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Chapter 86

The Master’s pure love is also in hell

86,1. Our prior, who have already investigated in this new short time for contemplation all corners of his being, as you shall soon hear from his mouth, fortunately, found an excuse for his problem. We, therefore, want to presently give him the opportunity to present his plea and I, therefore, say to him: best friend and brother, I see that you have spent your time well and found something. Tell us therefore what you have found.

86,2. The prior says: I truly have found something that could be a valid case for confession in the most favorable situation. But whether the discovery would be accepted in my favor, is another question. I do indeed have to honestly acknowledge that of all things related to this case, this point has been to me personally, especially regarding confession, the most consoling. But whether I am right in regarding this as a consolation, is yet another question.

86,3. The point itself is the parable of the unrighteous steward who, when one would properly consider it, acts in his position almost like a confession father towards his children. The Master praises the unrighteous steward and even says to His disciples that they also must make friends by means of unrighteous things for it to when the Master would call his steward to account, would take him into his heavenly abode.

86,4. Look, this is what I can state to my benefit. I also think that many of my confessors have been taken in by the Master and would find themselves in their heavenly homes. I have indeed been an unrighteous steward and have trespassed regarding the unrighteous things of the Godly word. I have acted with the immeasurable things to the disadvantage of the great Master of the house because I have converted it in the literal sense of the word into the shameful Mammon and thus it could be reckoned unto me in a high degree as being unrighteous things.

86,5. How often have I not remitted the greatest debtors of the Master of their debt in the confession chair? I completely remitted them the main capital and left only some meager for the debtor, for the small, daily sins can be regarded as a remaining stain of the greater. Only a purifying penitence should be done, the purifying means are given by which the debtor can easily get rid of his small debt.

86,6. I as well as my equals can do very little to the fact that the church has independently prescribed such means and not only I, but also every priest were strictly obliged to use them. Now you have all I can give you. Your wisdom can evaluate this situation better than all of my mind.

86,7. I now say: well, best friend and brother, I have heard your plea and I do tell you that it is indeed valid for the ear confession, but how? This is another question which I shall answer immediately.

86,8. If the heart of the confession father is really filled with love, and he uses the confession only to show the confessor at that occasion the way and time to have his sins forgiven by only the Lord, and he let him see that the confession would have no effect on him whatsoever without the consideration of these advocated means and the full application thereof, but he as a sinner, if he should believe in the full remittance of his sins by means of confession, would become even more hardened and incorrigible. When the confession father would with that also give the advice with much friendliness and love that he should try in future with care and earnestness to avoid all his confessed sins in the way shown by the gospel and would do so without ceasing, this is the only way leading to the rebirth of the spirit; then if the confessor would honestly promise to the confession father that he would do everything possible to follow his advice and the confession father then would remit his sins in the Name of the Lord – only then is he a true confession father and in this case he can be referred to as a “unrighteous” steward.

86,9. You now indeed ask me how a confession father in such a case could still be an “unrighteous” steward? You could have deducted partly from my explanation that no one has the right to remit the debt which exists between two people, except when the third party would mediate between the debtor and the creditor by bringing them together again through the teaching of love and would pay on behalf of the poor debtor the debt out of his own pocket, to the creditor. But take notice, this can only happen when both parties would agree fully brotherly and in friendliness with such a charitable redemption of guilt.

86,10. Secondly is this unrighteous stewardship of such a confession father easily recognizable from the text in Scripture where the Master says to His apostles and disciples: “When you have done all, then say and acknowledge: we are unworthy servants”.

86,11. I do think that it is not necessary to elaborate any more on this case, for if you still have a spark of faith in the gospel left, then my word as the eternal, unchangeable truth should be completely clear to you. You now say in your heart: I indeed understand all this very well; but what shall now happen with all of us? None of us can be praised to be unrighteous stewards, for as we now stand here before you, we never have used confession for such pure purposes. Yet, I tell you: the way already lays open before you and you shall soon could be a much better unrighteous steward in the Kingdom of absolute faithfulness than on earth, where light and living faith is completely absent.

86,12. Behold, see the whole deceived laity, see the great multitude of the laity in this paradise, and then see the great multitude of "soul sleepers' in this monastery of your false foundation! Go and preach to them the true gospel, bring them all here, and you will take the first step to become a true "unrighteous steward" in the kingdom of God.

86,13. The Prior says, "O divine friend and brother! Would it be possible that I could escape hell?

86,14. I say, who hath condemned thee to hell? Do you think the messengers of eternal love will do this? If you do not condemn yourself by your unyielding mind, and if, as I see it, you feel love for the Lord in you, where is the one who has the power to condemn you to hell? Do you think the Lord sends His messengers for condemnation? Oh, you are still in a great error!

86,15. The Lord sends messengers only for salvation, but never for damnation! Therefore, do not care for foolish things, but make your love for the Lord shine brightly, and go in such love to your brethren, and bring them all out of their prisons, and only then will you experience how the Lord judges His children.

86,16. Believe me, the Lord is pure Love also in hell; and there is not an evil spirit there who, if he wills, will not be able to return to the Father as a lost son! But if this is the most certain and infallible case, then you will be able to infer from your love of the Lord, that His omnipotence has not created you for hell. Therefore, go now, and do as I have told thee, that you may soon be saved!

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