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Chapter 92

Three trials to test love’s willingness to serve

92,1. The simple man asks our prior what is to be done with the saved and dressed brothers. And the priest said: Dear friend and brother! The task assigned to me by the sublime messenger of the Lord is to take them all out into the garden, which formerly formed our false monastic 'paradise,' where they will surely receive a more detailed instruction from the messenger, regarding which way they should proceed from there. This is what still awaits them, and what I should take care of, that they should come to the garden for this purpose.

92,2. The simple man says: Well, this task will probably be easy to sort out, and you will not need me. The priest said, oh dear friend and brother, do all that thou wilt, but I beg you, do not leave me. For I must tell you sincerely that I have a feeling which tells me that if you leave me, it would be as if my own life had left me! Therefore, do not leave me, and this problem would be easy to solve; for you have so far directed everything so favorably, and have visibly helped me and these poor brothers in the name of the Lord to this point, as we stand now. So, please, help me in the name of the Lord and these poor brothers to the end! Therefore, I pray you, dear friend and brother, from the inner, living ground of my heart.

92,3. The simple man said, "Yes, my dear friend and brother, it would be all right in this case; but only a single point must be considered, namely: the heavenly messenger has given you this task to solve. But if I go out with him to you, and the messenger sees that not you, but I have solved your task, tell me, are you assured in advance that he will be content with you? If you can give Me the assurance that I am not causing you loss, I will go with you; I will gladly do what you ask, but I do not want to harm you in any way, nor bring you to great embarrassment before the face of the heavenly messenger. What do you think about this?

92,4. The Prior says, "Dear friend and brother, if this is so, then come outside with me quickly, for if you would not, I shall immediately inform the sublime messenger myself that you alone have solved this situation, which I should be regarded not only as a fifth but a good-tenth wheel on the carriage. As such you cannot use this as an objection so as not to go further with me. As far as my benefit or any damage is concerned, things shall take its course. As far as it concerns me, truly I will go to hell for you if it is possible, let alone for the love of you, I would not let a few sharp words on the part of the heavenly messenger phase me.

92,5. The simple man says: Good, dear friend and brother, in this respect we are mutually open; but now comes another, much more important point. I know the sharp precision of your heavenly messenger and know that in the name of the Lord he does not even negotiate one atom, and for this reason, something important has occurred to me.

92,6. See, it might very easily happen that the heavenly messenger would promptly restore all these brothers who had been liberated, by their great power, to their former condition, because not you, but I, have solved your condition given to you by the heavenly messenger. But I can do as much as I can that the messenger will not know that I have helped these poor brothers. In such circumstances then, you stand before the messenger as a perfectly justified man, who has completed his task according to his instructions.

92,7. The Prior says, "Dear friend and brother! I would much rather go to hell than to ascribe something to myself in which I had not participated in the least. But I myself will openly admit to the messenger that the success of my mission can only be attributed to the Lord and to you. And if the messenger should not be content with this, and therefore impede the poor brethren anew in their freedom, then I will throw myself before him in the dust, and ask him in all humility, that he will punish me alone instead of these brethren in the Name of the Lord as he sees fit; I will gladly take all the blame upon myself.

92,8. The simple man says: Dear friend and brother, you are most pleasant to Me; this second point is then also resolved, and he will not stop me from going out with you.

92,9. But now there is a third obstacle; if you can jump over it, then nothing will stop me from granting you your wish. Behold, here in the kingdom of the spirits is the generally unchangeable rule and custom, that the perfect spirits of the upper heaven, to which also I belong, always immediately experience everything which is discussed or done pertaining the Lord. And therefore, I also heard the good parable on the part of the messenger, in which he represented the Lord as king, who is accessible only by an extraordinary love and humility.

92,10. In this parable, said the messenger, the Lord alone has the keys to the prisons, and therefore He alone can open the prison, or build the bridge over the chasm since no one else has this right. Though you have invoked the Lord in the fullness of your spirit, your life, and the truth, to help you and the poor brothers. But as you were expecting the Lord's help in the best confidence, I came by chance into the great chamber, and when I came to you, you began to lament Your distress. You took hold of Me, and since you have also asked Me to help you, and I have also helped you with My strength, I wonder whether such help would be accepted by the messenger according to his depicted parable.

92,11. For it would have been clear, well understood, that the sublime King himself should come and help you. How is the matter now to be considered? Will not the messenger say to you, "Why, at the sight of this friend and brother, have you forsaken confidence in the Lord to the extent that you have asked this friend and brother to help you, after having seen from the parable that such a salvation from the prisons, only the Lord has the just keys?

92,12. The Prior says, "Dear friend and brother, that is a different question, for which just answer I will be hard-pressed; but you know what, I'll stay with the truth. I did not call on anyone but the Lord; and when I came to Him in full abandon, then you came. How then I can think differently, and believe differently, that the Lord, inspired by His infinite mercy, has sent you to help me in His name, since I could never have asked for it, according to my great unworthiness that the most holy of Lords and of the earth itself should have come to help me, the least of all. But to Him, therefore, all glory, all praise, and all honor, since only He has helped me and these brothers by sending you! So, I will also speak before the messenger, and he shall then do what he wills with me in the Name of the Lord, for I will take all things upon me."

92,13. The plain man says, "Well, I see that you are perfectly faithful, honest and loving, and therefore nothing will stop Me from going with you and your brothers into the garden. But if then the messenger would like to condemn you somewhat harshly, what shall I do in My situation?

92,14. The Prior says, "Dear friend and brother, I am not at all afraid of this; I will certainly not be able to help you, but it will certainly not be necessary. For you are one who certainly does not need the help of any creature, since, as a resident of the supreme heaven, you are already equipped with the fullness of the divine power. On the contrary, I ask you only in the name of the Lord, if you would help me the same as now if I would fare badly.

92,15. The plain man said, "Well, I will remember this your request before the Lord; and so let us go out.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-92 Chapter