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Chapter 60

The Primordial God sun. Explanation about the personal, substantial omnipresence of the Master.

60,1. Look up and see the sun which looks from here as if it is hanging rather low. I am of origin, fully at home in this sun. This sun finds himself in the eternal, firm center of My Godly Being. The rays radiating from this sun, fills in their unique way the whole of the infinity and is nothing other but the will of My love and coming forth from it, the eternally emanating wisdom. These rays are therefore completely alive and everywhere equal to My Being.

60,2. Everywhere where such a ray would fall, I am Myself, exactly like in the sun, fully present; not only actively, but also personally; and this personality is everywhere the same. Wherever you would go from here, you shall find Me perfectly at home. Enter any of these little dwellings that you see here and you can be assured that you shall find Me in there as a perfect Master of these little homes.

60,3. You indeed now say that I am in this manner, not the actual, true Christ who walked and taught on earth, but only a living and perfect image of Him and that I do live in the inaccessible light. You also say: if this is so, then there is a suggestion of polytheism.

60,4. Look, beloved friend, brother, and son, you still think naturally in this respect, but when you shall think fully internally and spiritually, shall this issue have a completely different look to you. Tohelp you to pass over easier from your natural mindset into the spiritual, I shall lead you by means of a natural example.

60,5. Look, on earth you see only a sun, but if you would hold a mirror in the sun, the same sun would be in the mirror and you could impossibly allege that the sun in this mirror would be another sun than the one shining in the sky.

60,6. You say that it indeed needs to be the case. But I shall give you an even better example.

60,7. You would have heard quite often upon earth of the so-called hollow mirror. You say: Oh yes, I even had one there. If you would capture the rays of the sun with such a mirror, you would strengthen the reflexing ray from the mirror often more than a thousand times than the original rays of the real, natural sun.

60,8. If you would set up a thousand such mirrors in the sun, then you would see the same effect with every single mirror. This is certain and completely true.

60,9. What is working on these mirrors? See, nothing other but still the one and same sun, which you have multiplied with a lot of mirrors.

60,10. But now I ask you: Has the sun truly been multiplied by this multiplication or only its activity? You say: Indeed, only the activity! I say: Good, but how many suns do you have in your mirrors? You say: seen from the mirrors, it is as much as there are mirrors, but regarding the sun, it still is the same.

60,11. Well, as your natural example shows you, you are now seeing in the greatest, living reality and fullness before you.

60,12. You are now saying to yourself: I can understand that, but if one would look at and investigate every mirror-sun to get to know the being of the sun, one would not have anything to gain from the mirror-suns, for the actual being of the sun would still stay completely unknown for the investigative eye.

60,13. This is right, but how would you and the whole earth become better if the true sun would come so close to the earth like when you would come close to the mirrors? Look, the whole earth and you too would instantly vaporize like a drop of water on a hot plate. What did the approach of the sun benefit you then?

60,14. This is even much more the case with My sun here. It has to stay forever in the inaccessible center, for no creature to be able to come closer than the set order, for every inordinate approach would completely destroy this being. This was also said to Moses when he wanted to see God’s face, for with “see”, one should not understand the seeing with the physical eye, but the full approach to the deepest being of the Godhead.

60,15. Take note, if I would be the same as who I am on the sun, but unto you, I am as such that you could approach me fully like one brother would another, is it not worth more? Is it not more love and mercy as when you would indeed be able to approach the sun but would be destroyed by it?

60,16. Above all, neither you nor I would have been perfectly happy if it would not be possible for me to be present in My true, full personality as Father, wherever My children might be.

60,17. See, heaven is infinite! If such a substantial, endless multiplication, without any effect on My whole Oneness would not be possible, how forlorn would My children be and how lonely I would have stood in their midst!!

60,18. You can understand that I am the same with the same living, Godly consciousness and all Godly love, wisdom, and power, from the fact that I have truly lead you here personally and showed you the way and the power of My love, wisdom and perfect Godly will. If all this is not enough for you yet, think of anything you want, then I want to let it appear before you, perfectly created.

60,19. Well, you want to see before you a familiar region upon earth. Look before you. I have created it already visibly and tangibly before you.

60,20. You say: truly, only God can do such a thing! Good, I tell you, then you would certainly understand that I, as I stand here before you and reveal the wonders of My Being to you, are completely the same as I am since eternity there in the sun!

60,21. You say: yes, I do completely believe that, but if I would go to another house now and You would stay here, and I would find there a second being of the same origin than You, shall he be fully one with You and shall he looks exactly like You?

60,22. I tell you: you are free to try this: I shall make you find yourself as quickly as a thought in a house there far beyond, just like this one. I shall stay here and your company shall testify of it when you are back; then you can tell Me if you have found Me completely over there or not. We'll be there!

60,23. See, dear friend, brother, and son, you are now deep into the morning. You can see this by looking around you: you do not see your company anymore, nor anything else than the endlessly stretched out morning with its dwellings. Tell me, am I not the same here?

60,24. This is how it should be, and if it were not so, nothing could have been created and the existence of man would have been unthinkable! For the life of every man is nothing than a perfect mirror image of Me. I one, or a million people would have lived according to My Word, can only one say that Christ lives in Me, or cannot countless righteous ones say that? If all the righteous ones would say that, am I then a divided, an eternally undivided Christ in them?

60,25. I am eternally the same in the heart of every human. If millions upon millions of hearts would be filled with Me, and that each one fully for himself, then would none have another Christ, but in every heart, lives the same Christ fully! Well, what do you say now? Am I not completely the same than the One you have left over there with your company?

60,26. You say: Yes, Master, You are the same and there is no difference; neither in your person, nor in Your Word, or in Your Godly will and I can imagine myself nothing other than that You have come here just as quickly as I did! Yes, it does seem to you that way, but as I have said already, your company shall testify of my continuous presence there when you go back. Therefore, I tell you: be there! Look, you are back again. How did you find Me there?

60,27. You say: You were there Yourself just like here and there was no difference in the least. I tell you: this is correct; but now, ask your company whether I have been gone from here in the meantime. The company says: absolutely not; the Master has, in fact, told us how things were with you over there. Look, you are now making big eyes and are surprised. I tell you that it is not surprising in the least, but completely in order.

60,28. If you had been an optician upon earth, you would have been able to picture this for yourself even better. Why would many people who all are looking at the same object, see the object to be only one thing, while all the people see only this one object? Look, this is in the eye of man. This object emanates rays to all sides and man accepts this radiated image into his eye. Man then see only this internalized radiated image, which is fully equal to the watched object.

60,29. Has the object been made copies of, or ripped into pieces, as everyone saw an image of it in himself? You say: absolutely not. Look, likewise is it here the living truth, which is on earth only a dead, natural apparition.

60,30. You would have an even deeper insight into this wonder, but you first should digest what has been revealed to you, to be true heavenly bread.

60,31. In the meantime, shall I enter my dwelling here, where I shall let My servants set the table for you and your company to sit with Me at the table for the first time, to enjoy the bread of your true heavenly Father. Wait therefore here until I come back and lead you into My house!

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