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Chapter 126

A tree as an example of the nature of the spirit kingdom

126,1. In the course of the whole communication about the realm of the spiritual sun-kingdom, every single smallest relation has been shown in this respect; how the spirit-world is connected with the natural; and therefore one could easily say: in order to be able to get by means of these phenomena to the foundation, it would be almost unnecessary to say anything more, as this subject has been adequately illuminated in the course of the whole communication in all its branches.

126,2. But I say: Man never has too much of the good; but rather of the bad. For much good often does not improve the bad; but a little bad can often spoil much good!

126,3. And so we also want to illuminate our present subject as clearly as possible through many illustrative examples.

126,4. Look at a tree. Its essence, as it is there, represents to you as a corresponding appearance, the whole essence of the spirit world in its relation to the natural world.

126,5. The inmost of this tree, the core, is the heavenly; the trunk, the branches, and the twigs are the real spiritual kingdom, which has its life from the inner nuclei. Over above the wood of the trunk you will see the bark, which is the outer appearance of the tree. The bark in and of itself is dead; but below the outer dead bark is another bark, which you call "the living." This is equal to the state of connection, where the spiritual merges with the material.

126,6. Consider the effect of this bark. Out of it, the outer dead bark first emerges, and again out of this living bark emerge all the transient foliage, as well as the outer form of the blossom, and finally even the outer shell of the fruit.

126,7. None of these products are lasting; they fall off after they have rendered their services

126,8. See, that's how it is with the world and everything you belong to. All this is like the outer bark, the leaves and flowers, but also the fruits of a tree. These fall off. But the tree, in its inner life, consists and bears the infinite, external appearance of the visible and transient. But how can one infer from the apparent to the inner true foundation? I say: the easiest thing in the world. If you would only let yourself imagine what is manifested in you, and at the same time present it in an effective manner, you have the foundation of the spiritual already before you.

126,9. The main reason, however, is to be found by looking at the whole number of years of the vegetative action of a tree. It consists in nothing other than in the constant expansion and ever-increasing strengthening of life.

126,10. Quite simply, this is placed in a single small seed in the ground. Which vital force is originally in this seed, like with an acorn nut, every human being can test if he takes such a nut in his hands and can play with it like a feather-down.

126,11. But when this insignificant acorn nut is laid into the earth, the vegetative life begins to strengthen in it. A young oak tree with at most two leaves is visible first. In this first stage, the vegetative life of the developing oak tree is still weak. It hardly exceeds the weight of the previous smooth oak nut tenfold. But let's just look at it thirty years later. Then it has already acquired such a powerful vegetative life force, that you can tie several horses to its trunk, and they will not be able to wrest it from the ground with their enormous power. But consider it at the age of one hundred years. What a huge, majestic tree, and what a stormy, proud power in him! How many thousandfold has this hundred-year-old oak reproduced its original little vegetative life in the same acorns, and how powerfully has it, through its waste and thus with its excess of its vegetative vitality, fertilized the soil, and animated it for the constant increase of its own vitality!

126,12. In short, such a tree has become a world full of life. And all this came from a single insignificant acorn nut.

126,13. See, so originally only a small spark of life force goes out from Me, equipped with the ability to infinitely strengthen and empower itself as a life force. And this is precisely what makes this appearance of the tree serviceable to everyone's clearest insight.

126,14. We said before: From the living bark, does the apparent foliage, the outer flower and even the shell of the fruit, emerge. In the fruit itself, the germ of the seed receives only a very small spark from the general life of the tree core. The kernel, together with the fruit, ripens and represents the human being in his worldlylikelihood. Very simple and plain is the external appearance, and small is his strength. But he is equal to an acorn nut. When he is placed in the good soil of My will, his inner germ will awaken, and the latter will itself become a mighty tree, whose power surpasses the power of countless former acorns.

126,15. And, behold, every man already has in himself the germ of his spiritual state, which is the true spirit-world. He is in this world a little life, which should strengthen itself to a sun of life. From its atom-sized life germs should develop a huge, powerful tree of life. And so it is.

126,16. Just as the acorn-nut bears innumerable forests of gigantic trees, all of which can develop from the single seed, so too, man in his seemingly small life in this world carries with him, infinite strength and potential.

126,17. It says in the Gospel, where it is told about the one who buried his talent, is said: "I know that you are a strict man and you want to reap, where you have not sown. Where you placed one, you want to win a thousand; so I buried the talent so that I may give it to you, as you have given me.

126,18. But then the master of talents says: "Oh, you miserable servant! Since you know that I am an unrighteous man and I want to reap, where I did not sow, why did not you give the talent for a moneychanger, which would have given me good usury percentages?

126,19. See, from this passage it seems quite clear that I am spreading out the life in the smallest possible parts out of Me into the endless realms of My kingdom being, in order to get back an excessively increased potentiated weight of life from each of these smallest life-parts.

126,20. This is the true innermost cause of all spiritual life: But am I really a hard, self-serving, unjust looter? Oh no! For there is nowhere else to live except in Me, and this for the simple reason that there has never been an existence "outside" of Me! I am the eternal Source of all life!

126,21. What would happen to life in the times upon times, if this original Source would want to dry up all life? See, all life would vanish into the infinite, and nothing would remain in the end but an eternally empty, dark, dead infinity!

126,22. But if I, as the Primordial Source of all life Myself, would return into Myself every single moment, becoming infinitely more powerful and strong, then all partial life, which is expressed in every created human, yes even in infinity, is nourished and strengthened.

126,23. The stronger the father, the stronger the children. The ant is likely to produce ephemerides, but not eagles and lions. Everywhere the weak produces the weak and the strong, the strong. But as the weak never produce strong things, so strong does never produce anything weak. An eagle is never the creator of a fearful dove and a hare cannot boast, as if the lion were its creator.

126,24. But if you are the children of an almighty Father and have the germ of life of the Father in you, strengthen this germ in the good soil of My will, and make strong the Father in you, then you will also be strong in the Father. For the Father does not demand your strength for Himself, but for Himself He demands it, so that you, too, should become perfect, as He Himself is perfect in Himself, or in heaven.

126,25. See, this is a picture of how you can infer from outer appearance to the inner ground of life. Next, another picture for the same purpose!


Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-126 Chapter