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Chapter 11

The whole universe and heaven are in you

11,1. John: Can you think of something here? You agree. So think of an object, whatever you like; do not look for long, but take the next best. But if you have the thoughts, hold onto it firmly and do not let it go.

11,2. You have a thought; what is its picture? You say: It is a single star that we are thinking of now. Well, I tell you; imagine the star so vividly, do not let it go, and then tell me how the star appears to you.

11,3. You say: The more firmly we grasp him, the greater and brighter it looks to us. Again, I tell you; take hold of it even stronger, and fix him with the glances of your inner vision. What do you see now?

11,4. You say, dear friend and brother, it seems to us as if the star is beginning to open up like a flower bud in the spring, its light becomes even stronger and more powerful, and it seems to us as if the star gained size and is already measurable.

11,5. That is good, I tell you, but go deeper, even more, let your eyes be keen and fixed, and will in yourself for the star to develop closer to you; then tell me how the star appears to you.

11,6. You say: Dear friend and brother, the star has already become as big as the moon, and its light is already almost blinding to the sight of our spirit!

11,7. Again, I tell you. So it is; for I already see the radiance of your star from your eyes. But I will tell you further: Do not let go of the star, but look at it more intimately and more and more firmly, and be even more powerful in your will, and the star will at once be in focus according to the power of your will and sight. What do you see now?

11,8. I see already how you are full of astonishment, for you see your star already so much widened and enlarged before you, that you can see with only little effort, great, sublime details of it. Now you can even notice movements on the surface of this star. You would like to know in advance what these movements are and what is moving there. But I say nothing to you; for you shall discover everything yourselves.

11,9. Fix your star even firmer and stronger and more powerfully with your will, and it will immediately show what these movements are and what moves. What do you think about these movements you see?

11,10. You say: It makes us think of clouds and of a billowing sea.

11,11. I say: Now, hold onto the star, which you can not lose anymore, and also to these thoughts firmly and then tell me what you see.

11,12. You now ask: Dear friend and brother in the Lord! We are now truly looking at clouds, which are very close to us, and between the large landscapes, we discover even larger areas of billowing sea. We also see great irregularities in the extensive landscapes, and we clearly see islands in the midst of the great sea-surfaces, but we can not see anything else.

11,13. Very well, I tell you; now draw nearer to the great lands and the great seas of this star, and you will see much more of it. I see from your eyes that you obey my advice. Well, what do you see now?

11,14. You say, "Behold, the land has already come very near to us. We are already discovering vast forests, also a lot of scattered houses of a very strange shape as well as large rivers. And, behold, now we can discern even smaller brooks, and on the shores of the great sea we discover also here and there what seems to be like erected cities; we can also see movements on the surface of the waters of all kinds of ships.

11,15. Well; what do you think this is all about? You say: Dear friend and brother, we do not know. But I ask you, Where did the star come from? You say: this we thought up and then held it firmly in our thoughts.

11,16. Well, when the star came out of you, why should its development be different from yours? For as the star became greater and greater by holding onto it, then by his greatness he developed in you the thoughts filled with the desire to see a world on the star itself. You then involuntarily held this thought with the star itself, and as a result created all of what you now see on the vast surface of this star.

11,17. But you know that without power and a counter-power, you can never ever think of an action. So I say to you, and ask, Why then could you think of a star in the first place? You look at me with amazement; But I say unto you because there is not one, but many stars, in your mind, in the smallest imaginary forms. From these many stars, you took a copy out of yourselves and drew increasingly closer to you.

11,18. But how was the enlargement of this minute image possible in your mind? This is where the force and the counterforce come into play. The power lies in you, the opposing force is created and eternally strengthened by God. When you call forth the power in you, what is more natural than, at that momentwhen you take action, that the corresponding counterforce from God, to always increasingly merge with your will? For the power lies in you; the opposing force is outside of you, and all that you thus evoke in you must then find in God its eternally exemplary antithesis. The star as a contrast is created by God, as it is in its order, form, and character; but its perfectly regular image is also laid in you as a derivative because your spirit itself is an image of God.

11,19. Now, do you know in what way all things are to be viewed? You say: Through the light. Well, I tell you; the light also falls, on earth, for the most part, through the infinite free space. But what else do you see on a cheerful day in the well-lit blue atmosphere? You say: We see nothing but the blue color of the air. But I ask you, Why not? You say: Because there is no resistance. But what do you mean by resistance? Why do not you rather speak of 'object' rather than resistance? You do not know what you should say; but I say to you, if you look at something according to its form, then the thing is clearly something which opposes you, that is, a counter-state. But if something was put between the thing and you, for example, a wall, a veil, a cloud, you would surely say: This stands in front of the object which we want to look at, and is thus a manifest resistance, or an obstructing object, But if, according to such an obstruction, you cannot look at the actual object, what is the reason for this? See, nothing else but that the rays thrown back by the object cannot meet you, and thus cannot evoke the model which is already enlivened in you.

11,20. Know this: if you had not the sun in you, even if there had burned millions in the heavens, you would not be able to see a thing; And if ye had not the earth in you, and all things in it, and on it, from the first atom to the greatest general form, to perfection, then you could neither see one thing, nor think of it.

11,21. And if you had not possessed the whole universe in you, all the heavens would be starless for your eye. And if you had not in you the spiritual kingdom of heaven and eternal life from the Lord, verily you could neither think nor speak it. But as all these things interact, it is likewise with the force and the counterforce.

11,22. In the natural world, the ray falling into you from outside invigorates the resting image in you, and you see through the action of the counterforce and the force in you, the object you are looking at.

11,23. How then does such a thing happen in the spirit? What is the true spiritual vision? Just the opposite. You take an image from you. This image, however, finds its contrast, when it is firmly called forth in you. The more you hold on to the object conceived in you, the more it strives for its eternally placed antithesis, develops it more and more, and thus makes it more and more visible.

11,24. If, as with your own star, you have brought it so far with the inner vision that it is already very wide and revealed to you, you must not think that it is a work of an empty imagination. Oh no! Not in the least, but it is full reality. Only its basis is still unknown: wherefrom it is and where it rests. Can not you know this? Of course; for where it rests in reality, there also rests its name, its order, its sphere of action, and its position.

11,25. But it is said in the word of the Lord: "From the fruits, ye may know the tree." If we know this, it will not be difficult to come to the reality of what has already developed so close before your eyes , Therefore, try to elevate the activity of your spirit: Look at the presented world more closely, bring it closer and closer until it is so near to you that you may place your feet on its ground.

11,26. If this has happened, you have entered into a living connection with this object; it will be your foundation, and you will be able to act on this basis. If in this activity you will have brought it so far that you will feel the mighty gravitational power of the love of the Lord within you, and this love becomes stronger and more fiery, and will be ignited, fully bursting into bright flames, your basis shall, wherever you will look, dissolve into independent, living forms according to their nature in which they are present in your image. These forms will then enliven with retro-action, the originally present forms lividly before you and will reveal themselves to you who and where your basis is.

11,27. See, therefore, all recognition is a consequence of the preceding seeing; but the seeing is the consequence of the radiance and the counter-radiance, or the consequence of the force within you, and the counterforce outside of you. We have already brought our world very close to us in this way; therefore only one more strong move in the spirit, and we shall be at once with our feet in the world which is coming out of you.

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