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Chapter 98

The secret of true progress

98,1. Look, we are on the bank of the well-known great body of waters, how shall we pass over it this time? I say to you that we do not need to be afraid, having such a leader; for He understands to change the water so suddenly into solid land like you have never experienced anything like it before. Therefore, look now as the prior, standing closest to Him, asks and says: O You Eternal Love! My beloved Jesus Christ! What will we do with this endless ocean? The Lord says, Dear friend and brother in My love, we will walk over it.

98,2. The Prior says: O you my love, will the water also carry us? The Lord says: How can you ask thus at My side? Do you not know that all things are possible to me and that I am also a master of all waters? Behold, I want that this great body of waters at once become as sturdy ground, will remain as such and carry us until we are all on the other side. But as soon as we have reached the definite surface of the land on the other side, the solid land shall thaw again into its surging element. Let it be done! Do you see any water?

98,3. The Prior says: O You my all-powerful, holy love! Good, Holy Father! How is this possible? How fast everything has changed! The dreadfully undulating, endlessly stretched out surface has become dry land, and we can pass over without fear and hesitation. How could we thank You, that you have shown yourself so wonderfully and omnipotently loving to us?

98,4. The Lord says: My dear friend and brother, the only thanks which is precious and worthy to Me, is a heart loving Me always above all things. I tell you: no offering of thanks, no prayer of thanksgiving, no vow of thanksgiving, no thanksgiving procession, no "Te Deum laudamus", no jubilee festival and no big thanksgiving ceremony is pleasant to Me, but I detest it like one would a stinking carcass or the rotting flesh in the graves, which is full of stench and pestilence. But a humble heart, always loving Me, is an invaluable precious gem in the infinite crown of My eternal divine power and glory, and is also poured upon Me like a balsam into My Loving Father's Heart, which refreshes Me exceedingly, and the joy of My entire infinite Godhood, exalting it unspeakably!

98,5. Therefore, if you remain in your love for Me and seek forever nothing else, you are to Me all that you should be, and I will be to you all that I can ever be to you as your God, Creator, and ever loving Father! Love is the only bond between Me and you; it is the only wonderfully omnipotent bridge between Me, the ever-omnipotent, infinite Creator, and you, My finite creature. On this bridge, I can come to you and you to Me as a good father comes to his children and the children to their dear father.

98,6. Love is also your true eye, as it is the only eternal eye in Me. Only with this eye is it possible for you to see Me, your God and Creator, as one brother looks to another. To every other eye, I am eternally invisible in this My Being. Love is also the right arm in your being, with which you can embrace Me as a brother. So, love is also the right ear, which alone hears My Father's voice; no other ear will ever be able to do so forever.

98,7. Love is an infinitely far-reaching destination that can never be reached by the mind and with wisdom. But love begins with this destiny, to which the scholars and the wise stretch their sails in vain. Yes, love is the spirit's most inner and sharpest sight-weapon, with which alone you can see into My divine miracles, while the edurite and the wise cannot even touch the hem of My outermost garment. Therefore, you are also blessed, you and your brethren, when you have love in you, and this love has brought Me to you, and this has now transformed this waters into a fixed bridge, over which I will guide you now as the only one true Leader and as your only true Father and Brother in your love for Me as in My love for you. And so you should not ever think of another thanksgiving; for your love is all in all, as I am in My love for you and all of you in everything! And so, let us pass over this bridge; follow Me, therefore!

98,8. Now see, the procession is moving forward. And I can assure you, although it seems to you as if you were progressing step by step, we are still moving forward with an indescribable rapidity. At the side of the Lord, spiritually and materially, one step covers a greater distance than if you were to make steps from sun to sun in an earthly fashion.

98,9. But you must understand the difference between secular and such purely spiritual progress. For this movement here not only indicates progress, but the meaning is rather that the one who is guided by the love of the Lord, in his inner sphere of knowledge, progresses also in a moment, or correspondingly in a step, inexplicably greater regarding experience, and in truth, in such steps, makes endlessly greater and far more extensive, most enlightened observation than a researcher of knowledge and wisdom in many thousands of earth years.

98,10. To explain it a bit more to you: a step under the direction of the Lord is worth more than billions under the guidance of such an enlightened spirit. Or: a word from the mouth of the Lord is worth more than all the words spoken and written and still to be spoken and written on all bodies of all the worlds by the beings since the primordial beginning. I do not need to say more about you in this respect.

98,11. We have passed over the water in the meantime; now have a look behind you and you shall see our vast sea again, instead of the firm ground. And see, the Lord is drawing it to His followers attention too and says to the Prior, "See, Look, we have already reached our place. How do you like it here?

98,12. The priest said: O Lord and Father! You my eternal love; wherever You are, I like it everywhere inexpressibly well. Without You, however, it would be here, as surely everywhere, forever to despair!

98,13. The Lord says: My dear son, friend, and brother! You spoke well; so it is and not otherwise. With Me you can do everything without me, but nothing! So it is always good with Me! But apart from Me, there is nothing enduring, for I am the only way, the truth, and the life! Whoever remains in Me through love and I in him, has the light, the truth, and the life. Therefore, keep following Me, and I will show you another place and see how you will like it there. If you find comfort there, you can choose a home there. And if you will not like it there, we will look for another. And so, follow Me!

98,14. See, the procession moves between morning and noon, and there, behind that glowing mountain, we will again make a stop in an unspeakably beautiful region. Our guests will there have a rather strong test, for there is still a hidden issue in them, namely the love for women, according to which they were either hostile to celibacy or at least compelled to be. They endured celibacy for the sake of duty and conscience, and not one of them have ever transgressed with a woman regarding fleshly love on earth.

98,15. But there is not much merit in this, for the place on earth, where they had their monastic life, was, in many respects, very neglected regarding female beauties. In addition to these monasteries, only the old women had to confess, for the younger women’s order was much too strict. Thus, in such aspects, an anti-celibatic temptation could not easily take place, and the victory of these celibates was not to be counted among those of whom later generations would speak. Therefore, they must also pass this test in the presence of the Lord.

98,16. I tell you, in this next station, we will see blessed female spirits, who shall even make you feel dizzy. This place is also so heavenly beautiful as you have never seen, except the holy city, and it will soon be a question of how it stands with the love of the Lord in these recently saved ones. But this will be the subject of our consideration only the next time.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-98 Chapter