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Chapter 125

The kingdom of heaven is like the present time

125,1. As for "the kingdom of heaven," it corresponds to your present time, which is again equal to the sower in the gospel, who scattered good seed, part of it on the way, part in the bushes, part on the rocky ground and only a part fell on good soil.

125,2. Look at your time, is it not like the sower and the kingdom of heaven?

125,3. The word is being sowed everywhere; everywhere awakened people still live, who explain the word from the internal perspective. But the needs of mankind in the present time have become equal to the way in which the seed falls, or: they have become purely secular. That's why the word makes such an impression on them as like throwing peas at a wall, as none will get caught and even less take root in the hard, steep and smooth soil.

125,4. Therefore, I may send down all the angels of heaven and proclaim through them the Word of life everywhere in the most wonderful way - today, tomorrow, and the day after, people will be shocked, they will hear and accept, but afterwards they will begin to look at the miracle indifferently, and will continue to run their world business as before.

125,5. These are the industrial people and their never-to-be-satisfied needs. They are like bushes and thorns. Even if the word germinates at the beginning, it is soon stifled, and afterwards, these people become more indifferent to the same word than before. Only then will they say: If only we received it in a really wonderful way, then we would believe and do accordingly. But I grant even this wish. I sow it almost everywhere in a wonderful way, like here. But what does it do? It moves at most here and there some to political objections; that is about it. But that someone wants to turn to it - this good soil - where are they?

125,6. I say: where hundreds of millions of people live, it would be far too much said if a thousand would truly want to come to life. What use then that among ten or hundred thousands, who may well listen believingly, but when it comes to action, they procrastinate from one day to the other; because they say: why should one make an effort to achieve eternal life? If there is an eternal life, as they believe it, then it will probably not be difficult to achieve it; Therefore, let us live happily and in the end, die happily! What else do we need?

125,7. There we have the stony and sandy soil together. It probably receives the seed, and half of it germinates; but the soil has no moisture, and so, in the end, even what has germinated, perishes!

125,8. Faith alone therefore never remains unless it is animated by the deed; just as pure theory without actual practice and application of the same, nobody becomes a practical person.

125,9. So now you can find a legion other talkers upholding opinions about moral and religious issues. But all these talkers do not want to become practical and do not touch a pebble with a finger. Everyone believes that he has done something extraordinarily meritorious, if he has only preached well and, through his moral and religious chatter, at best managed some stupid devotees and enthusiasts.

125,10. But no one seriously wants to try the paths through which he could directly get to connect with Me Myself and then get from My mouth a living teaching that could firstly transform his earth into good soil.

125,11. There are a great many theologians and theosophists, but there is barely one, who was really taught by God according to the Gospel of John, which states that all should be taught by God!

125,12. Truly, if I do not want to shake someone out of my great mercy here and there, just as a diligent master of the house vexes his lazy and sluggish servant, then from the times of the apostles, almost no one knows what "the living word" is and what it means to be "taught by God"

125,13. The present theologians put Me rather mysteriously above all the stars and let Me sit there in a completely inaccessible light. Why do they do that? They do that for different reasons. The first would for example be: Far away is out of our way. The second would be that no one is thus able to approach God in such a way that he could be taught by Him. Another reason, based on the previous one, is that God has given reason and understanding to man; that is the living Word of God in man. He who turns to it, lives according to the will of God, and whoever develops his understanding and reason, is already taught by God; for no one can be taught directly by God, but only indirectly, because God dwells above all stars in inaccessible light.

125,14. If, then, I now and then awaken someone in opposition to these mysterious theosophical theses, who then receives a direct, living word from Me, then he is declared by the greater part of present-day humanity to be a fool and a swindler, sometimes even a deceiver and a charlatan, who understands how to profit from the capabilities of his mind. Say if this is not so?

125,15. It is not unknown to you that different men received the living Word, and even those of this time, from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as some from earlier centuries. But what is its lot? The silent oblivion. It is enough for the learned world to know their names. But what these men have taught out of Me, they do not care for. And though there are some who read a book here and there, they soon come up with sentences that do not agree with their reason. Therefore, they soon reject the whole and let our man, who has been taught by Me, rest.

125,16. If all goes well, then met will at most grant Me alone some justice; but My messengers are nothing but fools and deceivers.

125,17. Is not your time like this? I mean, anyone can grab that by hand.

125,18. But since the kingdom of heaven is not a locality anywhere, but only a complete state of life, the kingdom of heaven is also perfectly equal to your time, namely, this time, namely barren, poor, small, rare.

125,19. And wherever it still is, it is not pure. But will that be a kingdom of heaven, if it is not completely pure? I tell you, the Kingdom of Heaven is very relative in this respect, and that is because every fool likes his cap best.

125,20. Everyone finds his kingdom of heaven in his stupidity. Whether it is the truth out of Me, that is another question. It has truly become rare, barren and sparse. Why? Because people have run out of good soil! Therefore I may also now sow the very best and purest seed, as I will, but it nevertheless falls on nothing but ways, between thorns and on stony soils, here and there in a crack on the way. Thus, from among one million grains which fell into a stone chasm, about a thousand germinates and a hundred reach maturity. And that is then the whole harvest and the kingdom of heaven! Surely that is barren, rare and sparse!

125,21. From this you can again see that all that has been said so far has its good reason, that the superficial appearance of the spiritual has as little to it than the phenomena of the time. They are deaf and hollow, but to the wise they are a Scripture, from the basics of which he easily finds the inner truth; for every apparition is preceded by an effective reason. If the appearance is noble and good, the foundation will be the same; but if the appearance is ignoble, that is, worldly, material, and evil, then its reason will be of the same measure.

125,22. Whoever wants to see everything spiritual in its true form, does not bind himself to the appearance, but uses it only for the study of the spiritual foundation. If he finds it, then he has the whole essence of all spirit worlds. But how this is to be explored out of the visible, is to be shown below.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-125 Chapter