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Chapter 69

The Augustinian monk in counsel

69,1. Behold, he goes there into a great hall, and as you have noticed, a lot of monk brothers are coming towards him. Several ask him who we are and what we want? And he (the monk) replied to them quite furtively: "Do not ask, for these are terrible beings, who want to disturb us greatly in our blissful rest by a strange authorization. Whether the one in the middle is Lucifer himself or his first helper, I do not know. But what is certain is that he derided all my most powerful exorcism, and openly threatened me with hell if I could not literally prove from the Holy Scriptures that Peter had founded the Roman Church.

69,2. Yes, I say to you, I have gathered together all my wisdom and given him the strongest proof. But they were just as ineffective and invalid as a drop of water in extinguishing a house-fire. Whatelse can we say when someone proves to you from the Scriptures almost in minute detail that the Roman church in its existing order, if it were guided and maintained by the Holy Spirit, would render Christ either a liar or a being, though born of the Divinity, but in such imperfection that the Divinity now, according to this imperfection, would deem it necessary to, later on, make improvements through the Holy Spirit to the doctrine founded by Christ!

69,3. In short, it proves that in the present ecclesiastical order, either the doctrine of Christ is of a completely divine origin, and our church is, in contrast, nothing but a self-sufficient, very petty paganism. But if our church is right, Christ is as much as nothing, and if Christ is nothing, then our church has no legitimacy. - There you have the conundrum!

69,4. If only we had the Holy Inquisition here in this kingdom, we could torment such heretical spirits like the physical men upon earth, we could make things so hot for them because of their heresy lowest hell would be ashamed. But what is to be done here, where no violence is possible anymore? Here, we must take such a terrible cross literally on our backs and follow Christ quite patiently.

69,5. See, he's already moving into the hall with his helpers. I can give you no other advice than to make a secret cross in any of his words, to say nothing, and to not give him even the slightest answer to any question. Let us flee behind our refectory crucifix and behave quite calmly there! One would stand behind the cross, and make blood flow from the wounds of the crucified, and this hellish guest will certainly not be able to harm us

69,6. See, the whole body, about five hundred heads strong, runs behind the crucifix, and presently the blood from the wounds of the crucified Christ-image is beginning to flow. The monks pretend to be sleeping, and our main speaker is keeping himself as far to the back as possible.

69,7. You now say, "My dear friend, it does seem as if all effort and work will be in vain; indeed, we are very much of the opinion that not even the mossy, sandy soil in the extremely dark evening would benefit these. It is terrible how these beings consider the all-powerful words of the Lord as the words of Satan. Yes, the Lord may appear in person, and preach against their nonsense, and they will regard Him as nothing but what they believe. And if He will testify to them the truth of His being by miracles, they will say the same as the Pharisees did: He works all this through the devil.

69,8. Yes, my dear friends, your comment is quite correct, and so it is with these beings as you have said. But it is also true, that infinitely much is possible for the Lord, where we with all our wisdom cannot achieve a thing. And so we shall here make some experiments, and it will soon show what effect they shall have on these beings. This deceptive crucifix serves as the main basis of support and protection for their nonsense. We shall attack it first, tear it down and destroy it under our feet.

69,9. And so we approach it. Behold, the blood-machinist is already retreating because of our approach, and I say: This illusion which has sprung from the long-lasting false foundation of these beings will be destroyed. For there is no greater abomination in the eyes of the Lord than such a mirage, which is related to Him, through which thousands and thousands of men's' hearts are filled with the darkest delusion and with the most hideous filth of death.

69,10. Look, the crucifix is already destroyed, like dirty chaff on the ground, and one after another the dumbfounded monks begin to rise. From every face shoots wrath and anger, but none dare to put his hand on us. No one wants to speak a word; therefore, I will address the monk who is still in the background. And I say to him,

69,11. Listen, you gloomy spirit in the background! Come out and give me my answer on the question posed the temple. The monk, struck with great fear emerges and want to respond with a curse because of the destruction of the crucifix. But now, right in front of him, a klafter wide gap opens and he looks down to hell. I say unto him, Behold, thou dark spirit, that is thy Christianity; your heart is filled with what you see here.

69,12. Instead of the most tender love of Christ, bleeding for the forgiveness of the evil offender, asking the Father in himself to forgive them, you have nothing but hatred, sectarian zeal, condemnation, judgment, and fire within you, and thus you oppose the most basic teaching ofChrist, being staunch antichrists. You take the last drop of life from all your confessors and fill their hearts with death.

69,13. Instead of the living bread, which is the true living Word of God, you are to offer them glowing stones, making them all, like you, to be full of vengeance, anger, rage, judgment, and condemnation against all those whom the Father Himself has drawn and taught. Yes, you do not have any conscience to suppress others for the sake of your lust for power and gain, and to take away the Word of God from the congregation as much as possible, and even to dominate a possessor with a heretic's curse and condemn him. Instead of the word of God, you feed the people with your own self-interest, with your lust for power, and your motto is to keep every spark of better light away from the people, while Christ the Lord has said expressly: "Be perfect as your Father in Heaven Is perfect! "

69,14. What shall I do with you? "You who were to feed the Lord's flock and warn them against the raving wolves, have crawled behind a sevenfold wall, and in the end, instead of being faithful shepherds, became wolves yourselves. And there are many thousands and thousands of thousands who have tasted the hardness of your wolf's teeth and accuse you loudly at the judgment seat of Christ.

69,15. What shall I do with you, who have always trodden the word of God with your feet, because it was not good for your insatiable lust for dominion? What am I to do with you, who, boldly enough, dared to assert before the people, saying, "The earth is at our feet, and we bear God in our hands?" I say to you, you could never invent a more injurious testimony, and at the same time a more striking one, then this. For indeed you have always stepped, wherever it was possible, with your domineering and profit-hungry feet upon the peoples, together with their anointed emperors and kings, and you traded with God in your hands as with a bad commodity. But there never was anything godly in your hearts, and they were always filled with what you, dark spirit, now look at in the yawning gap at your feet.

69,16. What shall I do with you? Ask me who I am, and I will answer you, and say, I am a true Apostle of the Lord, and have been sent here to raise you in His name. But how shall I arouse you, when ye are full of eternal judgment? So, I ask you again: What do you want to do? - Speak, or this abyss will devour you!

69,17. Now listen, our monk speaks and says: In the name of all these my brethren, I ask you, whoever you may be, that you may spare us with this hard trial. If according to the doctrine of our Lord, we became true deceivers, we were it not out of ourselves, but we must be as we are, and none of us were allowed to speak or act differently than what was allowed us to speak and act by the church. If we were wolves, we had to be; And so, if you truly are a higher Messenger, you shall certainly know how it was and still is with us. We are still trapped here just as we were on earth. Therefore, if it is possible for you, free us, and we also want to accept the pure Word of Christ! But only cover this horrible abyss before us.

69,18. I say to him, If thou want to go over this chasm, you need to stifle, in Spirit and in Truth, that which you see before you in the abyss, for this is an apparition of what you carry in your own heart. Therefore, search yourself; do likewise, all of you present here. Awaken from your death sleep so that when I return, I will find you cleansed and alive to lead you out of this prison of death! But there are still much more in this monastery which I still need to admonish; When you have come to your senses, then I shall return and show you a new way in the Name of the Lord. - See how they are beginning to groan and weep. We shall not listen to this, but shall at once go to the "Paradise Monks."

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