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Chapter 102

How to love God above all else

102,1. But in order to know and understand thoroughly how to love God beyond the law, one must know that the law in and of itself is nothing but the dry way to the true love of God.

102,2. He who begins to love God in his heart, has already traveled the way; but whoever loves God only by the attitude of the law, is still with his love a traveler on the way, where no fruit grows and not infrequently robbers and thieves of the wanderer wait.

102,3. But whoever loves God purely, loves Him above all else! For to love God above all means to love God beyond all law. Whoever is out of the way, must go on step by step, in order to reach in the most painstaking manner the goal set for him. But he who loves God fully, skips the whole way, that is, the whole law, and he loves God above all else.

102,4. One could probably say here: That sounds odd, for according to our concepts "to love God above all" means to love God more than everything in the world. - Good, I say, and I ask at once: What measure does man have to measure such a love? The Objector has very clearly differentiated all these measures for the highest possible love of man upon earth, and has also shown that man does hereby indeed not have a measure for the above-all-love for God.

102,5. But I say: Is not everything explained by the given law, how man has to behave in his desire for worldly things? All things are therefore represented in the law, and besides, for the love of man, there is given the just limitation according to which every man has to behave towards worldly things.

102,6. But if somebody loves God beyond the law, he certainly loves him beyond all worldly things, because, as I have just said, the use of worldly things and the attitude to them according to the Divine order are represented by the law. A short supplement in a comparative position will make the whole thing as clear as daylight.

102,7. The Lord speaks to the rich youth: "Sell everything, divide it among the poor, and follow Me!" - What does that mean? In other words, if you, young man, have observed the law, then rise above it, return all laws and all things to the world, and you stay with Me, then you have the life!

102,8. Who will not know here what God means to love beyond the law?

102,9. The Lord continues to speak to the disciples: "If you do not become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God." What does that mean? Nothing other than:

102,10. If you are not like this little child, not respecting everything in the world, neither the law nor the things of the world, coming to Me and taking Me like this child with all love, you will not enter into the kingdom of God! Why not? Because the Lord Himself speaks again: "I am the way, the truth, and the life!" So whoever comes to Me, who is completely one with the Father, must enter through Me into the fold or the kingdom of God.

102,11. As long as one does not embrace the Lord Himself, he cannot come to Him, even if he had, like a rock, observed a thousand laws without fail. For whoever is still on the way is not yet with the Lord, but who is with the Lord, what does he have to do with the way any more?

102,12. But here among you there are fools, and many hundreds of thousands, who hold the way much higher than the Lord. And when they are already with the Lord. They turn back and move away from Him, to be on the wretched way! Such people enjoy subjection, slavery, and the hard yoke more than the Lord, whomakes every man free. His yoke is exceedingly light and His burden is gentle. Light is the yoke, so that in the course of your life, your love for the Lord will not press your neck, and even gently the burden, which is the sole law of love! - Next we will look at an example.

102,13. The just Pharisee praises himself by the wayside; but the tax collector finds the whole way very difficult. Because; he is never able to oversee his goal. He therefore bows down deeply before the Lord in his heart, realizes his weakness and inability to walk the path conscientiously. But he embraces God the Lord with his heart and thereby makes a great leap over the whole arduous way and thereby reaches his goal!

102,14. Who will not reach out with his hands, which means "to love the Lord above all things"? - So let's move on. The Martha is on the way, the Maria at the goal! Here you hardly need to say more about it, for it is obvious and clear here what "loving the Lord above all things" means.

102,15. But if we want to make the matter clearer, let us look at the scene where the Lord asks Peter three times whether he loves Him? - Why does He ask him three times? For the Lord knew anyway that Peter loved Him, and He also knew that Peter would answer all three of the same questions to Him with the same heart and the same mouth. The Lord knew that. It is not for this reason that He asked this question to Peter, but that Peter should confess that he is free and loves the Lord beyond all law. And so the first question means: "Peter, do you love Me" - Peter, did you find Me on the way? - Peter affirms this, and the Lord speaks: "Feed my sheep"! that means: Teach also the brothers to find Me! - The second question: Peter, do you love Me? means: Peter, are you with Me, are you at the door? - Peter affirms this, and the Lord says, "So feed My sheep!" Or: So bring the brethren to be with Me at the door to life! And for the third time the Lord asks Peter: "Do you love Me?" That means as much as: Peter, are you beyond all law? Are you in Me like I am in you? Peter apprehensively affirms this, and the Lord speaks again: "So feed My sheep and follow Me!" That means as much as: So you also bring the brothers, that they are in Me and live in My order and love the same as you.

102,16. For following the Lord means living in the love of the Lord. I think to say more about what "to love God above all things" means, would be superfluous. And since we now know this and have recognized the Light of lights, we will immediately go to the twelfth and last hall.

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