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Chapter 123

Review of the ten viewed spirit spheres

123,1. The Lord: Now you are here again: Do you not want to announce to Me in your mind what all you have seen, experienced and thus learned in My John? You are now fully respectful of Me and say in yourselves: What shall we tell You, O Lord, to You, to whom our thoughts were already known, before we thought them, even more so than a sun, which attracts the rays from the vast infinity, to let it shine out again with multiple increased strength?

123,2. Yes, my dear children, you are right, the Father knows everything, but nevertheless he likes to talk to His children as if He did not know everything. But I see in you a secret question and this is so:

123,3. O Father, You, eternal Love and Truth! Incredibly great and wonderful over all human concepts is what we have seen, experienced and learned from the first to the last in the spheres of Your angelic spirits. But now do we want to hear from You a sacred word that tells us whether all that really is the full truth?

123,4. See, My dear children, this is your secret question, and I answer you therefore: Right at the beginning, when we have looked at the outer dial of our clock, or rather the outer sphere of the spiritual sun, I have told you, as the heavens and the whole spiritual world does not represent itself locally to the point of appearance, but they are, like all spiritual worlds, in the spirit themselves. Or: the sphere of life of a spirit is its world, which it inhabits.

123,5. I showed you to convince you, a parable where you saw a so-called diorama. By these parables have I then, in a specific order, led the ten spirits still present here, and showed you how you will also meet a spiritual diorama there and, in the sphere of each spirit, you have found a different picture of the spiritual world for contemplation.

123,6. Such was then also the case; as you have now been ten times convinced, as you have seen the spiritual sphere of each of these ten angelic spirits, every time in a very different form. This is more than clear as daylight before you; and I have added to you that you can repeatedly go through this spiritual diorama in the same spirits, and you will see the spiritual world again in a completely different form.

123,7. So you can also enter the spheres of other spirits, and in each such sphere you would again see a very different form of the spiritual world, both in their individual circumstances and in their total existence. However, looking at it, I cannot give you a general answer to your question, except that I say to you, it is here in all things! Like the seed, so the fruit, as the works, so the reward, and as the love as the foundation of works, so is the form of the world, which they create in themselves spiritually.

123,8. Although you have looked at different forms, you still have one and the same truth everywhere. For the form does not lie, but everything is only in truth.

123,9. And so I did not want to show you what the heaven, the spiritual world or hell look like, but only how it all evolves into the nature of the love in every human spirit.

123,10. For that reason, you have looked at thousands of forms to an overwhelming degree, and in every form, the inner truth has been made known to you. And thus I can tell you that in the sphere of truth, you have seen the whole extent of spiritual life.

123,11. But as far as it concerns the forms, they go so far into the infinite, that in the eternities of eternities you will not be able to see the least part of them! - And so you can be content with a perfectly calm mind in the fullness of the truth; especially if I tell you that, as long as this earth has been inhabited by human beings,the spiritual conditions of life have never before been revealed as comprehensively and completely as this time.

123,12. Whatever one seeks, in whatever circumstances he is, in this revelation he can exactly find to an atom, how things are with himself.

123,13. Whoever reads this with deep attention and great devotion will find the great, convincing truth not only in this solar revelation, but alive in himself.

123,14. But in order that everyone may find everything in themselves to be completely true, I will add in the short sequel some parables and pictures, which shall illuminate the secret corners of this revelation. - For today therefore, My blessing, and therefore good!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-123 Chapter