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Chapter 84

About sin against the Holy Spirit

84,1. See, our prior have done his exploration and begins to talk to us about it. Therefore, listen; he says: best friend, I have considered your examples and your question in the depth of my inner being and cannot say anything other than that you are completely right in everything. Because for the first time in my double life I now see that confession is the greatest mishap, both for the Godly and mutual, neighborly justice.

84,2. The way I see it now, one can barely imagine himself something more foolish than when to mutual debtors would have to be content with, and would be mutually alleviated of debt when a third, having nothing to do with the debt of the one or the other, would remit the debt of the one or the other. Or even when a third would, by accepting a small amount - of course completely unjustified - fully convince the debtor that he has fully remitted the substantially greater debt towards his creditor. Oh, friend, it is now as clear to me as this exceptionally clear air here. But now another question follows.

84,3. If this is undoubtedly so, what fate would finally befall all the foolish confession fathers and confessors? If I would think that this is in my church exactly the ‘conditio sine qua non’ [indispensable and essential action], then I break out in cold sweat.

84,4. How in God’s name could it be possible that this terrible nonsense could take root so indelibly? Oh, friend, I would want to do penance for my folly in hell, but first, let me go to earth with an immortal body for a year or three. I shall ignite a light for the church which would be more dangerous to her than a piece of white-hot iron to a drop of water. For I know only too well how stiff-necked the high priesthood of this church proceeds with the most senseless deception and I also see that she will never let go of this folly along a normal, natural way. Therefore, I would, as said, want to go down with an immortal and indestructible body to make an end to this and much more, no less important follies of this church.

84,5. Now I say: best friend and brother, the Master do not need this. Do understand the forgiveness of sins here from the right perspective, then you shall have unlimited opportunity to bring it to practical use here much better and more useful than when you would be granted to go against it on earth with various wondrous means.

84,6. The earth is namely no resort for purification, but only a resort for the testing of the free will; therefore, all are free. Good intentions and folly, satan and angel can co-exist.

84,7. For the will of the spirit to be able to practice itself, a variety of temptations are needed, which must constantly endeavor to steer one away from the truth to the lie. Man must, just like whole companies, have constant battle which practices the power of life and where the freedom of must choose one or the other direction.

84,8. Would you want to bring your intention to fruition in a worldly corporation like that of a church community, you would have to begin by completely removing all beguiling of the flesh, like the sexual need as a living feeling, as well as all other physical needs. But if you would or could do this, what would man still be on such a worldly body?

84,9. Look, humans goes forth from exactly these living stimuli, as well as all human passionate actions. If it would now be fully clear to you that the full removal of all such wrongful and its forthcoming evil from a world body would not be possible by any other means than to remove the human race itself, then you would also understand that the three-year stay on the world body where you intend to perform wonders for the present as well as the future, shall produce fewer fruit for the full turning to good from all wrongful and evil, than would the earthly life of the Master and those of His Spirit-filled apostles and disciples.

84,10. I shall tell you though, why you want to go to the earth. Look, there are two reasons. The main reason is revenge and the other is that you want to please and make up for your folly with the Master with even more foolish, wrongful and badly chosen means! Therefore, you should quickly let go of your intention and, instead of revenge, let true neighbor and brotherly love sprout in your heart, then you shall soon clearly see that man here in the resort of the true purgatory (cleansing) can, according to the wisest loving plan of the Master, can best meet the foolishness of the world.

84,11. Because I can tell that you and your whole company understands and see this, I have to draw your attention to it that you still owe me an actual answer about the texts in Scripture regarding forgiveness of sins. We cannot go one step further before this issue is extensively and fully discussed. Do begin now therefore with the answer and begin with the text from Scripture about loosening and binding, of Matthew 18:18 and John 20:23. If you are done there, then we shall proceed to James. Therefore, speak!

84,12. The prior says: oh, highly exalted friend, it will be unspeakably difficult for me and therefore I humbly ask you to excuse me that I can give you in this regard no satisfying answer, for where there is nothing, not even death can get something from.

84,13. I now say: You see, I knew that it would come to this. You want to go to earth to bring your church on the good road. Tell me, how are you going to manage this is you lack the most essential and basic for such an endeavor?

84,14. The prior says: exalted friend, truly, my foolishness grow like prolific weeds on fertilized soil. After what you have just said, I understand that I am not even fit to be a pig-minder, let go a wondrous church reformer. Oh, do tell me, how much of such kind of senselessness is still stuck in me?

84,15. I answer: I tell you, still a big portion, but the answer to the question shall work wonders in you. Pay therefore attention how I shall give you the answer. Therefore, listen!

84,16. I shall explain to you the text in John because he gives preference to the revelation by the Holy Spirit; if you would forgive people their sins, it shall be forgiven in heaven; but if you keep people to their sins, it shall be reckoned in heaven. This is how the text goes, but what does it mean?

84,17. “Receive the Holy Spirit”, wants to say as much as: be enlightened by My truth! The deeper meaning also says: follow Me in everything! The deepest meaning is: love each other as I have loved you! For by this man shall know that you are My disciples if you have love one for another.

84,18. Look, this means: “Receive the Holy Spirit”, for the Master has given no other commandment than that of love. He can therefore impossibly offer and give another spirit than that of love. Do you understand this text? You confirm this to me in your heart. Good, then we go on.

84,19. “To whom you forgive sins, it shall be forgiven in heaven” means that: when whoever of you shall remit, according to My Spirit of love and wisdom, the guilt of your brother against you, I shall not alone also remit the guilt of the brother which you remit him, but I shall also forgive him who extended remission, all guilt. When one would though, as the second part of the text states, not remit his brother’s guilt, I shall let the creditor keep his guilt. When the debtor would want to reconcile with the creditor regarding the transgression but the guilty one would not want to accept it, I shall be irreconcilable towards the guilty until he shall be willing to reconcile with his enemy.

84,20. Look, this is the only heavenly valid explanation of this text. The sins man commit against God and his own spirit, cannot be forgiven by anyone else but only He, against Whose order the transgression has been committed. The sin against the own spirit cannot be remitted or forgiven by anyone else but the spirit itself; with a complete, honest will out of love for the Master; and then deny himself and never commit such transgression again.

84,21. Regarding the sins against the Godly Spirit which is the radiating love of the Master, it shall be obvious that when one would willfully oppose the most holy and powerful means of mercy, one must seriously ask oneself by what means someone like that, who are maliciously fighting against the most holy, can still be saved.

84,22. You see, this then is the full and meaningful exegesis of these texts about forgiveness of sins. These texts both become loudly, clearly expressed in the most exalted prayer of the Lord, where irrevocably is written: “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us”. There is not written something like: forgive us our sins to the extent of our penitentials like the confession, the penitential deeds, the communion and the absolving of our sins according to the confession father. The general forgiveness of sins is also mentioned elsewhere, as it is written: “Be merciful and you shall receive mercy”, which again does not mean: confess, then your sins shall be absolved.

84,23. In the parable of the prodigal son, the Master refers to the most important means to receive forgiveness of sins, namely a charitable, humble and loving return to God, the very best and most loving Father of all people! Do you understand this? You confirm that you do; then we shall proceed to James.

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