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Chapter 67

Have Peter founded the Roman church!

67,1. What would the Augustine want to tell us and what shall he let us see? Nothing but what is important to us. We are with him; listen therefore what he shall tell us and how he receives us. His words sound as follows:

67,2. Be a thousand times welcome, dear friends and brothers, in the name of the mysterious trinity, in the name of the blessed virgin Mary, of the holy Joseph and of the patron of our church, the holy Augustine, who was a true apostle and follower of our Master Jesus Christ! May I, being your subject servant, ask you which pious purpose have brought you to this God-alone approved temple? Have you perhaps come here out of my order, being new arrivals, or have you perhaps come here as pious spiritual penitents for the waiving of the daily sins to escape purgatory? Are you maybe in search of the eternal rest and the eternal light, or the true spiritual living bread of the angels? Or do you wish to finally even be initiated into the higher mysteries of the trinity? To be short: whether it be one or the other which brought you here, you shall find sufficient satisfaction here for both the one or the other. For you shall very well know that there are no salvation or blessedness to be found outside of this church.

67,3. When Christ the Master has founded His church, He gave the keys to the heavenly kingdom to Peter alone. Our church is built upon the rock of Peter, is thus founded by Peter and by him has she been granted the power for times of all times, to save or to doom. You shall know that Christ has given the church the right to doom through the texts: “You shall sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” There is also written: “and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you shall lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Once again it has been written: “Receive the Holy Ghost: Whosoever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them, and whosoever sins you retain, they are retained.” There are even more such texts in which the Master have given all power to Peter over humans. It can therefore not be doubted in the least that the Roman Catholic Church, founded by Peter himself, is the only sanctifying church according to the unchangeable counsel of God.

67,4. When you would without a doubt belong to this church, you can only here find the gate to heaven. If you would not belong to this church, you can easily see for yourself what fate would await you, for it is written in Scripture: “whoever do not believe in this church and is not baptized in her, shall be damned!”

67,5. Now I tell him: listen, best friend, you have now asked us about everything and told us the most important texts from Scriptures pertaining to your church. I nevertheless must inform you beforehand that we did not come with any intention related to your questions, and secondly, that the texts which you quoted, do not concern us in the least.

67,6. You now put on a somewhat dumbfounded face and think to yourself: what then are they coming to do here if they came here without the intentions indicated by me and are even of the intent to negate the text which I quoted, which clearly indicate that the church of Rome is the only sanctifying church. But look, this is how it is and can be no different.

67,7. What would you think of it if we would come here only for a purely scientific reason, to see and hear one and the other from you? With such a purpose, would we not be welcome with you?

67,8. The monk says: Many appreciated friends, have you never heard upon earth that the sciences bear no fruit anymore in the spiritual world, but that only the Roman Catholic faith does that if it were alive through works? I say: Oh yes, we have often heard that, but we also heard that man would get light about all earthly doubts in the spiritual world. Such a light could then very well be called a spiritual science, is a coming into bright consciousness of Godly mysteries. If there are in the spiritual world, just like in the previous natural world, masoned monasteries and churches, decorated with various pieces of art, why then would there not exist in the spiritual world anyscience anymore, which were already more spiritual upon earth than the masonry of a monastery and of a church with all her statues and woodcarvings?

67,9. The monk says: Listen, you! As I can gather from your words, you seem to be filled with heretic and objectionable ideas. For whom would regard anything pertaining to the holiest service of God not purely spiritually, but materially, openly testifies that he is, in word and deed, forever a doomed into the deepest hell, heretic. If you are serious about what you have said, we shall be forced to cast you forever from this purest temple of God into eternal perdition. For it is written: “you shall avoid a heretic person” and furthermore: “such a heretic you shall remove from the congregation” and, as Paul has said, “give him over to the devil”. Do you not know that the one who goes beyond the institutions of the Church of the Holy Spirit, commits the most sinful sin against the Holy Spirit which can never be forgiven? Therefore, explain yourself more clearly to this sacred place, lest eternal condemnation befalls you. For to us, the pure servants of God, it is more pleasant that the whole world is condemned than that the holiness of heaven should be stained by the least sinner. Here all grace and mercy end. He who is not pure in the true sense of the church as the sun in heaven shall never be allowed into the kingdom of God.

67,10. Now I say to him: Friend, you have certainly not understood the word of God from the mildest side, but indeed from the most strict, judgmental viewpoint. But I should like to ask you a question, and you can then give me an answer, but you must assure me in advance that you will not owe me the answer. The monk said: If it is not of a purely devilish nature, I will answer thee well. But you know that you do not owe the devil an answer. I say to him, "Well, well, I'll ask you a question. If you can prove to me that this is the devil, you may well retain your answer; but if you cannot do this thoroughly, you will not come from this place until you have answered me. Beware, however, of every lie, for this might cost you dearly. So, however, my question is:

67,11. How can you prove to me from the Holy Scriptures that the Roman Catholic Church was truly founded by the apostle Peter? To my knowledge, there is not the slightest mention in the whole of the present Scripture. That Paul taught in Rome and preached the gospel of the Lord, is well-known; but that Peter truly has founded the papacy in Rome, I cannot remember one syllable of throughout the whole of the Holy Scriptures. If you wish to bind me to your ecclesiastical right of condemnation, you must first prove to me whether the Roman Church was really founded by Peter, to whom the Lord would have given such a right. If you cannot prove this to me, and indeed from the Holy Scriptures, you shall have a staunch opponent in me.

67,12. See, our monk puts on a rather pitiable face and search from one corner to the other to find a suitable answer. He now thinks of a clever excuse, but it shall not help him much. He beckons us to listen to him and this we shall do. He (the monk) says: O you abominable devil, that is the most hellish question, and is so tremendously heretical, and so very contrary to the Holy Spirit, that for such a heretic, a thousand of the most abominable of hells, with a thousand-fold eternal damnation, would be still too good. Should I give an answer to such a question, that all devils should come together to get me? I shall let that be.

67,13. The Roman church not founded by Peter!? He who has taught himself for three years in Rome and have set up his chair there and have died a martyr’s death on an upside down cross! Besides, his imperishable body is until this day in the crypt of his church in Rome and his chair is still today the mighty throne of the pope! And you, infernal devil, dare to ask such a question and dare to tread so completely to a pure servant of God, an anointed priest? I entreat you in the name of the triune God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph, and in the name of all the holy apostles, disciples, martyrs, in the name of all the other saints, and in the name of the entire Roman Catholic Church, that you, abominable devil, leave this holy place with your hellish, damned company! Otherwise, I will summon all my brethren, who are resting in paradise and in heaven, so that they may persecute and veil you and your condemned companions with three highly consecrated crucifixes, and with other highly ecclesiastical insignia, until this place becomes more miserable than that the devilish devil, you unchristian devil, you deceiver of all men, the eve of the seventh day of creation, the ever-damned creature of God, away, away, away from here!

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