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Chapter 78

Second act of the heavenly comedy

78,1. Look up there: a well-fed crocodile appears, in size proportionate to the other objects. It opens the jaws wide as if it could devour half of creation. But as nothing flies into his throat, he becomes very modest again. - See, there emerge in the background several tigers, hyenas, lions, leopards, and bears; even further in the background, you can see the most venomous giant snakes slithering. Now see how all these animals rile against each other with the most terrible moves and angry meanderings, as if they were about to tear each other to pieces. There in the corner, a big monkey head peeks in to see whether we have taken fright yet. But we are not frightened and this animal battle begins to withdraw.

78,2. You ask how such a metamorphosis is possible? I say: such a metamorphosis can impossibly be brought about by a good spirit, but he can still, with the power of the Master operating in him through his will, produce them as if they really exist. Such apparitions are called ‘optical illusion’ in the kingdom of spirits. With this apparition in front of us, it is in fact not the case, for spirits harboring some evil in them, can produce no effective optical illusion outside of himself. Such an evil one can at the utmost produce the evil out of himself, creating an external form of this evil. This is the case with these spirits. You now had the opportunity to see the rough and evil of these spirits in their true form. Look, this is how things are here.

78,3. Everything here is on the one hand deceit and vain pretense, but according to your own old biblical saying: “unto the pure all things are pure”, there are in all these deceitful apparitions nothing deceitful unto us, for exactly by means of these apparitions are these spirits making known their inner life and it is not possible for any of them to produce anything else than exactly that which fully corresponds with his inner being.

78,4. You first go to know the pseudo-Peter. That is to say that the whole apostolate of their church is based on a completely fake Peter. You will therefore find such pseudo-Peters in thousands of such monasteries. Yet, as it is with Peter, so it is with all the others. At first, you found this heaven, according to your own words, exceedingly clumsy and ridiculous. If you would look at your true heathenish trash markets in your prayer houses, then you must admit that this heaven in comparison with that, are still way too good for such absurdities.

78,5. Regarding the very messy table of Abraham, it is very true representation of the table of the Master in your houses of prayer where take note, a pleasing offer is given unto the Lord for sick dogs, oxen, cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and many other animals, just as for the success of various atrocious deeds! The bread of the Master is distributed at this table. What somewhat more enlightened spirit can imagine himself any greater nonsense!! Does not such a table of the Master look more like a swine’s trough in which only the pigs receive their food? Does not those who eat from this trough look like swine? Yes, truly, one is a swine and others mix themselves in the swine’s broth, making it his own fault it he would be devoured by the swine.

78,6. The Master has compared His Word with pearls that man should not cast before the swine. I am therefore of the opinion that there is not much living bread to be found in such a swine’s trough. You should therefore easily understand that this “table of Abraham” as we have seen it in the beginning, is still far too good to see all the atrocities of many such tables of the Master in your churches. The reason, therefore, is that these lay brethren had to present themselves on earth out of necessity to be better than what they in fact were. They have no unclear idea of “the table of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, to be a representation of the purest love unto the Master and the forthcoming useful activity for the sake of the spiritual well-being of our brothers. As is the table, therefore, such is this heaven, for the real one is not to be paid for with money, while the church is still continuously selling itself for a determined price. This trash-heaven is completely in correspondence with this and should look like how one have taken possession of it.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-78 Chapter