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Chapter 79

A glance at the true way to the true heaven

79,1. If you only ponder a little, it can impossibly evade you that the actual heavenly kingdom of the Master as the fundamental life of the spirit in him, can impossibly be reached by any other means than only, that man would actively fulfill in himself, that is in his spirit, the prerequisites stated by the Master for the attainment of life. That means, he first must find life in himself and only after he found it, he can strengthen and empower it according to the prescribed order of the Master, for He alone knows what is necessary for the real, predestined spiritual life.

79,2. When one would want to buy the heavenly realm, which is, as already stated, the actual, fully developed and predestined life of the spirit by means of foolish, worldly, selfish and therewith filthy and completely dead things, then would such behavior be even more foolish and senseless than when one would sow on a field not yet cleared of stones and then, because the wheat would not want to grow, throw even more stones on the field to try to enhance the growth of the wheat! Should a wise farmer not first change his field into good earth, fertilize it and only then lay the wheat grains into the furrows to help it sprout quickly and produce much fruit? Everyone should agree on this with an experienced farmer.

79,3. Yet, if this is the only correct prerequisite for the wheat seed to become fruitful and no man can expect blessing in any other way, how then would the much nobler seed of life of the spirit can grow on such a senseless field into a living fruit unto eternal life?

79,4. I shall give you another, more vivid example by which you will gain even more insight into this important issue. To fully understand this example, we shall illuminate some points by which the correctness of this specific example shall be shown to be mathematically exact. Therefore, listen!

79,5. You know that different kinds and uneven sizes cannot be added to each other or be multiplied. If one had a purse with money amounting to a thousand Groshen, would the money become more if he would add a thousand pebbles to it? When someone would possess a house, would he gain another house by obtaining a great amount of furniture? If someone keeps ten sheep in a barn, would he gain more sheep by building another barn? It is thus clear that to obtain more of the same object, more of the same kind is necessary.

79,6. Now that we know this, I give you the next example. Imagine yourselves a foolish man, harboring the fervent wish to have his own children to see his legacy live on in them. Because he is a fool and does not know where children come from and how they are conceived, he turns to a friend and asks him for advice. The friend, though, is dishonest and greedy and know that our man is foolish, yet wealthy. He thinks by himself: It is good to fish in murky water; I shall gain from his foolishness in a dishonest way. When he decided this, he said to the foolish man: listen, best friend, what you want is very difficult and will cost you much, but if you really want, I shall provide the means for you and teach you what to do. My only prerequisite is that you shall do exactly what I tell you. If you do this, you shall certainly obtain your desired goal; if not, you will be lost for a long time!

79,7. After this false friend, has stated his prerequisites, the foolish man said to him: because I know that you are a man rich with knowledge, I shall trust you completely. Just give me the means, I possess enough. But what does the false friend do now? Listen! Instead of giving a living woman to the foolish man, he sells him a dead, wooden statue for a great amount and tells him: Put it in your bed and diligently breaths over it and if you would also lay down in bed beside her, you shall certainly have many descendants. Our man takes this statue, carry her home, put her to bed and go and lay down beside her, blowing softly over her. He does this for a full year, yet no descendants are to be seen. He, therefore, go to his false friend and requires after the cause. He tells him: why are you such a fool, how could you expect to have living fruit after only a year, while a tree, once it is planted into the earth, only begin to bear fruit after many years? To obtain his goal, he recommends to him a variety of other products which are to be obtained from this false friend.

79,8. The foolish man buys it from him for the determined price and uses it according to the false prescription. Regardless, no living fruit emerges and the deceived fool again ask the false friend after the cause of the failure. The false friend becomes quite mystical about it, craftily blames the failure on various concocted circumstances and keep the foolish man at bay for a while, until he, because of his advanced age, have lost all his manly potential. Our false friend now consoles the foolish man now that living descendants may follow when he would have left the temporary life and even gives him advice on what he should do with his statue at the end of his life, in order to beget many living descendants from it. The fool finally consoles himself even with this promise. This is the example.

79,9. The question is now: how should we look at it to gain the correct light? I tell you: this is indeed obvious. Firstly, life can only beget life in another life and not from dead matter. The man should have had a living wife and not a dead, wooden statue.

79,10. Secondly: see yourselves as people who have to have the true kingdom of heaven generated in you and indeed by the holy bride of life, the word of God, which lives and is called the congregation of the Lord.

79,11. If the congregation would be a dead, wooden statue, deceitfully sold for money by greedy, false friends, calling themselves priests of God in a deceitful manner as if she is the only living church, suitable unto the generation of life, while life can only be begotten by life, then such a church would indeed be the most shameful fraud imaginable. That the adherents of such a church would be such dumb fools like our man in the example would be immediately and fully clear to anyone who would think about it a bit.

79,12. Has Paul not passionately preached that anyone who would preach another gospel than that of the Lord which has been crucified, taught Himself, namely Jesus Christ, active in spirit and intruth and who said: “whosoever would not be born again, shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”, would be accursed?

79,13. But look at a church built with stones; a church which has as its most important motto, gold and silver; a church promising a heaven he does not know himself; a church who provides for its foolish believers various mystical means to obtain an even more foolish heaven, urge them for money, chases and diligently condemns them; then you must clearly recognize the wooden statue in the bed of the foolish man. Only the living wish remains for the man, to have living descendants, without ever obtaining the joy thereof.

79,14. Look, such it is with life upon earth; not only in your Catholic Church but also every other church sect seeing himself also to be Catholic.

79,15. When you would consider this comical heaven in the light of the example, you shall certainly and quickly see the resemblance. Because it is the fruit of a church identical to the dead statue, and that which was supposed to the actual life in him is only a dense, lumpy, dead form and nothing but a failed product of a foolish, deceitful and therefore certainly no fulfilled life wish. That such a heaven can impossibly be lasting, you can easily see if you would consider that it is nothing other than an optical illusion of the spirit, which want to generate life, but cannot, because the life-giving factor is missing. Since we now know this and know this heaven in its correspondence, we can begin with the continual development and exposition, where many optical illusions shall be explained unto you.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-79 Chapter