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Chapter 61

The meal at the Father’s table. Lamb, bread, and wine.

61,1. You now ask: shall we await also this invitation? This is completely in order, for all of this, in fact, happens to teach you. You, therefore, must attend it till the end. You should understand ‘the end’ to be the full entering the Godly order. But now look, the Master is coming from His dwelling and beckons us our company to come.

61,2. You ask: Shall there be space for everybody in this dwelling? I tell you: do not worry about it, for here the saying goes: ‘many sheep go in a pen’, literally. There is thus much room for many well-ordered things. The company is already inside the dwelling, so let us follow them.

61,3. See how everyone has been taken care of very comfortably in one room. The Master, as you can see, has hung an apron on Himself and acts as table servant! What is served here?

61,4. We indeed have the Communion Supper before us; there is a roasted lamb, bread, and wine. See how the Master is breaking the bread for them and puts a big chunk before everyone. You also see the chalice and all drinks from the one chalice.

61,5. Just see how vigorous our company is beginning to look and how much thankful, loving joy is radiated towards the Master from every face. You are used to saying: there is no skill in eating and drinking; therefore, we shall not stay at the table forever; and the Master says: well, dear friends, brothers, and children, you have strengthened yourselves now for the first time in My kingdom. You now know how I am continuously, here as well as everywhere, essentially and mightily at home! When you would go outside with Me again, I shall fully raise you unto your eternal destination.

61,6. Well, we are now gathered together in front of the house; now listen to My will:

61,7. You have already on earth heard that My harvest is great, but there are still very few workers on My field. This is the place where you would become true workers and co-workers for bringing in My harvest and in the same manner, your brothers have become it. You shall soon recognize all the tools belonging to a good household: a plow, a harrow, a hoe; and here are sickles and pruning shears for the vineyard. Look around to the great acres and those vineyards over there. See there, more to the morning is a real forest of pure, noble fruit trees.

61,8. This is the field you have to take care of, yet not in the same manner as you have done it upon earth, but in the innermost and most living meaning. Here you shall neither plow nor harrow; you shall not harvest any wheat, work no vines and harvest no fruits, but everything here is only a true, inner image of the work of love which you shall do from here on behalf of your brothers upon earth.

61,9. But not only for your brothers upon earth, for here I want to speak to you in the broadest sense of the word and therefore I say: I still have many flocks who do not live in the fold upon earth, but who lives according to their nature on countless other earths and celestial bodies. All of them must be guided towards this fold of eternal life.

61,10. I, therefore, give to you My power in abundance, that you can with it, wherever I might send you to, can work with the same perfection as I. I would indeed be able to do it all Myself, but I delegate such work to all of you, for your bliss by My side, to increase continually from eternity to eternity!

61,11. You, therefore, should, when I would send some or the other of you for such a great purpose here or there, just like I do, see every natural world externally, from her deepest inner being. You shall also have to see it from their deepest inner core all through to the external crust and backward into the most inner core. What you shall have to do at such a mission, you shall become fully aware of.

61,12. I have thus assigned to you your high calling, by which you can be fully industrious according to My love, wisdom and order. With this, I do name you and make you true angels of My kingdom and therefore also true inhabitants of My holy city, the eternal Jerusalem! Your inner eye has beenopened, that you may see how great and glorious He is who now is speaking to you and shall be with you forever! Now, look in the direction of the morning and tell me what you see there.

61,13. The speaker says: Oh Master, my most beloved Jesus Christ, true, endless, loving Father, You are holy, holy above all! What do my eyes see? What endless glory! And in this glory a city, having seemingly no end; and the sun, the beautiful sun: it stands shining in the middle above the city, and the city … it shines like the sun! I again see my old starry sky and I see, oh my Master, into the endless depths of your creations. Yes, this I indeed call a heaven! Then it is in fact literally true:

61,14. “... neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which You, oh Holy Father, hath prepared for them that love him!” Yes, what endless blissfulness of blessings my immortal eyes are seeing now! Oh, loving, holy Father, may I embrace and love you with all the power of my heart?

61,15. The Master says: dear friend, brother, and son, look, I indeed stand here before you; love Me as much as you can, for I have in fact created you to blissfully love Me and for you to be My beloved and dear children, whom I now can love from My Godly abundance as Father!

61,16. Let us now go into the city and do not inquire of what would happen to these dwellings, for these dwellings are correspondences of the true humility, flowing forth from pure love unto Me. These dwellings shall remain here, and we shall indeed often come here; but since I have My ‘Council office’ in this city, my angels need to be there too, where their great, most important destination of love awaits them.

61,17. You still ask Me who would then inhabit these huts. Look, dear friends, brothers, and children, if the city dwellers upon earth have for their recreational purposes often have one or more rural homes, why should we not have it? Therefore, I tell you: when we have done some great things, we shall grant ourselves the necessary rest here; but we shall now go to the city!

61,18. Look, the Master is now leading our company into the city Himself. Because one can usually move here very fast forward unexpectedly, we are already approaching this city of all cities of the whole of infinity.

61,19. See how the great multitude of God is coming through the gate of this holy city to meet the Master, who is now approaching the city! Right in front do you see the well-known friends of the Master, namely His apostles and all patriarchs from Abraham and prophets! Listen to the loud rejoicing resounding from the blissful multitude and see how all are stretching out their arms, overjoyed to receive the Master with fiery love; what joy is emanating from all their faces because of this newly won multitude.

61,20. The multitudes have met and are now surrounded with great glory. This glory comes from the Master and is distributed to all.

61,21. What do you think about this scene? But let us go on now. Look, the Master lets everyone enter the city before Him, and He follows His children like a simple shepherd his lambs! We are now also in the city. Just look at the infinite, indescribable with human words, glory, and splendor which we see here to the left and the right of this street. Everything is engulfed in the glory of the Master. The Holy wind blows through the streets and alleys and this air is the life flowing in endless abundance from the Master!

61,22. The Master now go to stand before a great house and says to our company: hereto, dear friends! This is our home and our official building; we shall move in here!

61,23. Also, here do they follow the Master inside. See the many, big and beautiful rooms; they are fully prepared for the reception of our new heavenly princes!

61,24. You now see how the Master shows them a shining plate and says: on this plate, you shall always see My will. The Master now lays His hands on them and fill them completely with the almighty power of His love. See how the most trusted friends and brothers speak to each other about the infinite, Godly relationships of all things!

61,25. You now have seen what the true destination of man is in the most actual, true, perfect heaven; and you have seen how our company fares.

61,26. You should indeed not think that this would happen with everyone finding himself in the apparent heaven. This is only the case with the few who, despite all illusionary ideas they’ve been taught, loved only and solely their Master in their hearts, already during their earthly life.

61,27. How it fares with many others, we shall see with our own eyes according to the will of the Master, and we, therefore, leave this holy city and again travel quickly back to the Roman Catholic, spiritual church-state.

61,28. Look, I have barely said it, and we already are again close to a monastery. You say: dear friend, even though we are terribly sorry that we had to leave the beautiful city of God so suddenly, we would want to know, since we are here again, of what order this monastery is. Beloved friends and brothers, we shall here first get to know a female monastery and that one of the Carmelite nuns. You shall experience very vividly how it is with such a monastery. Think about this order beforehand, then you shall have it so much easier to understand whether this order is acceptable to the Master or not. With that, we shall leave it for today.

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