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Chapter 124

Every human being carries a different grain-seed for the development of the spiritual world

124,1. If you read the gospel, you will easily find under which general pictures I Myself represented the kingdom of heaven. Among the parables is the one of the mustard seed. This parable is also the one that is most suitable here. Small is this grain; Who sees the tree-like plant in it? But this mustard seed carries a whole infinity of its kind in itself. Countless identical mustard granules can emerge from one. But sow countless such mustard seeds into the soil, and you will probably get all the same plants from it. But as far as the certain symmetry of the form is concerned, one trunk will not resemble the other, just as little as you are capable of finding two perfectly symmetrical leaves on the same tree.

124,2. Whoever grasps this example from this point of view will certainly draw the conclusion from it and say: There is nothing in the symmetrical form, which could be called a permanent or constant one; for whether a leaf comes out on this or that point of the trunk, or of a branch and twig, whether it is a little bit larger or smaller, or if the trunk itself grows higher or lower in the ground, more or less branches and twigs shoot, and these always in a different order. It does not matter if only the substance of the plant and its usefulness remain one and the same.

124,3. See, this is basically nothing other than what I say to you: there is nothing inherent in the form or the appearance of the spirit world, if only all these infinitely different forms and phenomena have one and the same truth and one and the same purpose as foundation.

124,4. And so each man carries in himself a different grain for the development of the spiritual world, which rises in him and finally becomes a tree, which is the form of the inner world.

124,5. If you sow different seeds into the earth and into one and the same earth, do you suppose that similar plants would grow, or that even one and the same kind of seed would produce completely identical plants? Oh no, everywhere the same and at least with similar seeds, only a slightly different outer form.

124,6. But despite all this, does the basic material remains the same; and you can chemically analyze all matter as much as you want and can, and yet at the final result, you will not come to anything but two primordial materials, the well-known very volatile carbon and the binding oxygen.

124,7. See, that is again equal to the fundamental truth and the primary purpose of all probability of form in the realm of spirits.

124,8. Everywhere there is only one God, one Father, one Love, one Wisdom, and out of it comes the infinite as the eternal!

124,9. Behold the clouds that are drifting in the air over your earth every day. Have you ever discovered a consistent form in them? Will you see it the same in the evenings as it is in the morning or the next day or in the next year?

124,10. Endlessly different are the changing forms of the clouds; You never see the very same ones you have already seen. But is this confusing to you in your existence? Certainly not, for whatever the cloud may float in the air, whatever it may be, there remains only one cloud, as one truth, and its purpose is to give the rain, and that too in one and the same way if all the conditions are right to produce the rain.

124,11. And so here again is nothing in the form, but only on the rationale and the purpose.

124,12. In general, as far as the apparent being is concerned, its ever-changing form is there only for the awakening of the spirit, which finds in it its feeling of bliss. For under an eternally perfect monotony everything would sink into eternal sleep.

124,13. But man must seek his salvation and bliss not in form, but in reality, in truth. As far as form is concerned, I have provided from eternity for its everlasting, ever renewing change of form; and it also applies to the basic text from the gospel:

124,14. "Above all, seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness; Everything else will be added unto you."

124,15. So do not ask this or that: What does heaven look like and how the spirit world? Because all that is vain! But seek to make every word of Me alive in you through the works of love; and then you already have heaven alive in you and everything that is in the spirit world.

124,16. Because no one will ever 'go to' heaven, who will look like he has, in one way or another, taken it into his memory and imagination. Each one carries within himself his own heaven and his own world of spirits, the form of which will always be governed by the kind of love that is in him and by the works that have come out of it.

124,17. Somebody wants to make the figure of an apple tree perfectly recognisable to a stranger by speaking to him: Behold, there is an apple tree before us; Remember exactly the height and thickness of the trunk, the exact location of its branches and twigs, as well as the leaves and the bark, and you will recognise every apple tree that perfectly corresponds to this shape. The so trained teaches the shape of the tree exactly and thus goes into a large tree garden, which consists of nothing but apple trees. He adapts his recorded form everywhere; but since he does not find them completely the same, there is no apple tree in this tree garden for him.

124,18. So nobody should justify themselves in any way; because he will always leave empty. But if he takes the matter in the spirit of truth, he will find the truth under every form, and the way and the life!

124,19. This thing is of great importance; therefore should all this given here be well thought through by everyone, and it should be tested, so that he may find the true foundations of his wisdom. So it is and will be forever true and good. For closer illumination, some more examples will follow!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-124 Chapter