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Chapter 80

Further exposition of the fallacious comedy. The spiritual life is guided along infinitely many ways.

80,1. You say: we can now understand how the people of this heaven could enlarge and change themselves, but it is still not completely clear how they could enlarge, besides themselves, also their heaven; for it is apparently completely outside of themselves, and they move around in and on it like on natural soil.

80,2. Listen, dear friends and brothers, this is just as easily understandable as the others, for this whole heaven is nothing more than the product of the wrongful imagination of these spirits. When they would inflate themselves like that, their heaven grows proportionately with them. To help you understand this fully, I shall give you a clear, worldly example.

80,3. There is a man in a company, where a certain subject is under discussion. This man has not the least knowledge about this subject, but to not stand by being completely ignorant, he conjures a completely faulty statement, fitting in better anywhere else but with the subject of discussion. Now it is his turn to give his opinion. He does that, but the silliness of his statement is pointed out to him with much hilarious laughter.

80,4. Initially, this man had not much confidence in his statement, for he secretly says to himself: the subject under discussion here is in fact just as strange to me than the middle of the earth. What the others say about it is just as incomprehensible as ignorance itself. Therefore, I can conjure up something just to have something to say.

80,5. See, up till now, our man was rather modest and patient, but the laughter has hurt his ego. He only now begins to consider his statement and still find it in his feeling of self-worth more correct, more important and to the point. When he discovers the greatness which is at the foundation of this statement, even though he cannot vouch for the validity of it, he becomes angry, confirms his idea even more and finally tries to avenge himself on the company who jeered at him. He begins to prove to them that bubbleheads like them are not capable to understand him. Yes, he extensively and expressly presents to them that they would barely be able to progress so much ina hundred years to properly understand only a small part of what he just have lightly touched upon.

80,6. Someone approaches him, saying: listen, friend, your timespan of a hundred years is far too short, for I suspect that I have thought somewhat more and the exceptional depth of your statement which I suspect I have caught a hint of like if from behind a veil; therefore, I think that I would only be able to grasp such a depth only in a thousand years’ time.

80,7. He receives a similar, second, secret compliment. This is then the sluice of the dam, for our man begins to be astonished at his own infinite wisdom, inflates himself inordinately and see the statements of the other guests to be pure midgets in comparison to his. He finally alleviates himself so high above others that he says to them: with minds being at least a thousand years behind, someone like me can impossibly continue to keep on conversing about this subject, for I am now of the opinion that this presented statement of mine would not be understood by you in yet another thousand years.

80,8. See, this example is very clear and is taken from your daily life. It clearly indicates how nonsense can inflate himself among those proclaiming nonsense. If the case is cunningly and well controlled by an opposing party, the nonsense finally grows to beget a forced presentation and thus becomes a truly wrongfully grounded spiritual product. If this is so upon earth, then it is even more apparent and vivid here in the spiritual kingdom. Before we appeared here, these heavenly inhabitants have not attached much value to their heaven. If they would not have been fed so well by the inhabitants of paradise, they would have overthrown their heaven long ago. But when we came and began showing doubt about their heaven, they at first retreated in fright because they saw that we would not let ourselves be intimidated by their stupidity. They felt ashamed for that and therefore soon began to let their pride inflate among themselves and their apparition of their heaven, inflated together with them.

80,9. Only now do they experience the extraordinary character of their apparition, and they, therefore, to show us the greatness of their heaven, performed both the scenes and an orgy before us. Because we have deliberately not allowed ourselves to be fazed and still hold our ground, these heavenly inhabitants are taking revenge as recourse. We need to allow them to perform this maneuver on us; only then will they be able to accept a word from me.

80,10. You shall learn from this how extremely important it is to know what kind of teaching guidance is necessary to bring many different spirits holding on to wrongful insights, into the correct path of life. The principle is as follows: according to its freedom, no spirit can be caught unless he has caught himself first. These spirits must be granted every opportunity by which they, without touching their freedom, in a certain sense necessarily get entangled in their own nets. When they would not see any escape anymore, they have to surrender, saying as much as: when the wrongful statement of a scholar upon earth gets mathematically correctly refuted in every which way, then the erudite must give best and allow his spiritual child to receive a better education.

80,11. The way by which this literally takes place in the kingdom of the pure spirits, you shall clearly see after the soon coming revengeful maneuver. Yes, dear friends and brothers, in this endlessly vast kingdom, scenes are played out which no human fantasy can in any way imagine for himself. When you, if the Master would grant it, would get to see a full picture and see how many people of the earth and the people of the countless other celestial bodies are being led on the way of the truth, and you would get to see the milliards times milliards of scenes, you would lose your life, for I tell you:

80,12. The Master nowhere else shows Himself so great, wise and wondrous as in this endless, unbelievably many various ways of guidance of the spiritual life. His Wisdom indeed everywhere employs the most reliable ways to bring under one roof, as you are used to saying, this endless variety. Let us wait for this scene; we shall learn it all from this.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-80 Chapter