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Chapter 13

Jesus, the name of all names and effects of this name. Mystery of the Incarnation of God in Jesus.

13,1. You ask: How will we elicit fire from our hearts so that we may kindle this wood? O, brothers and friends! What a question from you! Is not a single thought of Jesus sufficient to make the heart burst out in flames for Him? O, brothers and friends! If you could comprehend what this Name of all names says, what effect it has in it, you should instantly pass into such a powerful love for Jesus, and this fire would be sufficient to ignite a whole army of suns, making them burn a thousand times brighter in their endlessly wide space regions, than is presently the case.

13,2. I say to you, Jesus' greatness is so tremendous that, when His Name is spoken, the whole of infinity trembles with great reverence. If you say: God, you also call the very highest being; but you call it in its infinity, it is fulfilling the infinite universe and works with His infinite power from eternity to eternity. But in the name of Jesus, you designate the perfect, powerful, essential center of God, or even more clearly:

13,3. Jesus is the true, most authentic, essential God as man, from whom all divinity, which fulfills infinity, emerges as the Spirit of His infinite power, might, and form like rays from the sun. - Jesus is, therefore, the sum total of the Divinity, or: In Jesus, the Divinity dwells truly physically in its most infinite abundance; and therefore the whole Divine infinity is always animated when this infinitely most sublime Name is spoken!

13,4. And this is, at the same time, the infinite grace of the Lord, that it has pleased Him to accept the grain kernel of mankind. But why did He do this? Listen, I will reveal to you a little secret!

13,5. Before the Lord's incarnation, a man could never speak to the true nature of God. No one could ever see it without completely losing life, as Moses says, "no one can see God and live at the same time!" The Lord in the primordial Church, as well as in the Church of Melchizedek, to whom Abraham himself was acquainted, was often seen in person, and has spoken with His saints and taught His children Himself. But this personal master was in fact not the Lord Himself but at all times only an angelic spirit filled with the Spirit of God for this purpose.

13,6. From such an angelic spirit, the Spirit of the Lord then spoke, as if the Lord Himself spoke directly. But, in such an angelic spirit, the fullest perfection of the Spirit of God was never present, but only to the extent necessary for the immediate purpose.

13,7. You can believe it: during this time even the most pure angelic spirits could ever see the Divinity differently than you see the sun at the firmament. And none of the angelic spirits would ever have dared to imagine the Divinity under any picture, just as it was very strictly commanded in the Moses era to the Israelite people that no carved image was to be made of God.

13,8. But now listen: It once pleased this infinite nature of God, and at a time when men were least inclined to think about it, to unite Himself in His whole infinite abundance, and to take on in this union, the perfect human nature!

13,9. Now think: God, who never looked a created being in the eye, came as the most infinitely loving and wise Jesus into the world!

13,10. He, the infinite, the Eternal One, before Whose breath eternities sputter like loose chaff, walked among and taught His creatures, His children, not as a father, but as a brother!

13,11. But all this would still be too little. He, the Almighty, was even persecuted, captured, and slain by His own insignificant creatures. Tell me: Could you think of an infinitely greater love and a greater condescension than what Jesus knew?

13,12. Through this inconceivable act, He has changed everything in heaven. Even if He dwells also in His Sun of mercy, from which the Light inexhaustibly flows to all the heavens, He is still the same bodily Jesus as He has walked on earth in all His Divine fullness as a true Father and brother, being present as a perfect man among His Children. He gives to all His children all His grace, love and power, and guide them to His personal essence, to work endlessly and mightily in His order!

13,13. There was an infinite gap between God and the created human beings, but in Jesus this gap was almost completely abolished; for He Himself, as you know, has made this known to us, firstly through His human incarnation; secondly, that He did not call us brethren only once, but several times; thirdly, because He ate and drank with us all and carried our burdens for us; fourthly, that He, as the Lord of infinity, was obedient even to the secular powers; fifthly, that He has even been captured by these worldly powers; sixth, that He allowed Himself to be overcome by the worldly mighty intrigues to be crucified and killed and finally: seventh, that by His omnipotence He Himself has torn the curtain in the temple, which separated the holy of holies from the people.

13,14. Therefore, He is the only way, life, light, and truth. He is the door through which we can reach God; through this door, we cross over the infinite gap between God and us, and find Jesus, the eternal, infinite, holy Brother!

13,15. We can certainly love Him who wanted this gap to be abolished, above everything!

13,16. Therefore, as I said at the outset; enough to awaken our love for Jesus, surely a single thought - only His name in our hearts should be eternally enough to burn in all love for Him! Therefore, you also dignify this Name worthily in your hearts, and you will see for yourself how great the fire of love will pass from your hearts, to kindle the wood of life through which the Gentiles should recover at this new sacrificial altar.

13,17. Of such heathen the likes of whom my brother Paul once converted, there are still many in our time; there are pagans who call themselves "Christians," but are worse in their hearts than those who once worshiped Moloch and Baal.

13,18. When the wood on this altar will ignite, then you will see in this world, which you have called, many things that you have not yet seen. For I say unto you, In the world of spirits there are unfathomable depths. No created spirit could ever measure it, but we are in the Spirit of the Lord. His spirit lives, governs and works in us, and in this spirit, no depth is unfathomable to us; for no one can know what is in the Spirit, but the Spirit alone. Thus, no one can know what is in God, for only the Spirit of God. - Jesus, who united Godin all His fullness, but has filled us with His Spirit. And with His Spirit in us, we can also penetrate His Divine depths. So remember the Name of all names, the holiest of holiness, the Love of all love, the Fire of fire, and the wood on the altar will burn.

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