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Chapter 59

Arrival in the eternal morning. God’s power is limited by the education of the human mind.

59,1. You ask if we should continue to follow this procession. I tell you, also this is essential. You should see it through from the beginning to the end, for our company is now utterly amazed and completely overcome with love for the Lord. Only at their arrival will this surge of their love be organized; and there, at the best source, shall our speaker have many questions to ask.

59,2. It is quite prevalent among the better Roman Catholics that they would enter the kingdom of the spirits with an exceptional longing for light and therefore also now, in the true heaven. Therefore, they would ask a thousand questions to shine a light in all the dark corners, which have been kept dark during their physical life.

59,3. Look, we already are close to the right place. Our well-known hilly landscape is welcoming us again; the sun stands in the heaven, radiating a wondrously beautiful, reddish light. Our company notices this and is amazed at the simplicity of the environment laying before them.

59,4. There are the familiar houses and the already familiar residents. Look how full of joy is the Father and the other company who are rushing to meet Him.

59,5. The Father receives them also with open arms, saying: just look how much richer I have again become! Every worker is worthy of his reward; Look, I have also worked and brought my reward with Me. I bring you new brothers and sisters, and they shall be around Me just like you, for My word to be fulfilled for eternity: “Where I am shall My servants also be; and they who love Me, shall live with Me!”

59,6. Our Master now turns to the speaker and say to him: well, My beloved friend, brother, and son, look, this is my favorite place; how do you like it? Our speaker reprimands Him, saying: O Master, how can you ask me such? I should rather ask You how You like it here, for as far as I am concerned would everywhere be the best where You are and live and where it suits You the best.

59,7. Truly, it looks here like it did there on earth with our poor farmers. What a beautiful view one has here! Down there, the vast, endless plain; how unspeakably magnificent is she adorned! There are cities and unbelievably beautiful palaces in inconceivably great numbers; and there seems to be no end to the glorious hill country before us, with its friendly dwellings.

59,8. But how come does the lowland down there looks so much more beautiful than this hill country? Oh, I am such a bungler; I only realize now that I am again losing myself in a thousand questions. Please forgive me!

59,9. The Father takes our speaker by the hand and says to Him: look, in the region down below lives many people who have lived a righteous life solely through their faith. Among them are mainly the so-called Protestants and other Christian sects. More to the background lives heathen who lived an upright life on earth according to their faith and only here has received the faith in Me. There, more to the background, in the region stretching itself between midday and evening, is the habitation of the Catholic Christians, calling themselves partly Roman and partly Greek Catholic, but could not purify themselves completely of their deceptions here without damage to their lives and freedom. They are in no way unhappy, but also enjoy great bliss. They too, are not at all bound to their region, but can also make progress when they would come to the truth, through deeper awareness of it.

59,10. You would want to know of what such a deception would consist? Look, such deception is founded on the following: when someone would, out of fear for God, accept the faith out of duty and then live a faithful life according to it, he is not able to embrace God with true love, because he fears Him too much. This exaggerated fear for God is such a small error that cannot easily be removed from them without damage to their life and freedom. You indeed think: How can the Almighty allow such a thing? Yet, where it comes to the full freedom of a being, I must forgo of My omnipotence. For would I use it, it would be the end of such a person and I would create machines, instead of children who live, think, work and act freely, which would only be relentlessly forced, but would never act voluntarily according to My will. I can therefore only use My omnipotence when it is utterly essential and still never limit the free spirit in his thoughts and acts.

59,11. I will, therefore, give you an example, which shall show how I do employ My omnipotence.

59,12. The natural world and the forming of all beings, in general, is the work of My omnipotence. When free spirits then have taken up the life out of Me into themselves on basis of My Word and the following guided life, then My omnipotence takes care that those freed spirits would be able to abundantly see and immediately make free use of everything which they would recognize in themselves to be useful, good and true.

59,13. This region here below is mainly such a work of My omnipotence and completely corresponds with what these spirits have in themselves as truths of their faith and what good works they have done because of it. This is the case everywhere, wherever you would turn your eyes to, whether it would be the endless midday, the whole evening, or the whole north.

59,14. You are now asking yourself: Is then not also the case with the eternal morning? No, this is completely different conditions and completely set in all its parts, just like every natural world is set. The unshakable solidity of the morning stands as an inner, eternal foundation over against the outer natural solidity. The reason, therefore, is first that I am unchangeable in My will. Whatever Ihave once given a certain form, stay forever unchangeable and enduring, just as I am in My eternal will unchangeable and enduring.

59,15. Secondly: this environment is unchangeably set, because My children who come here to Me because of their great love for Me in them, are in their will and their insights completely one with Me - or in other words, because they have humbled themselves to the last drop and because of their love for Me, have completely surrendered their own will and have taken up instead, My eternal, living will in them.

59,16. They, therefore, want here also nothing other than what I will. My will is the clearest, eternally settled example of what is good and true. This environment in which I am living here with Mine is therefore completely solid and there is no illusion. What you see here, is completely the same inside and out. All plants, trees, fruit, and grain fields are here not only visual apparitions but perfect, determined realities. When you want to go from one place to the other you shall see, if you count your steps, that the distance there and back is the same.

59,17. You now ask Me whether this solidity has anything in common with the solidity of the earth. The solidity of this heavenly world has nothing to do with the solidity of the material world, for the solidity of the world is but an appearance and only last for a spirit for as long as he is an inhabitant of matter. Once he departs from matter, then the solidity also vanishes. But here it is not so, for this solidity is true solidity and is unchangeable and indestructible because it is the perfect expression of My eternal Fatherly love!

59,18. You ask how far this region goes. My dear friend, brother and son, this region as you see it laying towards the morning, have forever no end and is so big, that when all people who shall be born all through the ages on all heavenly bodies would come to this region, after more than a thousand centuries, then the size of this region would not even be that of a grain of sand in the infinity of this eternal space.

59,19. You ask Me now how I could oversee all of this and if those who live, seen from here, so endlessly far away, deep into the morning, ever get to see Me? Dear friend, brother, and son, I shall tell you also this, for My children shall be denied nothing!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-59 Chapter