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Chapter 90

The simple man. Voluntary recognition of the prior.

90,1. Look, the simple man goes to our prior. He presently discovers Him and, as you see, comes to meet Him, and immediately asks Him a question: Dear friend and brother! Welcome here a thousand times! You are still a stranger to me, and I cannot recall having ever seen you in my company. But I have been a good judge of men on earth, and I have brought along a bit of it, that is to say, by the highest degree of undeserved mercy and grace of the Lord, so I recognize that you are a man of very noble character. And so, I will at once make known to you what is in my heart.

90,2. Behold, we were all of the priestly occupation on the earth. But as we acted in the world, we were certainly all but priests in the face of the Lord. We mechanically performed our prescribed, religious ceremonies, which were supposed to be worshipful; but just how truly "religious" those where, we have been shown as clearly as the sun, by a messenger sent by the Lord. Short and good, we have been to this day, and mostly still are mistaken, entrapped by ourselves, have been grounded in every possible falsity, and would have never been freed from it out of ourselves, if the Lord would not have taken much pity on our boundless poverty in His Infinite Love.

90,3. Beyond this chasm, you can still see the perilous danger of my brotherhood. The messenger of the Lord sent me for the purpose of bringing the poor brothers out of this captivity. I have already done all sorts of things to achieve with them this blessed purpose, but there still is no means to cross the chasm. But I know what the messenger of the Lord has given me, and I am fully convinced in my innermost feelings that I would like to help those poor brothers with all my heart if it could only be possible.

90,4. The messenger of the Lord, indeed, has referred me to this activity, only to the help of the Lord. Oh, dear friend and brother, I am well convinced that the Lord can help these brothers as well as myself as no one else in all the infinity; but I also know that I am very unworthy of such help from the Lord. If therefore, you could help me to save these poor men, I am convinced that you would certainly have done a good work for those most miserable brethren. And if we have succeeded, in the name of the Lord, in bringing the poor over the dreadful chasm, I will, together with thee before the Lord, for the first time, in spirit and in truth, throw myself into the dust of my nothingness, saying:

90,5. Oh Lord, most gracious and best Father! I thank You for the immeasurable grace which You have shown me by the fact that I am now able to say from the bottom of my heart, O Lord! I have done nothing, but only You have done everything, but I am your most unworthy and useless servant.

90,6. The simple man says, "Well, my dear friend and brother, I have completely understood you; what should we do here? Shall we lay over some joined beams?

90,7. The Prior says, "Dear friend and brother, I have already made such an attempt, but the grim fire below will destroy it as soon as it is put over it. For, look down, it is just despairingly horrible to look at, what immense glowing, flaming mass rages down there. I do not trust myself to go close there at all.

90,8. The simple man said, "Well, my dear friend and brother, then I will go and see how it is with the fire. Behold, I am at the chasm, and I must openly confess to you, except to a few little sparks, I seriously see nothing fiery anymore.

90,9. Here the Prior also goes and convinces himself. But as he looks down into the chasm, he lifts his hands, and cries out to the other brethren, oh brethren, come nearer to this chasm, and convince yourselves how infinitely merciful and graceful the Lord is! Hardly a few small coals are in the depths. Throw yourselves down, thank the one and only Lord! He alone stifled this gruesome glow. But also, dampen with the tears of your repentance and your greatest thanks to Him, the holy, omnipotent Helper in every need, these little embers, and be fully convinced and assured that if the good, holy, loving Father has helped us so far, He can help us even more!

90,10. Look here, a good, dear brother came to us. I still do not know whence and who he is; but so much is certain that the Lord Jesus Christ has sent him so that he may help me to save you, for I recognize this from his great willingness.

90,11. Behold, the still naked brothers beyond the chasm now void of any glow, throw themselves down on their faces after the address of the Prior, profoundly thanking God for so much grace and mercy. And the priest now asks the simple man what he means, whether they would perhaps construct a bridge with beams and planks?

90,12. The simple man says, "I mean, if the Lord has already extinguished the glow without your input, it might well happen that at the right time if you are of good faith, this cleft would likewise close itself again should the need arise, just as it came into being.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-90 Chapter