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Chapter 54

Rescue from the apparent heaven

54,1. Now look, the closer the vessel is coming to the shore, the better the speaker recognizes his table servant which he still remembers well. He, therefore, turns to his company, saying: look there, if this is not our fair table servant, then our wet surface is no water. Oh, it is him; his whole mannerism, his face, his long blonde hair. Short and sweet, the closer we get, the better I recognize him! If I had just a little omnipotence, I would like to send him a little thunderstorm. Since I cannot do this, I would still, when we are together again, strike him with some well-chosen, sharp words from my mouth. I just cannot believe that in the spiritual realm, that is, up in the suspect heaven and here below upon land, can be found two spirits looking exactly alike, like two drops of water. We shall, therefore, pretend as if we have never seen him, but we shall wait to hear what he shall say when all are on land. If he says nothing, I shall start a conversation with him and determine whether he is the table servant or not! Someone from the company says to the speaker: listen, friend, suppose that this spirit, who clearly is waiting for us, is our known table servant, then I think very much different from you about the way we should interact with him, best friend and brother. Look, it indeed was indeed fully you and our will to get out the previous sitting, eating and yawning heaven. The servant has ensured you that if I’m right. It does not surprise me that he did not come to us up there, for, allow me, he has retreated after his departure, due to him quoting the wrong text and secondly have none of us, exactly, for this reason, heeded to his advice about our code of conduct. That he has left us to our own devices and have brought us into great embarrassment, I find, noting that we have truly treated him rather brutishly, that we got what we deserved. The fact that we have been miraculously saved and is unscathed, he is probably to be thanked for, and I believe we should let go of our thunderstorm, our sharp words, and clever approach. He might again find a way to forget us again and to loosen the land, which is already so close, again just like up there in heaven.

54,2. The speaker says: very much esteemed friend and brother, in all goodness, you are right. I have been a bit heated, but your words have brought soberness to me again. This servant could very well have been an angel in disguise, although I have not seen any wings on him, but he could keep them under his garment. If this is so, may the holy trinity be with me, then I would certainly fare badly, for such an angel has to be terribly strong. I was once told by a truly pious spiritual that such an angel could, with his enormous power, easily split the earth in two with just one blow of his great flaming sword. If we should treat him here a bit too gruffly it could very well later be revealed that he may have underneath his garment, besides his wings, also a strong flaming sword. I do not want to talk any more about all that he could do in the light of our utter weakness.

54,3. The other says: Yes, yes, best friend and brother, again you are right in this. Even if he does not seem to be so well versed in the Holy Scripture, he could still be a real angel; therefore, we shall meet him in great humility.

54,4. A third one in the company remarks: Listen, brothers, six eyes do see better than two! I believe we should not make any ruckus pertaining to the Holy Scripture and the text mingling, or rather the changing of names. How can we know what place the Godly word has with heavenly spirits and especially with angels, how he read and understand it? It could very well be that John indeed has made this proclamation about Christ, but that it was not written down; also, according to many traditions have, as far as I know, also a whole letter of Paul got lost to the world. Such things would not get lost in heaven. Therefore, do I think, as already said, that we should act with much more modesty, because of our ignorance regarding these things. You know that I was on earth a priest myself and even a doctor in theology and have consoled myself with the thought thatif such a lost part had been imperative to the salvation of man, the Master would never have allowed it to get lost. I also think that such a document must be present in heaven for the sake of a higher spiritual purpose, in the purest form. Look, also the speaker and all the others are fully content with this proposal.

54,5. Our vessel has in the meantime arrived at the shore and the whole company of more than a hundred men, step on shore where the table servant stand waiting for them and receive them with open arms. Our speaker goes to him with reverence, asking him: Is it you, or is it not you? The table servant says: Yes, it is me! We have met here again, as I have made known to you up there already. You and your company have not kept to my prerequisites, so I had to alter mine according to the degree that you have deviated from them. Yet, I do want to free you from the apparent heaven. Therefore, have I, according to you changing measure, took another way to take you and your company from the apparent heaven.

54,6. You ask me what the highly wondrous meaning would be of such a peculiar journey and you also ask me what the conspicuous meaning would be between the solidity shown at the table and the complete collapse of the heaven shortly after. For such a thing in its natural meaning would be flagrant trickery. I tell you: all this has its meaning in your inner being, for when I, still at the table, have shown you the solidity of your heaven, I show you nothing other but the still solid foundation of your heaven which was based on misconceptions.

54,7. But, when you began to feel in my vicinity the imperfection and repugnant folly of your heaven, you rose yourself up from the center of your deception and flee with many whom, secretly prompted by me, have shared your insights. At the utmost border or your deception, I have shown you everything which still binds you to your foolish heaven. You had to take notice of it, but even at the edge of your deception have you held onto it and did not want to see what I have said to you. You wanted, therefore, to proceed in your deception. Not I, but the word I have spoken to you, have loosened your deception despite your will to follow your own way, causing many rips to open in many places, through which you could easily see the completely wrong foundation of your apparent heaven. You, being too weak still, was separated from it by a new crevice and as such, you got properly caught.

54,8. Because this caused your deception to sink away, even more, you fled over the wall with your company. This wall was the Godly Word which still hung in you, but its fragments were still completely incomprehensible to you, rendering it powerless for you and your company. It seemed to give way and fell with you into the depth the Word, which has busied only your minds up till then and a small part fell into the living depths of your hearts. You soon saw water beneath you, threatening to devour you. But the water was nothing other than the visible wisdom of insight, which is hidden in the insignificant fragment of the Word, falling into your depth. With this “Word wall” in your heart, you have soon reached the great, glistening sea of insight and the Word became to you and all of you, a certain vessel over the infinite river of Godly insight, which also lies hidden in the small fragment of Word. When you secretly began to absorb the Word more and more in yourself, it carried you to the extent of your increasing capacity to absorb more, ever closer to the solid shore of life. You could not reach it before the word have completely conquered the sense of superiority of your heart. The Word has won and therefore have you arrived at the solid shore.

54,9. Do think back to the silly speeches, which all were a product of your good-natured superficiality; then you shall easily see how improbable and empty all your concepts about God and heaven has been. Only now do you find yourself on the first, true ground of the Word; search therefore on this ground, then you shall, just like your company, get to know God and heaven from a completely different viewpoint.

54,10. Look, there between morning and midday stands a great palace. You should go there. You shall find there everything you will need.

54,11. Our speaker says: Oh, dear, heavenly, highly appreciated friend, would you not be so kind to guide us there? The alleged table servant says: this is not necessary, for you shall not lose the way, but I shall go before you at the speed of a thought, shall receive you there and introduce you.Only there shall we have more light on some words of John and Paul; then we shall see who of us is the ablest on the terrain of the Word. Do follow my advice and go there. Amen! Look, the alleged table servant has vanished suddenly and our rather flustered company get set on the indicated road. We will follow them again and be witness to all the memorable things which still shall happen.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-54 Chapter