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Chapter 121

Every life has certain ways determined by Jesus

121,1. If the guest has undergone such a scene of one of his principal passions, then he usually becomes filled with disgust for such a fleeting pleasure, by convincing himself that there is nothing real about it. You must know that such spirits also have sexual intercourse in the hereafter; but instead of pleasure, they feel a very significant pleasure-pain, and this peculiarity makes them all the more feel disgust for their passion.

121,2. But if such a passion is defeated in this way, then the spirit seeks something else in itself, which otherwise pleases him in the world, for example a game. If that is the case, he longs for a gaming company. This is granted to him. He comes among well-known friends, and their first meeting requires nothing more than the quick arrangement of a game. And immediately he is put into the state in which he finds everything that is needed for playing as in his own home in the world: cards, money, and the like. The game begins, but usually ends with the loss of all his money and home. It goes without saying that he thereby gets hatred for the game; but unfortunately also for the players who took everything from him. But once again, our guide is immediately at hand, showing him the nothingness of his passion and how he distances himself more and more from God instead of approaching Him.

121,3. In this way, does everything that he has done since his childhood turns up again for our new guest. Even music, when it constitutes a more sensual passion and is more than a profit-driven activity, operates there in the same way as an evil passion and is worked out in the same way. Even painting and poetry; in short, everything that has led mankind in the world, at any rate of excellence, to a look of pride, must be carried out in a similar way.

121,4. But in the end the spirit must do all this voluntarily, for no one is ever compelled to do something in whatever way, but he must so to speak force himself and judge himself!

121,5. And this is the business of these angelic guiding spirits, who gradually introduce each newcomer into himself completely and let him find all that he has only ever absorbed in his whole life on earth: first the grosser things, and then the better things.

121,6. Many, especially the Roman faith (Catholic), will not find this very reasonable, because for the time being he does not want to know anything about the confessed sins, and secondly, he believes in a special judgment, which the Lord personally performs with every deceased right after death.

121,7. He will not easily accept that the Lord never judges anyone, least of all in the spirit world. It would be even more likely to be accepted on the material world if one wants to accept the manifold chastisements of god-forgotten people as a judgment, but in the spirit world all this ends. The mind is completely free and can do whatever he wants. But his own deeds are his only judge, for as his love is, so are his deeds, and so his life.

121,8. The only thing which is eternally fixed by the Lord, is that every life has its definite ways beyond which it can never go. But these ways are so intimately intertwined with the nature of life that they constitute life with life itself. If one were to cut off such a path for someone, he cuts off his freedom and thus also his life. Such a cutting off, would really be a judgment that would bring death to every spirit.

121,9. At the same time, however, the Lord Himself would no longer be completely free, if He would take away the full liberty of only one spirit; just as a Judge is no longer free and has judged himself as soon as he condemns only one person to prison. For if he is otherwise free in his activity, then he is already limited in this one; for, as much as the languishes in prison, the judgment of the judge languishes, and may not be freed from the prison before the prisoner himself is freed. In the material world, such imprisonment does not seem very plausible, but it becomes more plausible and active in the spiritual world.

121,10. It is true that the Lord has set a perfect goal for every head and original life, according to His infinite love and mercy; and this goal is again not a judgment but only a collecting point, where every spirit should fully recover its scattered life and its activities. Such a place could be either hell or heaven and it istherefore the main business of our well-known angelic spirits in the middle kingdom to guide the spirits in their full freedom to one or the other goal.

121,11. We have already seen how this guidance happens, and what happens afterwards with the guided spirit, we also know. - All that remains for us to know, is what our guiding spirits will have to do after this work.

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