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Chapter 72

Prickly question, honest answer

72,1. See, the monk spirit holding the key as an inhabitant of this heavenly paradise opens the door and indicates us to enter. What do you think, we should obey or not? Many a Catholic would say that obedience calls for this. But because a different principle exists, stating that we ought to obey God rather than man, we shall not follow the orders here, but remain outside. And I shall also take the liberty to reduce this tower into useless dust by a gentle touch with my right hand. But since the key-bearer is threatening us with the following words: If you do not enter immediately, I will at once put a violent hand upon you, so we must approach the tower for me to be able to touch it with my finger. - Now we are at the tower and see, it is gone!

72,2. But now look at our custodian, what a miserable, astonished face he pulls. And the other, better-minded, approaches him, saying: Now, my dear brother, what do you say about this phenomenon? Could the devil have done this? The other says: 'Yes, my dear brother, the matter is extremely puzzling. Up till this time, Satan has not been able to do anything against this tower; indeed, he stood there as a truly impregnable fortress of God, and all the heretics and servants of the devil, as adversaries of the only saving church, found their condemned asylum here. Never before has a devil dared to touch this tower. And behold, this wicked man, or whatever he is, touched the tower with only one finger, and there immediately was no trace left of the tower. I now see no other means than to take these three out of this sacred paradise, as far as they can go, for otherwise he will touch upon us something else, and destroy it just like they did this tower.

72,3. I must truly confess that God the Lord is indeed an enigmatic Being; when you would think you have done your best, He will come and make it all to naught. Thus, He established one church after the other, and when a Church has trained itself properly, as one would say to follow at God's leash, He comes and cuts the leash right through, like a pagan Spartan. The whole ecclesiastical house falls over and nothing but the name remains, as with the city of Babylon, since one cannot even ascertain the place where this great cosmopolitan city once stood. I, my myself shall have nothing more to do with these three beings. If you wish to go proceed with them, then you may. But I truly doubt whether you would get anywhere with them. I think that in this case, a general meeting would probably be the best. But how does one conduct this for as long as these three are here?

72,4. The other one says, I mean, this will not be necessary, for these three are clearly from above, what would our meeting achieve? They will dust our meeting as they did the tower. We shall leave the question of whether these three are "from below" completely aside; for it is said that the rock or the church of Peter shall never be overcome by hellish powers. But what would become if our judgment in a meeting would be that these three emissaries are of hell, and yet, despite the testimony of Christ, have brought an end to this tower? We, therefore, could say nothing other than that our only sanctifying Church is not at all established by either Peter or Christ. Such a testimony would certainly be far worse than the full destruction of this tower. But if we confess, on the contrary, that the Lord has done to us according to His immeasurable counsel, we do not hurt ourselves in the least; For the Lord is free to do what He wills, and all that He does will surely be good.

72,5. The objector says, "You are right, and I can raise no objection to this. But what will our other blessed brethren and the many ministering angels say when they hear this? Therefore, it would be necessary to tell them the news as soon as possible, lest we shall seem strange to them.

72,6. The other one says: I am again of a quite different opinion. Let us not concern ourselves with what our brethren would say, but, in God's name, let these three, as long as they are still here, doas they think fit, and we wash our hands. Our brethren, however, are to decide for themselves how they like it to swim against a rushing mountain stream.

72,7. Now I speak to the better monk and say, "Listen, dear friend, your words are pleasing to me; you are therefore closer to the kingdom of God than many others. Even if you have not done many works that could follow you here, you still have much more light than the others. You shall now be given an opportunity to do the good deeds which you lacked for the kingdom of God. Therefore, let all the hypocrites of this paradise gather here.

72,8. Our better monk says, "Dear friends, this can be done at once; For by means of a call and a wink, they shall all come here.

72,9. I say: therefore, give the hint and let the cry be heard. Our monk does so and a great multitude is already gathering from all sides; see how some of them clasp their hands over their heads because they do not see the tower anymore. The question is asked from all sides: For the sake of the triune God, what has happened here? What wicked man hath done this? Our better monk answered with a loud voice, saying, "Listen, brethren, I say to you, do not ask, for the three mighty ones are still standing among us. The middle one, whom we wanted to lock up in the tower, barely touched it with a finger, and in less than a moment, the tower was destroyed. We know, however, that the power of Satan can never do this; So be mindful, lest a greater evil befalls us.

72,10. Behold, a prior of this paradisiacal monastic council is approaching us very fearfully, asking us a question, saying: We and all good spirits praise God the Lord! If you are also good spirits, tell us what you want.

72,11. I say: "My desire is a very simple one, and consists of nothing but that you should tell me, on what occasion Peter established the Roman church, and on what occasion all the monastic order? But you must prove this to me from Scripture, for every other proof I reject.

72,12. Now see how this Prior pulls a very miserable face, quickly and secretly makes a cross before his face and speaks secretly to his neighbor: God help us! We stand in the face of the supreme hellish triad. This is Lucifer, Satan, and Leviathan! This is certain. But we've been asked a question, what shall we answer? If we remain silent, this triad destroys us - God help us! - our whole monastery, our paradise and our kingdom of heaven, and lead us straight to hell! But if we answer him, we have delivered ourselves to hell. Truly, God's providence in this world takes on a peculiar angle, that man in paradise and in heaven does not understand as to what one should do about it. But since I cannot prove the apostolic authority of the Roman Church from the Scriptures, it will be best to answer him in full truth: listen, friend, I cannot answer you. I do believe that the Roman Church was established by Peter as it is also evident from historical tradition, according to which this apostle was said to be in Rome for twenty-five years, but whether this tradition is authentic or not, the dear Lord God will certainly know better than I do.

72,13. I've always been a Roman Catholic and believed, taught, and acted in the spirit of this Church, and I did not think that I had erred by doing so. But if the matter is different, you may inform us. I will not be averse to hearing you; And so, you may speak. If you are a good spirit, then you will not have any evil intent, but if you are an evil spirit, think that God is even more powerful than you; thus, say what you have to say.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-72 Chapter