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Chapter 62

Visit to the Carmelites

62,1. You ask: shall we be allowed in? For it shall be with this community as on earth, we shall not gain much experience here. Dear friends and brothers, it goes here the same as on earth, but that shall not throw us off track, for in this case we are like parasitic flies and nothing can hold us back to stick our noses into the deepest of secrets. We shall do the same here: we sneak into the monastery and sniff out all kinds of things. Just come along and do not worry about a thing.

62,2. We shall stay invisible to these beings yet for a long time. For you should know that angelic spirits, whether they are from the third heaven itself or whether they compare with those of the third heaven, stay invisible to the spirits of the lower heavens, until the spirits of the lower heavens have taken up in themselves the essence of the love unto the Master; firstly, only regarding insight and then to the deeds out of love. Therefore, we can enter the monastery without anybody seeing us. They would not see me because I am a citizen of the holy city and neither you, for you are in my sphere and that with the ordination of the will of the highest heaven, which is the will of the Master.

62,3. Look, we are already in the so-called refectory, or in other words, the dining hall. Bowls with so-called solid food is brought in. The food is set on the tables and the sisters enter. Are they not clothed exactly as on earth? You say: We in fact never had the opportunity to see such a monastic sister from close up, but they are clothed exactly like we have seen it on earth by means of good images.

62,4. Look, she starts the table prayer. What does it consist of? As you can clearly hear, it consists of a full rosary, also some Latin expressions from the psalms and the church fathers, which is not understood by any of these sisters. Look, the chief is sitting down. The others kneel down before her, get up and go to stand beside their chairs. The matron gives the sign that they may sit down. Look, she has a little bell with her which she rings, indicating the sisters that they may join in.

62,5. You see someone else standing in front. She is not allowed to eat now, she must read the Passion of the Master to the others. The ladies have finished their meal and the matron again rings her bell. This indicates that they all must get up. They do get up, again kneel before the matron. The thanksgiving prayer is being said, which again consists of a full rosary, followed by a hundred silent Ave Maria’s. These are prayed for about a full three-quarters of an hour, then the Latin prayers are recited again. When they are finished with that, they go to the crucifix image and lay down before it on the floor; they then go to the image of Mary and does the same; then to theimage of Joseph, doing again the same; then to the image of the founder Theresia to do the same again, and then they go to the matron as being the incarnation of Theresia and does the same again.

62,6. The matron now lets them all get up and announce that they must ready themselves for the choir prayer which would start in an hour. In the meantime, they should go to their assigned cells to read through their choir prayers for the choir to proceed without hiccups, which would lead to annoyance and therefore, a venial sin. For, the matron adds, the most righteous person do sin before God already seven times a day; how much more should he not take care not to sin eight times or even more.

62,7. One of the sisters now ask the matron permission to ask something and because there is now no prescribed silence, the matron allows her. (To ask something in a monastery, means to ask freely). What then would this sister ask? Listen, she says: Highly honored bride of Christ, as long as we lived physically upon earth, the strict monastic life was bearable, for we needed it to earn heaven after death. Since we have now already for some time exchanged the earthly life with the heavenly, and we are still living an exceptionally strict life also in this “eternal life”, having nothing of the true heaven in sight, the question is whether there would ever come an end to this monastic life. It would be terrible to stay in this strict system forever.

62,8. The matron says: Oh, you disobedient child, how could you let yourself be taken captive by the devil like this, that you allow yourself to ask such a terrible question? Do you not know that no one can get into heaven before the youngest day, and that, with the intercession of the holy virgin Mary, the holy Theresia and between them, the holy Joseph, Christ the Master have exempted our order from purgatory because they are the strictest; and that the Master has instead granted us full purity and mercy to fully purge ourselves from our venial sins and sins unto death which we have committed upon earth, to attain to His most holy justice here. The rules of the order of our exalted foundress should, therefore, be taken account of as strict as possible. It could otherwise happen that a disobedient child like you would have to hear on the youngest day before the relentless, most strict and most just Judge, the verdict: go away from me, cursed, for I have never known you as My sister!

62,9. Now look, the words of the matron hits our poor enquirer like a thousand bolts all at once. She falls down before her, pleading with her for the appropriate chastisement, upon which the matron says: yes, you did earn an appropriate chastisement, but I shall only reprimand you this time with only a light strike on your cheek and a day of fasting. Yet, you should not tarry to immediately call upon a confessor to confess to him the devilish and before God highly abominable words which you have spoken unto me in detail and with much repentance. Then you must do the penitence which he shall lay upon you to the honor of the holy trinity, the honor of the five wounds of Jesus Christ, the honor of His bitter passion and death, the honor of His most holy virgin and mother Mary, the honor of the holy Joseph and to the honor of the holy Theresia, ten times. Now get up to receive the strike against your cheek.

62,10. Look, our sister gets up, turn her cheek humbly to the superior and as you can see, she gives her, to drive out the devil, no light, but a full-blown, almost dizzying slap. Our lady begins to weep bitterly, thank the superior for this chastisement and retreat with the other sisters from the refectory to her cell. What would happen there, we shall see next time.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-62 Chapter