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Chapter 81

Third act on the tragically comical podium

81,1. Now, look at our heavenly podium. The clouds become dark while the shining, great round opening on the background and the ever-darkening ‘trinity’ becomes smaller. You shall soon see that this whole light-opening will soon be only a pinhole. Take notice of what shall emerge.

81,2. See, it is already completely dark in this whole heavenly space and the clouds' borders look as if it is glowing. You can hear a muffled rumbling as of a mighty thunderstorm. The colossal trinity way in the background are becoming 'glowing with anger' and lightnings come from the mouths of the cherubim. The thunderstorm is coming closer and from behind the clouds, flames appear, shooting as powerful lightings crisscross throughout the vast space.

81,3. This scene comes with even more fire and lightning. As you can see and hear mighty bundles of flames are falling with loud crackling like with hail upon this heavenly flower bed. Wherever such a bundle of flames falls, it ignites matter and the blazing fire spread all around. What do you say of such a scene?

81,4. I have a suspicion that it might make you feel rather anxious, not finding it advisable to wait out this third act of this hopeless heavenly show until the end. But I tell you: we have the power to quench the fire immediately, whenever we want to. We, therefore, do not need to fear the fire. We shall indeed do here what we can and have to – to answer the fire with a counter-fire, which shall burn the opponents very sensitively. When our opponents shall notice this, they shall come out, trying to escape the fire. Our fire shall take them captive and devour the evil in them. They shall only then be able to receive from us words which would be wholesome to them.

81,5. See, I now give a sign with my hand and immediately masses of white flaming bundles are falling amidst the red darkness on the heavenly podium. The fire begins to smoke profusely; do you now hear the lamenting of our heavenly inhabitants? See how large crowds are storming to the front through the flames and call for help, but every refugee is encompassed with a pillar of flames which he cannot escape. The podium is already full and the whole, big, burning group tumbles down into the flower-bed. You can now see that water is streaming down amidst the still flashing lightning as if from a cloud-burst, giving much relief for our burning heavenly inhabitants.

81,6. You indeed say: dear friend and brother, this is really a terrible means to cure. I tell you: It must be thus if these seriously ill people would be healed, for comparative beings belong to a certain extent to gout-sufferers and this illness can only be healed by a strong spiritual 'fire-steam bath'. You have steam baths on earth which are especially healing for the affliction of gout; why would there not be in the kingdom of spirits also similar spiritual steam baths?

81,7. I tell you, there is no single apparition which would not be present in similar fashion in the kingdom of spirits. This apparition is therefore not so strange as you have initially thought. You should not compare the fire with fire on earth, for fire here means, when it becomes visible, nothing other than great zeal. As you have seen it, these inhabitants of heaven wanted to take revenge on us and make us flee in their great zeal which is a product of their delusional ideas, with the evil coming forth from it.

81,8. Because this heavenly way of doing is not intended to revenge evil with evil but to do only good to those who want to destroy us and to bless those who curse us, we do not come to them with similar fire, but with the 'fire of love', which was in comparison just as big as the 'fire of wrath' they sent to us. This is what it means to heap true, glowing coals upon our adversary's head. You shall understand this properly when the 'living water' thrown out over them, shall completely convince them.

81,9. Now look: this multitude of more than a thousand heavenly inhabitants now shrinks back into their original dimensions, indicating that they are now being aptly humbled, because of their zeal. The whole, strongly inflated heaven now also shrinks back into its original form. The fire dies down and our inhabitants now stand before us, as if naked. As you can see, a wholesome feeling of shame is taking hold of them, which always indicates that the conquered now is beginning to see himself from the viewpoint of his own folly and the accompanying unrighteousness.

81,10. They are now also ripe to listen more willingly to my words than before. I, therefore, want to ask the following question to the man standing closest on the fore – the previous 'false Peter' and therefore I say: look, you, so-called Peter, we are still here, for all your heavenly powers and might could do nothing against us, as you and your company can clearly see. Tell me, what do you hold me for now? Am I from below or am I after all 'from above'?

81,11. The pseudo-Peter says: Now listen to me. My whole company, and I was and still is infused with many delusional ideas. We can indeed now clearly see that something is terribly amiss with this truly hopeless heaven where we all have been treated very painfully. We also see that, if such scenes would repeat itself in this very much suspect heaven, it very well could be regarded as the first degree of hell and if it is not, then at least a well-maintained purgatory. I, therefore, ask you in the name of all my brethren, free us if it is possible for you, from this truly fatal heaven! I herewith lay down my Peter-status at your feet. I clearly see and acknowledge openly from the depth of my heart that I am no good being Peter and never was, but also that I am way too bad and dumb to be even the most insignificant pig-herder on some or the other spiritual pasture, if such an occupation exists somewhere in this environment.

81,12. I also ask you nothing other than to free us from this 'heaven of cards'! Wherever you want to place us, we shall serve the Master there even for the most meager of food. Just spare us purgatory and hell, for we have felt the terrible burning of the fire to our skins; very briefly, indeed, but sensitively enough that we shall remember it forever!

81,13. Now I say: Very good. This language is much more acceptable than the previous. Be therefore clothed and follow us to the 'paradise' where several of your brothers are already awaiting a similar 'salvation'! Look, the nudes are presently clothed with light grey linen raiment and while we are leaving this place, they are following us, honestly praising and honoring God. You say: these linen garments look like real, sturdy military jackets made of unbleached linen and the whole procession looks like a poor military escort.

81,14. Yes, dear friends, the raiment here is according to the insight in truth and the forthcoming good. The level of truth and goodness present in these spirits, you could clearly see by their heaven and their actions. These clothing are fully adapted to their condition. What shall happen next, we shall very well see at the next instance.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-81 Chapter