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Chapter 120

Further development of the students in the beyond. The Middle Kingdom (Hades)

120,1. Do they come, as you say, from hell back to heaven? That would be very earthly spoken, because these students never actually go to hell, but only into the state, in their own sphere, to look at it. It creates nothing more than a just revulsion of the antipolar or infernal state, and our students are back again in their true positive heavenly sphere. But since heaven cannot be attained only by insights and recognition, nor by a nun-kind of inactive love of prayer and reverence, but only by the works of love, which gives a fruitful good for the neighbour, our disciples must, in order to reach the true heaven, now also let themselves go into a seriously active state.

120,2. But what does this consist of? We could answer that in a few words. Look at the natural-spiritual sphere of your earth or the so-called "middle realm", which also bears the name "Hades", and is about what you Romans believe, admittedly very wrong, under the purgatory. This kingdom can best be compared to a large entrance hall, where all enter without distinction of rank and office, and to a certain extent prepare themselves for further entry into the actual guest quarters.

120,3. So even this Hades is that first natural-spiritual state of man into which he comes immediately after death.

120,4. For no one will either go to heaven or to hell at once, unless in the first case anyone on earth would either have to be completely born again out of the pure love of the Lord, or in the second case he would have to be a most malevolent offender against the Holy Spirit. In the first case, therefore, heaven would be attained without entry into the middle realm, in the second case, but the lowest hell is to be expected. Heaven in the first case, because such a man already carries him in the highest perfection, and in the second case, hell, because such a man has become emptied of all heavenly things. But that is just a side note that does not matter; Therefore we do not want to stay any longer, but immediately turn our eyes to where and what our students are dealing with.

120,5. This large Middle Kingdom is the main workshop for all heavenly spirits. Everyone has much to do there. For think of this place, which receives every hour of your day about five to seven thousand newcomers. These must be immediately tested and brought to the place that is perfectly suited to them, or they must be immediately led into such a state, which coincides with their basic love in them. Therefore, they must be explored and tested in all their inclinations. Wherever they tend to most, that is the way which must also be spiritually opened to them.

120,6. Of course, that does not happen in the world; for that would be the strongest so-called St.Simonism, which in no time would want to turn the whole earth into a robber's and murderer's nest. But in the realm of the spirits it is precisely this St. Simonism that is observed, and everyone can consequently pursue his inclination unhindered.

120,7. It will of course be said here: If it happens like that, who will then go to heaven? There it is different; It is said that every doctor must know his patient from the bottom of his heart before he can prescribe a medicine for him to foundationally heal him. Because on the other hand, nobody is served anything with a palliative cure. So must, in the beyond, every newcomer make a general confession of his life from A to Z. Only after this has happened, a change of state, which means the perfect revelation, happens. In this state, every spirit stands completely naked and then enters a third state, which is called the desolation, and probably the killing off of all the sensorial that man has brought with from the world.

120,8. Only then does the spiritual man come to heaven, or, in the worst case, into the first hell.

120,9. My predecessor showed you sufficiently in the evening region what this resort of cleansing looks like, when you found yourself in the pitch-dark area among the "moss-eaters". You have seen visually clear how these spirits then gradually get into the first heaven, or even into the first hell.

120,10. We can now therefore immediately solve the question of what on all these occasions, our students actually get to do. Their business is exploring and opening the ways to places of cleansing. In this they have for the time being nothing more to do; because more advanced angelic spirits need to take care of the further work.

120,11. But how does such exploration and the opening of the way happen? We have previously touched on the so-called St. Simonism and now want to present the case in a nutshell as clear as possible. And so listen:

120,12. Every human being who has lived here according to his duties of profession and who has been provided with all so-called spiritual goods upon his departure from this world, immediately asks for heaven. He, too, is evidently at once elevated to a state which, for him, is the heavenly resort.

120,13. But such heaven is always represented in its truth, which is truly different from what the newcomer has brought over in his well-founded (fixed) idea. But that he does not like such a heaven any more than some of the present bishops, prelates, and other spiritual dignitaries would like, when they would suddenly have to take the plow with their own hands for the benefit of their brothers, is very easy to understand.

120,14. Therefore, even such a heavenly guest, who does not feel well in such a "true" heaven, demands the same again. And as he returns to his usual state, he immediately seeks in himself what have pleased him most on earth. He finds, for example, that beautiful women and girls were his greatest joy on earth. He soon notices the spirits who investigate and guide him, and they propose that this would not do for heaven, for his desire is impure. But there he protests and says: Just put me to the test, let me go to the mostbeautiful women and girls, and I will have a good conversation with them. After such an utterance, the guest will be promptly invited. He is led exactly to those states in which he is gradually quite bodily in all the scenes that has given him so much pleasure in the world. Here, however, the (guiding) spirits disappears and let him act alone, but always under their observation, which he is not aware of.

120,15. That the guest here repeats all his scenes hardly needs mentioning. But what happens to him and what is the business of our spirits - we shall see in the sequel.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-120 Chapter