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Chapter 57

The residential palace of the company. The seed of the heavenly kingdom. God’s Word.

57,1. Look, our company looks with admiration to the gate, for it is made of shining gold and the border is set with diamonds and rubies. The speaker immediately says to the alleged table servant: but best friend, this is way too much of the good; when I see these, I could allege that the worth of this gate would truly surpass all treasures and riches of the whole earth. For to begin with is the height of the gate at least about three klafter and truly massive. I am omitting the worth of the gold, but the fist-size diamonds and rubies, oh heavenly goodness!

57,2. The richest Caesar would not be able to buy one, but here are easily a few hundred! For what purpose then such extravagance? The alleged table servant says: Best friend, it is good as it is. There is no waste with God. Have you ever counted the stars in heaven, everyone shining with its own light and of whom some are more than a million times bigger than the earth you lived upon? Would you not also want to say: to what purpose such an extravagance of suns in the immeasurable universe?

57,3. Look, the Master is rich enough and His treasures are immeasurable, therefore would this little adornment not count to be extravagance in the least. The adornment of this entrance gate is very practical and meaningful, letting you see how much true faith and good love you possess. The ‘golden gate’ denotes the road of your life, being the result of your true faith and active love. Let us now enter the palace through the gate.

57,4. Look, they are going inside now. Let us go with them, to be there when a very important scene is going to play out immediately. Now look at our speaker; he and his whole company are standing there, looking dumbfoundedly at their surroundings. Why then? You can easily guess that because our brave speaker cannot see anything of the whole palace anymore, for he finds himself now alongside the alleged table servant in a big, ten pillar temples. The pillars are made of pure diamonds, the pedestal bases are of gold, the capitals of translucent gold, the roof of rubies and the floor of pure amethyst tiles. If one would look from the temple into all directions, one would see all around a vast, endless plain, occasionally interrupted with hills which are adorned with similar temples. The plain itself is overgrown with beautiful fruit trees of all kinds. Everything is so well-laid out as if done by a very famous landscape architect.

57,5. Now let us listen to what our speaker shall have to say and what answer he shall give when the alleged table servant would ask him how he likes the palace. His answer is as follows: But best friend and brother, what is this now for a new, heavenly trickery? In my fantasy, I have already seen the most beautiful rooms of the palace, but we have barely entered through the gate and the whole palace was as if blown away! In place of the palace indeed is standing here this unspeakably beautiful temple and it is surrounded in all directions one see, instead of my fantasized palace rooms, a landscape of unspeakable beauty. No, this is once again inexplicable to me! Whoever can explain this, had to be born at least ten thousand years before Adam, for Adam’s children are certainly not able to bear such an apparition. Tell me best friend and brother, do you understand something of this?

57,6. The alleged table servant says: do not worry yourself too much about it; I shall only give you a parable, which will help you understand. Now pay attention! If you, when you still upon earth, would have looked to a grain seed, you always saw it in its simple form. You take the grain seed and put it in the earth. The seed soon perishes and in its stead, grows a beautiful plant from the earth, taking captive all of your attention. Then you said: my God, how is this possible? Has all this been present in the previous seed of grain? Your feeling and your mind told you: how would this grain of seed have developed like this if all of this was not present in its kernel? Then you realized that the inner beauty of the grain of seed was much greater than the initial, outer, bare form of it.

57,7. Well, best friend, has the Teacher of mankind not compared the kingdom of heaven with a little mustard seed? You say: oh yes, this I know very well. Now pay attention: the mustard seed is the Word in its outer or literal form, but when the Word is laid in the earth of the heart, it shoots up and becomes a tree in which the birds of the heaven lives. What then does the tree depicts? The tree means the inner, spiritual of the outer Word, and the birds mean the heavenly, therefore the primordial state from where the Word has its origin.

57,8. The whole being of the tree as such depicts the wisdom coming forth from the love and wisdom alone can recognize the heavenly. Would the tree not, when it ripens, produce a thousand-fold wealth of seed? When you would sow again such a wealth of seeds anew into your earthly domain, would it not, because you have now sown a thousand instead of one, let a thousand more trees sprout, yielding already a significant harvest? You say: yes, it certainly shall be so; but was such an indescribable wealth apparent to you in the first simple seed of grain? Look, thus it is with heaven.

57,9. You cannot just get somewhere in heaven, you must create your own heaven. The seed of the kingdom of heaven is the Word of God; whoever would take it into himself and act accordingly, have laid this heavenly seed into his earth domain, from where the heaven shall grow like a tree.

57,10. Now listen some more! When we came to the gate of the palace, you saw that it was decorated with diamonds because you have taken the Word into yourself; and with rubies,because you have acted according to the Word. These were only still pure external seeds of grain. The whole palace depicts your whole life and the gate with the diamonds and rubies shows that you have granted entrance to yourself by means of the Word of God.

57,11. We entered through the gate; what does it say? Nothing other than we have entered your and everyone else’s gate, or, we have entered the inner meaning of the Word. This Word is not just an empty word, and it is not true in the sense of when someone would say: one is one and not two, but the Word is true in its being! Everything you see hear and still endlessly more and deeper things, are already created and present in the Godly Word, like countless plants or trees are already present with their fruit in one single seed kernel. The only difference is that a grain of seed only brings forth which is already present in the beginning, without any change in form, while the Word of God, as the seed from Heaven, expresses Himself in innumerable variety. Why! because the Word of God is a perfect seed. I think, best friend, that you when you would consider this well, shall understand this current apparition without any trouble.

57,12. Our speaker says: Good friend, a mighty and completely new light is beginning to rise for me and all of us. If I would now think back about my previous ideas of heaven, it looks exactly like a dream vision of the night, to which I would sometimes think back in bright daylight. What riches must be in the whole Word of the Master if the first sprout from the mustard seed already shows so much beauty! Yes, now I also understand the text which says:

57,13. The kingdom of heaven does not come with outer show but is inside of you. Yes, it becomes clear to me now. I also begin to understand why you have, up there in the apparent heaven, have seemingly ascribed a text of the apostle Paul to John. Paul is indeed also a gate upon which the seeds of God’s Word has been applied to in full splendor, but with John, yes with the whole John, the fullness of the Godhead in Christ radiates lividly! I mean: Paul indeed says it in some or the other text, but it looks more like a seed. With John, it comes in its full wealth to expression, being a plant already. Am I right?

57,14. The alleged table servant says: Yes, you are right and look, what you now see is only the first sprout. If you would want to see the full development of this first sprout, you first have to get engrossed into your third fantasy, then you shall in due time harvest the fruit of this glorious planting in its full ripeness!

57,15. Our speaker says: Yes, dear friend, yes, you are completely right; the only thing I am still lacking, is indeed nothing other than my above all beloved Christ! If only I could have Him with me, then I would want to express my heart in a way one would barely be able to imagine.

57,16. The alleged table servant says: Do stay in this state of mind, for I tell you, you are closer to the light of your heart than you think! Truly, if you take a strong hold on Christ, then He is with you!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-57 Chapter