well versed in the Holy Scripture. Look, I now know to give better advice. This must be the abyss which Abraham has spoken about with the rich man who begged him for a drop of water and some more. This abyss has probably been preserved as a witness. Since we are not able to go over the abyss, sounding rather peculiar forus “blessed spirits”, we should retrace our steps and unobtrusively take our seats at the table again.

53,4. The first speaker says: Brother, you are right, so it shall be. Therefore, I suggest, like all the others, to immediately follow your advice. Well, the company makes a right turn and go back as they came. But look, another huge problem awaits; another great abyss has formed behind them and our poor company now stand so to say between two fires and have scarcely a few meters broad landstrip to reach the table with.

53,5. But listen to our speaker’s words when he sees the second abyss. It is as follows: Oh, oh, for God’s sake! What is this for heavenly villainy? Does it close up like this in heaven? This is nothing but a cunning trick of our praise-worthy table servant. He has listened to our conversation from some or the other secret hideaway and then formed these abysses by means of some spiritual magic abilities at his disposal and now we stand here stranded. He does not let himself be seen; I think that he must have become suspicious regarding our condition. Truly, if this scoundrel would come here, I would even take hold of him with my heavenly arms. These two abysses are truly something horrible. If we weren’t so cautious, one or the other of us certainly would have laid, God knows where, somewhere below! He continues: dear friends and now my heavenly brothers and sisters, I initially said, and I’m sticking to it, that this heaven is nothing but trickery. The table servant has bedeviled us all; we have been duped with this journey and our heavenly hopes are thwarted. The only thing that is still missing, is another small abyss across, and we would all sit in the most heavenly pickle!

53,6. Another one reprimands him: Brother, not so loud! Have you never heard the old adage on earth: if you speak of the devil, you trample on his tail? Our servant who arrogated himself to play this joke on us could very well come to the idea to draw another line through our table bill. Therefore, I would think that we should peacefully and modestly pass along this landstrip to the table, otherwise it very well could happen that we will have to be subject to a hunger treatment here. I believe, even if one cannot really sin in heaven, it still might not be right to act out of own volition. It might very well be that there would be some kind of heavenly punishment for disobedient heavenly spirits. No mortal obviously knows anything about it, but as you and everyone all know, we could not get to know anything concrete about heaven and therefore we are only now getting to know the rules pertaining to this. I believe we must show penance before the holy trinity here, to find forgiveness for our transgression.

53,7. The speaker says: Best brother, I cannot say you are wrong in any way, but to me it seems as if these circumstances look like the fables of the old Romans about the so-called Scylla and Charybdis, therefore am I of the opinion that we will have no victory in any way in this presentation of heaven. Should we stay here, we face hunger; do we reach the table, it would mean to again sit for eternity eating and drinking. I say: whoever wants to go back to the table, let him try his luck, as long as he is not met with an abyss in front of him. I stay right here and will not give one step before the table servant returns, as he has promised, and shall give me a satisfactory explanation regarding the origin of these crevices.

53,8. Look, a group walks along the land strip and pass without problems. At closer investigation, our speaker wants to follow the group. He joins up with the rest of the company which stayed behind. But look, he indeed finds on his way the expected perpendicular crevice which he cannot jump over. Listen how this inhabitant of heaven expresses himself with powerful wording about this heavenly event and say: Now, there you have it! Just as I have thought; it indeed is a heaven for me, one could not wish for anything better! Dear brothers and friends, this now is the so-called heavenly joy! I must honestly admit that I have been, for as long as I have lived upon earth, in any greater and more fatal embarrassment as in this resort of bliss.

53,9. If I think back to all I have done upon earth to deserve this heaven! How many times I have fasted; how many hundreds, yes, thousands of rosaries I have prayed; how many Masses I have paid and with how many I have attended with full attention; how many poor I have fed my whole life through, while I myself was a poor farmer! Yes, I honestly must admit that I have allowed myself to have the wool be pulled over my eyes for this heaven. And now I and all of you are enjoying this promising reward and this on a few squares size place bordered with three crevices,from where we can indeed see the holy trinity until our eyes would fail, but from where we cannot move, for then we would soon end up laying below, God knows where! The only thing missing is for this small square of heavenly ground to slowly sink down into the abyss. Then nothing would remain for God to do than to have the fortune to sink down with us, God only knows where, or we would find ourselves upon the wall, balancing ourselves between two abysses, as long as the wall does not sink away as well. No, best friends, if I would only think of the truly tedious way the priest has led us along a - to me - rather suspect road since we arrived in the spiritual world and what exertion it cost us afore we have reached the golden gate of heaven, then I want to blow up out of pure vexation, for down there, we would have fared much better than here!

53,10. Look, someone just pushed a finger against our speaker, pointing to the perpendicular crevice, drawing his attention to how a great piece has just sunk down. Our speaker shrinks back, now rather bewildered: Now what have I said, we shall certainly come to sit as if on horseback on this wall. Truly, if I would not have steadfastly believed that one cannot be thrown into hell once you got into heaven, then I would have alleged that this miserable heavenly life was prepared everything here for such a praiseworthy journey. I think that we should immediately go to the wall, for one cannot know how much space would be left after a second break. Once we would be on the wall, we can slide down the other side until we are outside of this fatal square, then we can try to reach the exit gate of this heaven, from where we can go back the already well-known, tedious way. May God give us so much mercy and luck that this wall would not fail us. I believe we would be able to come through this horrible situation all in one piece.

53,11. Look, after these words, everybody rushes towards the wall. They reached it, but it is too high to climb on. Our company now forms living ladders and conquers the wall.

53,12. They finally have worked themselves up, but just as the last man had been pulled up, the wall begins to bend over and our speaker says: Best friends, do not lose hope! All honor to God the Master; now we just have to see where we shall justly end up! To me, it’s all the same, for it is now clear that except the Godly trinity we still can see, that our respectable table servant would not show himself again and regardless of his promise to come back, he lets us sit here in the most dire heavenly trouble. And look, our leaning wall has broken down, and we are going with, God knows where to!

53,13. We shall follow and listen to our speaker along the way. His company seems hopeless; only our speaker refuses to lose hope. He consoles the sharers of his fate as well as possible, saying: dear brothers, do not sigh about it; the Master indeed wants only the very best for man. We do not know what this journey is good for. Maybe we are going to embark on a truly spiritual, exceptionally interesting heavenly journey, getting acquainted with the lower starry heaven and perhaps it would turn out that we would even end up in some strange, beautiful world. I only say: let the Master’s will prevail! We cannot die; it can only fare better with us than in the heaven above. It would indeed be rather terrible if we would keep on falling like this forever, but it cannot be assumed, for then would the still visible trinity in front of us, be only a spiritual, meteorological appearance. We already must be very deep down, for the whole image of the trinity is becoming really small. No, best friends, it may be as it is, but I am really concerned about where we would end up after this spiritual aerial journey.

53,14. Look, someone from the company draws the speaker’s attention to it that he sees mighty waters deep below. The speaker now also sees it and says: For such a surface, a wall would certainly not provide any protection of note, but could not care about a thing anymore, for in such circumstances I truly had enough of life! Let come what may, water or no water, everything is the same to me! Now look, the company reaches the water; their piece of wall transforms into a little boat, in which the whole company now find themselves unharmed. The wind begins to blow and the little boat speeds over the waves.

53,15. In the direction between the morning and the midday, as if pressing up from the water, emerges a beautiful, stretched out land and our speaker says to his company: I did tell you that we did not lose much in the previous heaven. All honor and thanks to God the Master, for this miraculous salvation! Even our fair table servant is forgiven all; but if I would encounter him somewhere again, I will still give him some lip! Look now, the little boat is coming closer to theland; but have a closer look, at the shore is standing our well-known table servant, waiting on the quick sailing company. Our speaker also recognizes him now, for he looks at the shore in astonishment. What shall happen next, we shall see next time.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-53 Chapter