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Chapter 64

Rescue of the poor captives. Judgement and the youngest day.

64,1. Because our superior sees this happening, she immediately makes one cross-sign after the other, run to the basin with holy water and zealously sprinkles it on the confession father and our nun. She fervently calls to the sisters for help. They come immediately, staring at the confession father, but could not see anything devilish in him. The superior now makes a big cross-sign before her, go to the confession father and the nun, wanting to make herself violently master of them, saying with a shrill, loud voice: you reproachable, hellish devil, you who has the cursed brutality to sneak in through lies and deceit with the appearance of an angel of light into our holy place, I command you in the name of the holy trinity, the most blessed virgin Mary, the holy Joseph and the Holy Theresia, to vanish from this place immediately and return to your eternal damnation and your hellish fire to burn there forever.

64,2. Now look, our confession father does not let himself be brought off track in the least through this terrible, ‘exorcistic’ banning curse and say: listen, blind leader of this poor flock, you call me a devil and have above all damned me rather harshly; first tell me, what have I, as your alleged devil, done to you and to this sister!

64,3. I have told this sister the full truth as it is valid here in the kingdom of the spirits and have sent her to call you, being a leader, to educate you further in the Godly truth. Instead of listening to me, you immediately grabbed the flaming sword of judgment to, if it were possible, kill this poor sister with one blow, or deliver her immediately to hell.

64,4. I as your devil is having mercy towards this poor sister and rescues her from the power of your wrath; but for that, you have exorcised me and condemned me to hellish banishment.

64,5. If we would compare our hearts with each other, there arises a hefty question to be answered: in which heart would more true neighborly love be found; in yours, which want to be heavenly, or in mine, who is supposedly devilish?

64,6. I tell you, your rule over this poor, blind flock came to an end. Theresia has indeed founded this order upon earth, but in her time, true neighborly love was the foundation and the most important monastic rules which Theresia have imported in the founded order, was the work of love and the essential purity of heart. In such circumstances this order did have the Master’s approval; but your rules, combined with the strictest clauses and the many, mostly incomprehensible lip prayers are an abomination to the Master, being in no way acceptable to Him, even less when, as in your case, the true tyrannical, despotic lust for power, together with blind, delusional ideas have crept into this order!

64,7. Have you ever heard upon earth that there still exist monasteries and monastic-like institutions in the spiritual realm? As far as I know, you have believed that you would enter a sweet sleep of the soul, or go to paradise, or possibly go straight to heaven after your bodily death, or until the last judgment. Yet, if you have indeed believed this, how has this monastery came to be?

64,8. Look, now you are dumbfounded and do not know how to answer me. This poor sister has posed the same question to you, the superior. Since you still owe her an answer just like you still owe me an answer, you ignite into hefty anger and give the enquirer a ringing slap.

64,9. I shall now tell you where this monastery comes from. This comes from your domineering character by which you, due to your blind, delusional ideas, have created through lies and deceit only for you and these poor sisters also here in this spirit world, such an institution. This institution is, therefore, nothing but a delusional Institute, being in no way pleasant to God the Master. I have the power, even though I must look to you as Beelzebub, to make an end to this institution on behalf of all these sisters and lead them all out to freedom. I have to leave you here in this institution though until you would let yourself become deeply and remorsefully aware of your spiritual error and see that such an institution is an error of the human spirit and has nothing true or good in it.

64,10. For you and all these poor sisters to see that I have full power to act thus and that I do not have this power from Beelzebub, who you, superior, have sprinkled with holy water, but have it directly from God, I now make it known that this sister now rescued by me is Theresia herself, sent by Me to you, to free you from your delusional ideas. Next, I do declare unto you that I am Myself the One who is so dearly beloved by Theresia! If you would not believe Me, then lay your hands on My scars just like Thomas!

64,11. See, you, superior of this monastery, have damned Me in your great blindness. I also have the power to condemn you but to show you that I am better than your order, I shall not condemn you; instead, I shall teach you and show you the way to Me. You cannot follow Me yet, but only after you have torn down your imaginary monastery to the floor.

64,12. Look, all the sisters fall down on their knees before the Master, praise Him for His great love and mercy and plead with Him for mercy towards their superior. The Master says: this is so, but the superior still has her free will and shall have it for eternity. Would she want to break down the monastery, she can come with you; would she want to keep it, I shall not hold her back one second longer than when she would surrender it willingly to Me.

64,13. Look, the superior stand as if petrified before the group of sisters and do not know what she should do next, for she is still holding this scene as if a peculiar work of the devil. The Master says to her: what are you now thinking to yourself? Was it not your faith that the satan should fleebefore the name of Jesus Christ and that every knee should bow before this Name, in heaven as well as on the earth and under the earth? If then satan has such an intense fear for the Name of Jesus, would he then speak his mind or even change himself into His figure? See the immensity of your delusion! You are not yet ripe for pure light and you shall not be ripe for as long as you would not yet have the last stone of this monastery destroyed inside of yourself.

64,14. I also tell you this, that you only have to turn to Me if whenever you would want to be freed from your institution.

64,15. You shall wait in vain on your ‘youngest day’, for it is there continually for all people. This is for the loving, righteous ones a day of resurrection unto eternal life, which is the full rebirth of the spirit. But to all those who do not accept Me in the spirit and in truth and do not want to take Me in with all love in himself, to them it is a day of judgment.

64,16. Now you know where you stand; direct yourself according to it, then you shall reach your youngest day for your eternal life; otherwise, the sun which is brightening this day, shall certainly not rise for you for eternities!

64,17. The Master now turns to the sisters, telling them to follow Him. As you can see in the spirit, the superior finally throws herself down in doubt before Him and pleads with Him now that she recognized Him, to not leave her alone. The Master says to her: look, here is My beloved sister Theresia; I want her to help you break down your monastery. Look, Theresia immediately helps the superior to get up with great love and show her the true way to the Master.

64,18. The Master takes the road to the eternal morning with His innocent lambs! It shall not take long before our lovely disciple of the Master shall have her still blind sister free from her institution. She shall not go to the morning so quickly, though, but to the midday, or the second heaven.

64,19. You now have seen another way of rescue from a wrongful spiritual resort of bliss, which was, in fact, one of the better institutions. There are still many others, though, where things are much more difficult. Next time we shall have a look at a similar men’s monastery. It shall again be one of the strictest and you shall see what kind of troubles life is riddled there, where a flood of false principles has completely suffocated the seed of life.

64,20. No one should bind himself anywhere, therefore, but should only keep the love to the Master and his neighbor as the only measure for his life. For the love is the good seed in which the seed of life thrives; but if weeds have been sown, then the good seed shall have trouble growing. We shall see this clearly in the following example. With this, enough for today!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-64 Chapter