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Chapter 76

Inflation of the deceptive heaven

76,1. You see this heaven still in its original shrunk state; But since the inhabitants of this heaven who hold on their false reasoning, are even somewhat evil, they now, after some consideration, begin to blow themselves up against us. We shall soon see this blooming in this whole heaven. You ask how this is possible after the inhabitants of this heaven have hid from us because of their miserable fear of us? This is already the case in the nature of every person who is still strongly natural. That fear, which is not infrequently mostly sadness, is nothing else but a seed for anger which soon sprout out of it, and can finally even grow into a desperate, reckless rage. This youcan most easily see with warriors fighting against an enemy; they most often approach the enemy with great fear and anxiety. But once they are set up against the enemy and fired the first few shots, their fear will soon be transformed into an ardor of passion, and if they would encounter the enemy, the fierce anger will become a fiery fury, and such a formerly fearful warrior shall furiously plunge into the greatest dangers.

76,2. The same goes for some who mourn. If they could take hold of the effective cause of their afflicted state and would have the sufficient power to do so, the subject which was the cause of the mourning might not be the best off. I could even show you many thousands upon thousands who, in their vain mourning, have cursed even the Lord in the most coarse ways. That is why the Lord has never approved of grief on the earth, except for a mourning of one's own condition, when it is not according to the order of the Lord. That means that grief should only be a true remorse of the heart, and must have as a basis a natural great love for the Lord or the mourner must grieve in full meekness of his heart.

76,3. On the other hand, it is also certain that the one who truly loves the Lord will have little reason for mourning; because grief is basically only pain over the loss of a person or an object. But if any man has the Lord, what can he lose, which should cause him pain? You know from Scripture that many women have followed the Lord's crucifixion to the ill-treated Savior of the world, and have mourned and wept over Him. But he did not approve their sadness, but directed them to themselves, and made them understand that they should rather weep over their sins, and over their children.

76,4. But as it is with mourning, so it is with fear, which is nothing but a miserable consciousness of one's own impotence and weakness. But if a man has the Lord in his love, and therefore trust completely in Him, how could he be afraid of something? Fear is also a consequence of an impure conscience, and as I have said, of the consciousness of one's own impotence and weakness.

76,5. Now, if we go from this definition to our heavenly inhabitants, we will find that they fit perfectly into our definition. Look at this heaven from this viewpoint and you shall soon see that all these heavenly objects are gradually beginning to enlarge, to force respect from us by this appearance. Such an enlarging is due to the swelling of the minds of these heavenly inhabitants. And so only look how the whole heavenly theater podium begins to expand on all sides.

76,6. The heads of the cherubim and seraphims, which were barely fist-sized, now have a diameter of one klafter [1,9m]. The trinity is already so big that you could still see it very well on earth from miles away. The formerly quite shallow background of this podium seems to be almost twenty miles in depth, and the former cloud scenes now appear, as you can see, to be like immensely heavy thunderclouds on the earth, as you have seen them now and then began to pile upon each other on earth in the morning and evening. But now, too, look at our forecourt, just as this also has expanded enormously, and we now stand like three dots, scarcely noticeable in such a great space. How do you like this story?

76,7. You say: This metamorphosis, or rather this truly theatrical phantasmagoria, is still the best and most interesting of all the heavens, although one must say quite soberly that one becomes a little eerie in this extraordinary enlargement of the objects or, if you would say on earth, the thing ceases to be a joke.

76,8. Well said; I told you that the comedy might surprise you. But the real comedy has not yet begun. This appearance has so far been nothing but the raising of the curtain to the most annoying theater on the earth. If you will be able to look at the people acting in this heavenly theater, then you will make even bigger eyes. But, as I said, you do not have to make anything of what shall still come, for all this proceeds from the wholly empty illusions of these spirits.

76,9. Now look again at the podium, what extraordinary dimensions it assumed in breadth and height, yes it presently has the appearance if it could reach the moon from the earth. It now has reached its fully inflated state and there shall soon appear a comedian in the background. Just look, he is sticking out one foot from behind the backdrop. Behold, now he is quite visible; But I notice that you are beginning to look rather shocked. What is it then?

76,10. You say: Listen, friend, that is an inhuman human form. Indeed, if such a giant stood on the earth, the moon would fare badly. We cannot even look at his terrible magnitude despite his great distance in the background, and only the nonsensical huge sword he has in his hand! Indeed, he could cut the whole earth like an apple with the least effort. Friend and brother, if he were to approach us, we are of the sure opinion that it would perhaps be better to get away from this all before this truly Sirius comedian could reach us with his awe-inspiring sword.

76,11. O my dear friends and brethren, do not let this frighten you; for here in the kingdom of the spirits we, the Lord's servants, often have quite similar battles, of which you are now only witnessing the beginning. Just wait until these heroes shall come to the fore with all sorts of weapons; then you will truly see the giants of these theatrical heroes. You now also see our former small table of Abraham enlarging in similar fashion. You will also soon see how a few gigantic table servants will show up and set this table with just as gigantic fruits. Shortly after, similar gigantic guests will sit down at the table and you will see masterpieces of gobblers - you will see in the literal sense of the word, true world-eaters before you. For today, however, be content with what you have seen; Next time, the main comedy will follow, and so enough for today!

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