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Chapter 75

A walk through the monastic heaven

75,1. You are indeed asking here: Dear brother and friend! Where is this heaven here? I tell you, we shall not need to go very far to see it. There before us, you see a magnificent palace and there in the middle of it, is a small staircase with a small gate, right in the middle of the palace. This is the entrance to heaven; for you must know that heaven and paradise are not far apart. You ask whether Peter and Michael are also here. They will not be absent, yet they are not in front of, but behind the door. We will not enter the heavens with force here, and you shall immediately encounter Peter and Michael when we knock. Let us go to the little door, and knock there, that we may enter heaven.

75,2. We are on the spot. So take note of what a question we will be asked through the locked door when I knock. And so, I knock and listen, "Peter" is already present and asks: "From where? - From above or from below? - I speak: From above. The "Peter" says, "How is the name?" I say,Lord's messenger! Peter continues to ask: Who is the Lord? I say I know only one Lord, namely Jesus Christ.

75,3. The Peter says, "You are a liar; How can Christ have sent you from without since He dwells only here in heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father? If you were sent by Him, you should have been sent forth from heaven. But you come with a strange voice from outside, so you are a liar and deceiver and a sinner of all sins against the Holy Spirit. Spirit: therefore, march down to hell, you and everyone who is with you!

75,4. I say: Listen, you blind guardian of heaven, you are terribly deceived. Since you have asked me from where and in whose Name I came, I also ask you who you are, that you can straight away utter a sentence of condemnation, while the Lord has expressly advocated His Apostles against it.

75,5. The Peter says, "I am Peter, a rock on which Christ has built His church, and this Church will not be overwhelmed by such messengers from below as you are; So you are waiting in vain to enter.

75,6. I say to him, "What would you hold me for, if I would break this door, and take authority of your heaven, despite your heavenly Peter's power?"

75,7. The Peter says, O thou abominable devil of all devils! Just try to grab the buckle, you'll soon feel how hot it is. But I can assure you in advance that this buckle will cause you much greater torment in a moment than a thousand years in the lowest hell.

75,8. I said to him, "Listen, it's only a trial. And so, I attack your dangerous buckle and behold, the door is opened. I can assure you that I felt no pain at first, and for the second, I have overwhelmed your little gate, and ask you, therefore face to face, for whom you are holding me since I have overpowered your stony door with my gate? Now talk!

75,9. The Peter says, "What shall I say to the face of such a transgressor, who tramples on the holy dwelling of God and His seven saints with his most abominable feet?

75,10. I say, "Are you talking to me like Peter would?" Do you not know that Christ has commanded His apostles to be gentle like the doves? And you're here as rude as a chained dog! If you are really Peter, you will well know that the Lord has commanded His apostles and disciples nothing so much as the true humility of the heart, the greatest meekness of the mind, and the perfect love of the neighbor. If, as a supposed devil, I remind you of this, I am, therefore, no closer to the divine truth than yourself, whom you consider being Peter, and you think you are a day-laborer of heaven? But the word of the Lord in his work is more alien to you than the center of the earth; So I urge you once more to confess to me the perfect truth in the most active name of the Lord and to tell me who you are.

75,11. The pseudo-Peter says: Listen, abominable devil, you are worth no answer; And if you do not leave this place instantly, I will at once summon all the heavenly powers, first of all, the saints. If you will not flee from them, I will call upon all the angels, and if you will also oppose them, I will call the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, and if you do not want to flee from them, I will call the trinity myself. Then it will be clear who is more powerful, you or the holy trinity! Therefore, do not make trouble, and rather go down kindly to your accursed hell. For if you are to make sure that all the heavenly powers will come upon you, you will be thrown down with glowing chains, together with your spearheads, into the lower of all hells to, with a thousand-fold torment, burn, seethe and roast there.

75,12. I say to him, "Listen, if you give me such answers to my question, which is accompanied by the true love of the Lord, and even threaten me with all your heavenly powers, I must take liberty without your permission to penetrate into your heavenly skies, and to convince me that all your heavenly powers will be able to execute your threat to me.

75,13. Now listen, to this my statement, Peter utters a pitiful cry and set us up to face Michael. But he runs back and calls all the heavenly powers at once. But we come one step closer to Michael and see, he also runs after the Peter, and the stairs are free. Let us go straight up. You will even beable to convince yourself that Peter and Michael, together with the other heavenly powers, will keep themselves according to humble heavenly policy in the background of heaven.

75,14. Now see, there we are already, and heaven in a not very extended scale is open before our eyes, as it is in the erroneous reasoning of these heavenly inhabitants. What do you say to this heaven? As I see, you shrug your shoulders and say, "No, is that supposed to be a heaven? - We would have regarded the former paradise garden much rather be a heaven than this highly insolent theatrical trash-market. We certainly have not imagined these heavenly inhabitants to be this dumb. If they would have imitated the St. Peter's church in Rome to be a heaven, they would still be forgiven for a certain degree of blindness. But this highly clumsy and vulgar portrayal would scarcely have the honor on earth to be applauded by the most stupid peasant-children, and would, therefore, be jeered at by the somewhat better kind of people.

75,15. As it is shown here, the tables of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob represent, as it were, in the forecourt of heaven; And in the front, instead of a sculpture, there is only a badly painted picture depicting Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. On the podium of this heavenly theater, which is covered with a cloudscape, the trinity is also cut out of a rough cardboard cover, and clumsily and highly artistically attached to the background with a visible, clumsy nail. And this bungle of the holy trinity is carried by cherubim and seraphim! The best is still the large, round, yellow-glazed window behind the trinity. - Yes, my dear friends, you have seen quite well, but now you want to know why the heaven here looks so miserable?

75,16. I tell you, all these things have their good reason; you have already heard in the garden how the misery of heaven must be properly hidden there, so that the inhabitants of the paradise would not be provoked to a possible insurrection, especially on the part of the serving angels. However, this is of lesser consideration here, for one deception always entails another one in its wake. During the following discussion, however, we will clearly understand why this heaven is so highly clumsy and material. This is why we now want to make it our own. For you can already assume in advance that the cloister also has a very cloistered heaven.

75,17. However, since there are usually two parties in such a monastery, namely the real monks and the house servant lay brothers, this heaven is inhabited mainly by the laity for whom the monks have no regard. These are mostly content with their heaven if they only have enough to eat; for according to their extraordinary situation as laymen, they have never been able to imagine a better one. They belong to that very dark Catholic class, which regard a very badly carved statue and badly painted picture, much to be more wondrous than an aesthetic masterpiece. Therefore, you will also have observed that the so-called miraculous images of grace are mostly the worst caricatures. So, for these heavenly inhabitants, such a heaven, as we have recently seen, would be much too beautiful, and therefore far from being truly and omnipotently effective.

75,18. In short, we will not allow ourselves to be burdened by this heaven anymore, for it will be explained to us in detail by the next, successive revelation of these heavenly inhabitants. You will see a so-called heavenly comedy in the literal sense of the word. These people will soon begin to drive us out of their heaven, and we will attend such a comedy on the next occasion.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-75 Chapter