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Chapter 88

The prior’s trouble at the crevice. The true bridge of salvation. From death to life.

88,1. Now look, our prior is presently returning from the monastery with a very despondent face without having achieved his object, approaching us with great, doubtful anxiety in his mind. He shall immediately open up to us. Now take notice, for you shall be taken with a brisk step deeper into Godly guidance.

88,2. The prior is here and begins to relate. Listen, he says: Oh, friend and brother, what the initial reason for your assignment to me was, the Master would best know, but I do not understand a thing thereof! For see, I go by your command to our still soul-sleeping brothers and want to bring them here, according to the assignment. But what horror was there!!

88,3. Behold, between me and them who were howling and weeping, was a broad crevice from which bright flames came forth. Behind these flames, my brethren were continually trying to cross over, but it was in vain. I was looking for items across the chasm to make them an emergency bridge. But whatsoever I put over the cleft, was soon seized by the flames, and was suddenly consumed.

88,4. As I was not able to meet your charge with all my effort and with my best will, I thought to myself that since God cannot demand the impossible from anyone, even less so can a messenger sent by Him, demand it. To bridge this gap, which would demand defiance of the elements, was purely impossible for me.

88,5. And so, I returned, out of necessity not having achieved my goal, as I was sent, and thought to myself whether I had not understood your mission, or whether you had given me with this mission a tangible proof of myself, according to which I should see how completely unfit and unsuitable I am to the kingdom of God. If it were so, I thought to myself, that the following explanation from your side would probably be the most suitable. So, I am here again and have told you how it is with the matter. But you may do as you please. I see clearly that we cannot resist you all. And if you were not a messenger from above, our small strength would nevertheless have to be subdued by your own, because it can nowhere be opposed to it in the least.

88,6. I must also point out to you the fact that at the sight of the great distress of my brethren, I began to doubt my divine mission; but then I thought again that one had to wait for the end, and then judge. Therefore, I now await your promised solution here, and only then will I judge myself in whose hands I am.

88,7. Now I say: "from your point of view, it is strange to me that you could not build a bridge over the fiery gap, since the head of the church bears the very meaningful title of" Pontifex Maximus", but also all priests under his scepter are pontifices minores. And you, as such a pontifex minor, who have read many soul masses at the time of your physical life, and who have thought that the dead souls can build bridges from purgatory to paradise, are now unable to build a little bridge across the very narrow gap!!

88,8. The Prior says: Dear friend and brother, I already see a small light! If I am not mistaken, you have allowed me to be somewhat agitated with this mission, so that I should see from it the effect of our "soul masses," as well as all other always profitable mortality functions.

88,9. Now I say: Yes, dear friend and brother, this time you hit the nail on the head. Do you know what is the sole means of salvation, and therefore the only bridge from death to life? You indicate that you do not see it clearly, but I say unto thee: Look to the Lord. What motivated Him to redeem the fallen human race of the earth, and thus built an everlasting bridge from death to life for every inhabitant of the earth? Was it not His eternal, divine, merciful Fatherly love? You affirm this to me; Good! But I will tell you something else:

88,10. If a king had a prisoner on the earth, but someone would like to help those prisoners; but the prisoners are kept in a strong fortress, to which only the king has the key. This man, however, who has concern for the prisoners, has learned that the King is accessible by nothing but a great humiliation before him, and then by a great love which sets aside everything else.

88,11. Since we know this, I ask you, how shall this man endeavor to free the prisoners out of their captivity? Behold, I will tell you. He will first be motivated by his love for the prisoners, having a longing desire to see them free. This is the first bridgehead. If he has erected this bridgehead, he must realize that a king who is only accessible through humility and love must be a noblest, good, and just ruler. And if he has considered these things, he will also bring all his humility and love together to a single point, and present them as a sacrifice to the king. That done, he has completed the second bridgehead.

88,12. But since the exceedingly noble, good and just king will most certainly welcome such a sacrifice, and will meet our bridge-builder with a much greater love than with which he may have come to him, it will be clear that the love of the King will be united with the love of the bridge-maker for a purpose, and the bridge over the moat will be built. The King Himself will come, open the closed gate of the fortress, free all prisoners, and bring them out of the great shame to the land of glory.

88,13. Now that we have created this picture, it will be clear to you from which substance and how a bridge must be built which cannot be destroyed by the fire of self-interest, self-love, self-seeking, envy, and discord. You now say: Yes, I recognize it, it is the love of the neighbor and the love of God united in one.

88,14. Well, I tell you; go and build a bridge from these substances and you can rest assured that this bridge will become a true, indestructible rock which defies every power of hell. It shall also bethe true key with which you and everyone with you, will be able to open all the prisons and the true gate of heaven.

88,15. You have read many masses in the world, and have performed other church functions for the welfare of the deceased. But you have built on sand with everything, and your building material was nothing but sand since you did not have the love for the basis of all these functions, but only the church acquisition.

88,16. What came out of it and from it for your brethren, you have convinced yourself of it, for your material bridging attempts corresponded to your ecclesiastical functions. Now go and build a bridge from the living Rock of Peter, which is love and its living light, and you will surely experience a different degree of success than before.

88,17. But if you believe that it is not you, but the King alone who can free the prisoners, it will also happen, as you live out of your love. And so, go again in the name of the Lord. Amen!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-88 Chapter