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Chapter 85

The Word of the Lord! The actual judge.

85,1. As to James, he does not say that the congregation should "confess" their sins to an elder of the congregation, but he only says that no brother in the congregation should have any secret from the other, and want to be considered by the whole Community to be better than he really is. And this is the reason why James recommends but does not at all dictate that the sins or mistakes should be confessed to one another.

85,2. But if all this is irrefutable, what is the ear-confession in the Catholic Church? I tell you, it is nothing more than an incriminating sin bank, where people get rid of their life's responsibilities and guilt. Through this transposition, they bring the ecclesiastical usury a double gain; firstly, each one for himself, and secondly, because he withdraws himself from the eyes of his brethren and his fellow-men by confession, so that they should not know who he really is in his inner being, andwould regard him at least after the confession, immediately again as a completely honest man; while he remains after confession the same man as he was before.

85,3. All the confessed sins are covered up this way and every owner will get them back to the extent that he has deceived himself and all his fellow-men! For himself, because, according to every confession, he regarded himself as a man fully worthy of Divine grace, by which he exalted himself and took pleasure in himself. He deceives his fellow-men, in that they never really know where they stand with him, and therefore should regard him to be much better than before.

85,4. So these are interest rates, and they are called double fraud! And this deception is still a chief burden, which consists in the fact that the condemned man is deluded to be perfectly justified before the Lord.

85,5. I can assure you that if Judas, the traitor, had established a Christian church, it would certainly have been better than this, which has not come out of Christianity, but from paganism, only by salting this paganism a bit with Christianity. For as salt is but the smallest ingredient of a dish, so in this paganism, Christianity makes up the smallest part. That would still be bearable if it were only good. But is the salt itself stale, how then will pure paganism be Christianity?

85,6. The heathendom has many gods, therefore do those in possession of the new salt not want to stay with one God, but makes three thereof. After this God, which was separation into three, it makes saints of people who lived upon earth, creating a surrogate for the rejected “demigods” and “house gods”. The old heathendom was very profitable to its priests, but the pure Christianity stands directly opposed to such profiteering, for it expressly states: “Freely you received, freely you shall give”.

85,7. The heathendom could not make use of this but rather invented a ‘sin register’. Because the Mosaic law was not often transgressed, they independently invented new laws which were rather difficult to keep. Besides the sin register and the very expansive book of the law, they also established the ‘confession’ unto forgiveness of sins and by these confessions, people were brought to various profitable works of penitence. By this have the sole sanctifying pontificate exalted itself by means of yet more profitable religious ceremonies to world-renown, before whom all kings tremble!

85,8. For this sole sanctifying pontificate to become even more independent and therefore also mightier and less restricted, it knew to form its own mighty army by very clever means, more than a million men strong, besieging castles, citadels, cities, countries of caesars, kings and princes everywhere and victoriously, making all countries subject and taxable. This army consists of the “priests” and “monks” and the means is “celibacy”. This way this new, heathen, ecclesiastical power was unconquerably established. Since every ruler, if he would want to know how things are with his subjects, needs his spies, these spies were indispensable also to the pontificate. Who were these spies! Well, the whole priesthood!

85,9. What are the means called, by which the hidden attitudes were discovered? Nothing other than the ‘confession’. Look that is the second profit for the confession father and indeed also for the whole dark priestly order.

85,10. Of what nature is this profit? I tell you, it consists of nothing other than that this confession of sins is being described to be beneficial to the Church, to which the egoistic deception of the people is necessarily connected. They are being duped into believing that they would be fully justified before God as often as they would confess.

85,11. You now stand here, donned with such ‘profit’ and this begs for another question, which is: what would you now present for the full amortization of such pure ‘hellish profit'? For I immediately must add that no one can enter life solely on the premise of the pure, direct mercy of the Lord; for he who has nothing, even what he has shall be taken from him.

85,12. See, this is the most important question you still need to answer. I shall give you time to think about this. If you can present something which would be acceptable here in the Kingdom of the naked truth and complete faithfulness, then it is fair and good. Yet, if you could not, then you already carry your judgment in you. Believe me, neither I nor the Master shall judge you, for yourworks, as you could gather from my explanation, still diametrically opposes the Word. Therefore, it should not be for you on any point, but precisely against you.

85,13. The prior says: yes, so it is. Now my verdict for hell is as good as served, for what would I be able to present in my own favor? I can say nothing but: Master, have compassion and mercy on our poor, blind fools and greatest of all sinners! I see nothing but only the heavy as lead weight of guilt before me and I do not need any time to think about it. All that remains is to painfully await in the terrible judgment which now seems to me and certainly all of us, more painful than the fire of hell itself. I, therefore, implore you, do not hold us back anymore, but give us an indication where we belong.

85,14. I say: here, not my will prevails, but the Godly order! You should, therefore, subject yourselves to it if you do not want to perish forever by your own doing. I, therefore, tell you once more that you shall speak about the subject presented to you. For I still see in your heart a plea for the confession and as long as it is still stuck in you, you cannot leave this place; therefore, take your time and then speak! Amen.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-85 Chapter