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Chapter 77

Comedy play in the monastic heaven. The gigantic table and the eating of worlds.

77,1. Look, the table-setters are already here, everyone just as big as our first stage hero. See how four table-setters cover the rather unsightly table of Abraham with a tablecloth which seems to be large enough to wrap and hold you whole planetary system including the sun, like some insignificant apples. Fruits are now being laid on the table, consisting of to you well-known fruits from earth like pears, apples, plums and more; A kind of bread is added, and with every piece destined for a person is put a cup, which seems to be able to contain three times the volume of the earthly seas. You ask in heaven's name how such things are possible.

77,2. But I tell you that such things are easily possible among the spirits; You shall experience for yourselves that if you would let your fantasies work a bit, it would have been, and still is very easy to depict for yourselves the form of some or the other well-known animal or something else to be so gigantically big that you would become frightful of it yourself. That which was possible for you on earth only by the fantasy of your spirit and is possible for every person in his own way is also possible in the kingdom of the spirits for every spirit, but here it is revealed as an apparition. Such apparitions are here called ‘fallacies’ and especially evil spirits employ it when they wish to perform some secret malice. Because these spirits are deceived and are often still malevolent, he can make use of a still more harmless fallacy to scare away his enemies. When he would convince himself that we are not shocked by his pretense, their art shall soon shrink back to its initial state. He then will not try again.

77,3. And now look; The guests come to the table from all sides, reaches out with their enormous gigantic hands for the colossal fruits, and bring them to their fearsome mouths, which appears big enough to swallow the earth like a strawberry. But now you wonder how you can look at this fantastic, grotesque fallacy with your eyes with the greatest ease? This is because this apparent size is by no means great, but only deception. But we are through the Lord in the brightest light, and therefore can no deception be so great before us, that we would not be able to see it in all its facets with one glance. It has yet another reason and this is that our forms have also enlarged in the same dimensions in the sight of these spirits, than did their deceptive forms. This is how it could be understood.

77,4. Now, look at the already known theatrical fraudulent heaven's podium. See how now a multitude of armored giant warriors appear from behind the clouds, the leader holding a crucifix which is just as colossal as the leader himself. But now we have another appearance, for see, the gigantic Christ begins to speak to us from the cross. Hear, he speak and says to us, out of heavenwith you accursed; for you have always resisted the spirit of my only sanctifying Roman Catholic Church, and has always been above all hated heretics unto me. Therefore, be gone with you into the outermost darkness, for there is no place for you in heaven, and I have never known you. Do not force me to use violence, for if I must do this, the lowest hell will be your share. If you have not believed my apostle Peter before, you will believe me, when I speak to you from the cross.

77,5. You may be somewhat astonished, But I say to you, do not be disturbed by this phenomenon. For the cross and the figure on it are hollow. But the bearer, as you can easily see, holds the cross to his mouth, and speaks in it through an opening which opens out in the mouth of the figure of Christ on the cross. Therefore, the voice comes from the mouth of the Savior on the cross and is therefore also a conceited malignant deception because the human nature of the Lord is thus formally used as a deceptive medium. But this deception is still not entirely and fundamentally evil since the acting leader is lacking a basic evil will.

77,6. You also see that he does not dare to go too far with his talking crucifix, and that is a sign that this art will not bring him a great blessing. Therefore, he now returns to the warriors and gives them a hint to try to frighten us by a mighty shout. They, therefore, begin to make great movements, and noisily beat with their swords, pretending to want to attack us. But they notice that we are not frightened at all, and so they go back behind the scenes together with the leader. Our guests also see that we are not too much flustered because of their great meal, so one after another begin to get up from the table. But the comedy is not over yet. A second act will presently begin, and if any of you is a zoologist will find this act quite interesting, for I will tell you beforehand that our heavenly dwellers will now dare to go to the extreme and pretend themselves to be all sorts of huge animals. But we know these things, so we shall not be frightened of them in such a situation.

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